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  1. I save time by not quoting posts...


    good info here!

    in a nutshell:

    forget phalaris, you spot in the wild, many people have worked seriously in this regard, with empty results.

    what get's traded at times and is known to be cultivated is quite good, up to surprisingly good!! ;)

    gramine, is not very soluble in our favorite solvent, so no problem.


    somebody writes a book with wrong info, and it takes years to re educate.


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  2. On ‎5‎/‎7‎/‎2018 at 10:18 PM, Gimli said:




    Want to learn how to make some arrow heads. I love steel broadheads but always wanted to try stone. One day..



    say's one late stonedage human to another, those new copper blades suck ass big time, bring back the flint and opalite, hehehe. :)


  3. On ‎5‎/‎7‎/‎2018 at 9:49 PM, Halcyon Daze said:

    You don't know what you're missing 'till you try. But be careful, it's highly addictive. My wife won't turn her back on me any more, she sleeps with one eye open LOL.


    And just remember the rule is to exclaim 'KANCHO!' when you do it, otherwise it's classified as sexual assault. :(







    I remember when you kanchoed me the 1st time, and by doing so, healed my Myochosis coli. :)

  4. i will pm you regarding the piper!

    I had once as well a big one, and taking cuttings from it worked well.

    now I live somewhere where it frosts, but 500m away it hardly does, so i will buy it for a friend! :) 

  5. kancho, thx 4 that halcyon, I learned.


    flint napping, gimli you say, me too, just traded the best flint napper in my are, some big jasper and other stones for an antler and some smaller stones!


    niggles, tanning is as well on my list, and like a surprisingly high number of members here, hunting even with a sophisticated weapon is alright for me, definitely if pest animals can be utelized. pitty they see roo as a pest, in oz, it was here before the cattle.... 

    roo meat is yum! what we don't like with it is the fact it is so healthy (no fat cholesterol just a bit in the tail, the best part).


    I would like to learn how to stuff animals, but again the laws in oz are well meant but at times just stupid, made by pollies and not experts of the field.

    as well I would like a home foundry, casting art work, but the list goes on...

  6. they do sell good plants, but the distributers pamper and grow them too fast/much, so you get plants which carck it once you plant them out. there plants like a lot of professional nursery plants lack hardiness.


    they don't pay well there stuff, and many of there workers, fall for me in the eeh? category.

    eeh? means like at maccas, when I order "one cheeseburger please" the stuff goes, " eeh?"

    one cheeseburger please, reply goes eeh? my record is 4 times getting an eeh?

    and as some of you know, my accent isn't that strong, and I know more words in English, than those low class workers.

    this happens only at Bunnings, mc donalds and other big brand outlets, not happy jane...

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  7. I had a juules, the only one in oz. than I rented out my place, gone.. ;(

    blanket law, made me kill most of my collection, I did not surrender my blue, don't know if it's sharxxs... pissed 4 the 1st time in weeks..

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  8. oh yeah, it's always about me...

    nupe, but I think a big ego, protects you from mental illness, hahaha.

    I just had my first beer in 3 weeks.


    this thread is about, what else we do, if we don't just hang out at sab (going to work doesn't count sorry).

    I was absent for a while, and I filled the void with, (youtube) gypsy jazz videos and some psy trance), and increased my skill level on the guitar. I increased my time I spend in the bush, and the focus as often is gold, mineral collecting and fossils.

    I joined a lapidary club, it was on my bucket list for a long time.


    what do you do, when you try to get as excited as when sabing?

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  9. hi!

    I want to remember that, you all are bidding for the whole lot!

    meaning, the last bid is very good, but maybe still as a whole, extremely cheap.

    the arios I offer are producing a lot of seeds already, and arios and there seeds are still very rare in oz.

    those ario seeds have a variety of offspring, retusus, agavoides, fissuratus, and maybe intermidiates.

    the lophs as well are good seed producers.

    I overlooked one possibility, and that is that, the recipient, might have too much work on his/her hands after receiving the parcel. so I will ask the receiver, IF THEY THINK, THEY MIGHT NOT PUT DOWN THE LEAVES OR IBOGA SEEDS, RIGHT AWAY, TO SAY TO ME, DON'T BOTHER SENDING THEM.  in short, I want to make sure, nothing of the above gets wasted.



    I got no calender, hope it's right...

    and remember, IT'S FREE POSTAGE.

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  10. hi!

    following plants are for sale to the highest bidder, I pay postage.

    I send out once, the management confirms the money went into the account for Christian.

    I put an estimate of the value next to the description, to save time, I will not upload pics, but you know, I am a good trader.

    if I see flaws, I describe them. this is a package deal only, I will not separate. if to exxi, I will halve the parcel, but for my conviniance I hope I don't have to...


    1, crested bridge, (the original was purchased here for maybe 120 dollars bare) 7cm wide, fully rooted, will send bare rooted, estimated


    2, crested bridge 9-10cm wide, same genetics as above, fully rooted, send bare, estimated 130aud.

    3, monstrous bridge, same genetics as above, fully rooted, a bit yellow from starvation, one trunk goes into 3 collums, estimated 30aud.

    4, loph 43mm diameter, on peres, estimated 35 aud

    5, loph 55mm diameter, on peres, estimated 50aud

    6, loph 60mm diameter, on peres, estimated 55 aud

    6,7,8, three carnegia gigantea, 6 - 6,5 cm wide, they are starting to elongate, for free!!

    9, loph caespitose, 40mm diameter, 6 pups, got scales, but they come off, easy. for free!

    10,11,12, convolute of leaves for probagation, shipibo 10 big leaves, moon 10 big leaves, common (sorry forgot the name) 10 big leaves,

    for free, this tme of the year, you need bottom heat.

    13, ario 6cm diameter, some scale, but they do come off easy, on peres, ready for degrafting, estimated 60aud.

    14, ario 55mm, a bit dehydrated, on peres, ready for degrafting, estimated 40aud.

    15, ario 60mm diameter, slight Godzilla trait, estimated 55aud

    16, two iboga fruits, maybe 12 or more seeds in total, still on the bush, you need bottom heat, read torts germinating tek, for free.


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  11. 16 hours ago, Glaukus said:

    That's the problem with mites, the plant they arrive on isn't where they stay. I worked out that someone gave me a chili plant with mites, nek minit my lophs, arios, stenocactus etc and some other plants were all infested. I lost a lot of rare location cultivars.

    Is WC actually PH?

    yes I am ph. (q, can we still change member names?)

    I agree partly, with the opinon, of you who favored white oil, and it certainly can save you the bacon at times, I use very rarely. I am far too lazy to use white oil, add iron, check ph and so on, I guess that could make you a better grower, than the lazy approach. glaukus your chilly plant story, is a very good one, and nothing beats the anger, when you know you got the pest from somebody else. my mom always sprayed plants before giving them away as present....


    my 2 cents are, if the soil and environment are ideal, pests will be minimized.

    I have seen mites flourishing, under dry weather, and problematic soil, and than just disappearing once the issues were rectified. and lets not forget the lady bugs, I was doubt full when I started learning about plants, regarding ther abileties, but a single lady bug can save a small plant!! :) 


    late edit: dicko even with renting, I would recommend planting her out.

    it will avoid most of the issues, we discuss in this thread, and grow rate will increase.

    than you can take cuttings, for trade and to have a few plants again in pots.

    against planting out is the size they might reach after only a short time (detection and legal status)

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  12. he was a realy awesome bloke, extremely generous, well spoken, and like cs a very beautyfull person on the surface and in the heart.  he was very active, creating meetings, and burning cd's for you, and at times he lived a life, we all would be jealous of. when I close my eyes I see him at the camping ground.


    I loved him from the start, and I know he loved most of us.

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  13. On ‎11‎/‎7‎/‎2014 at 8:19 AM, doxneed2c-me said:

    I use this technique before this was posted and got a hardened resin. I am curious if there is a way to pull the alkaloids out of this resin and clean it up a bit. I am not concerned about using solvents or other chemicals. Has anyone seen anything on refining the resin?

    in other words, you haven't read anything, what has been posted in this thread!

    the whole thread is only about, refining the resin, without any other solvents than water!!!!!

    but, to put the whole topic in just a short sentence:



    if you want to try differently, copy orbs salvia divinorum teks,

    or pull the alkaloids with an a/b


    alchemica, I will read your reply again, and than post a reply. different solvent do pull different active materials.

    this tek, could maybe improofed by modiefying the ph of the water, at different times (sorry dyslexia).

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  14. fresh

    don't know (I haven't read the whole thread) the pink tubers, like the have in the supermarket

    don't know, 5 slices galangal, and halve a lemon (home grown lemon, no oil no spray)


    there is a good chance, I could feel other water kefir mixtures (without known psychoactive plants added) as well crossing the bbb!! I only ever made the galagal, with one exception.

  15. there is no need, to use anything with a Catha, you again obsessed using oil.

    if this plant gets mites, which is very rarely the case and if, only in the very young stages, it's because you did something wrong, believe me. anyway good luck with your plant, and I stay away from your thread. the oil doesn't fix the problem, just fixes the symptoms mostly for a short time only.

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  16. hmmm, you have done something wrong, for sure because, the pic shows that suddenly, all the new (growing) tips are effected.

    my hunch is as well wrong ph ( I mean the base acid scale, not the fabulous member ph).


    I further add, that reading your post, one can tell that you obsess too much about your plant, and theer is a high chance you caused those symptoms by trying this and that, far too often. leave that plant alone and if you can plant it into the ground. the natural soil will, help the plant get over that issue.

    first I thought it might be the red narrow leaved qat, created by planthelper, which often displays curls, but without loss of virgor....

  17. search meteor junction, that forum connects all the meteorite crazy people.

    as far as I know, it doesn't matter where you find the meteorite, in oz it belongs to the state, same as vert fossils.

    however, exemptions are often made.


    at above mentioned meteorite forum, one can read a story about an Australian, who got massively ripped off by the government. I make up numbers here, but he got hundreds of dollars, and a plaster cast, from the state, for a x time thousand of dollars worth of "fallen star". (:


    I would buy it of you as well, pm me!

  18. Agathis robusta is a very good choice, it is one of australia's most impressive trees.


    what makes you think Wollemi would not grow there, it would, but I think, it's not as a good choice as kauri.

    if climat would permit, and we can source it, I would plant a giant redwood tree for Christian, they live for 1000 years and after 50 yaers people would come from far to see it.



    I only found out recently about his death, via the forum, I cried heaps, but the shock made me post again here, some of you might guess who I am.


    watch my future posts, I promise to sell good stuff in the future, and all the money should go towards his memorial.

  19. welcome to the forum, brian! :)


    I never had a out of body experience, whilst using plants, it is though often reported with ptsd sufferers.

    I remember leaving my body at least once, and it was caused by extreme fear (but not rape).


    leaving your body could be confused with, astral projection (travelling with and without the silver cord), this is a shamanic technique which can be learned by meditation. it's a sensation like lucid dreaming, but it's done during the day.

    it's a very, very power full experience and sensation.

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  20. tort you took the words right out of my mouth

    by describing the levels of what i would have felt confident to deal with...

    aswell it might be said that for strong alcoholism there would allways be the doctor or hospital available...

    and i could have helped simply with the after glow and the re programing.

    the main idea was to put the client for a while into a new surrounding, as i believe that this helps a lot, as drug abuse is closely linked to well established patterns, like i have to have 5 cones after work or so...

    if the pattern is changed, the habit changes aswell...

  21. tryp, i took your points in well.

    but let me assure you that when i wrotte up the first draft, i even didn't think at all about money, so genuine where my intentions.

    anyway as said this idea is obsolete now,

    i will not help anybody...

    i thought you started that topic superconciousness is boring, but i might remebered wrong...

    oh what a night last night, liquid light, good geometrical shapes, gigantic transformer machines, rainbow octopusse's, glow jelly fishe's shapes and lots of deep relavations, and btw, i never purge...

    the conciousness of mother earth is inprinted in every beeing.

    no ego wank, no judgment, a blanket, food and something to cuddle is all we need.

    forgave all my abusers, crawled on all fours to see the stars, but decided the dark patches in the milkyway are more interessting.

    when it felt the strongest, i tried to speak but could not, all that came out of my mouth sounded like baby talk.

    [ 07. May 2005, 07:40: Message edited by: withdrawl clinic ]

  22. Salviador:

    ElfSpice still smokes :P

    in case we talk the same person,

    i must admitt beeing too hasty using him as a reference. i mentioned him because his name sounds so good and i miss him badly...

    aswell i hoped mentioning him, might get him to contact me...

    however an other reason is that thinking back to when i met him the following thing happend...

    i told him i stopped smoking tabacco a while ago after averaging around 60 rollies per day.

    i did not have any non smoking talking sessions with him at all, but regardless he stopped smoking. i clearly remeber him saying wau i allways thought i would have withdrawls but i didn't. for the time elfspice and i where friends he did not smoke.

    he gave up with ease just because he followed my example...

    now when i had the idea to help people stopping addictions, his case crossed my mind first, so thats why i named him.

    salvi, if you have contact with the real elfspice (first name starts with d)than say hello to him for me...

    and another thing, if somebody relapses you can hardly blame the person which first iniated the abstinance, but your comment goes towards that direction...

    btw another thing salvi, you and my alter ego are very good forum friends.

    now @ tryptameanie, critizizing my spelling equals foul play, english is not my mothertounge and i am dyslexic aswell, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I GOT NO TALENT TO HELP PEOPLE THAT WHANT TO STOPP NON DANGEROUS WITHDRAWLS LIKE STATED PREVIOUSLY.

    i took all you said very much at heart and feel very misunderstood and

    withdrawl my offer to help any of you.

    my alter ego is since many years member of this forum and is very aquaintted with your style of posts.

    i learned something here, that most of you think helping with withdrawl must be done by a flashy institution without spelling mistakes.

    all i say is that i have this talent, to help and i am sure i could have helped, but as said the deal is off, stay stuck where you are...

    your reply does hurt me, but i don't take it personally as i know our personallety very well.

    my tip to you, have more aya & tryptamines because you need them, by no means have you reached superconciousness as you once claimed you had.

    if your german spelling and grammar is halve as good as my english i give you 2kg viridis for free,

    you dominating tall poppy...

    btw, i didn't feel like reading your crap so i don't know what you said.

    but why somebody should die in my care if i take only non dangerous cases is beyond me.

    same for alco wh should delirium be a problem if i only take non dangerous cases?

    anyway i feel like i am your punching ball, and don't like this so good bye 4 ever.

    i tried to help, but got kicked in the nut's for it, ok i understand.

    and doubting the financial issues....

    gee, no wonder you are on drugs...

    @andyamine, thx for your reply as said before i withdrawl my offer...

    but btw, believe it or not i did/do help you with your withdrawl in other ways....

    and you had only praise for me.

    mod's close this topic please, as i tried to help people with non dangerous withdrawls, but allmost everbody projected ther hardcore shit onto me.

    i am free, but you are not, what a pitty...

    ...aya farts will fill my rooms, because i have to debrief after all your projections...