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  1. i saw a report on tv yesterday, regarding this subject.

    i never used them much as it made my heart, pump loudly.....


    it might have been said, but in case it hasen't, the problem is that with nangs you get no oxygen whils inhaling, whilst at the dentist you do.

    i used it once in a clinical settting, in good ammounts it was awesome, still a nice memory.

  2. very interessting subject, the little i might add, is oils help to extract cannabis, and there are quite a few plants which are said to reduce anxiety and maybe depression by just smelling them,

    gardenia comes to mind.

    grapefruit juice is said to potentiate cannabis.

    i believe some strains are more likely, to cause psychosis than others (even potent strains).

  3. On 06/05/2024 at 7:29 PM, Amazonian said:

    Lol. I notice this in some people. I just thought they have an itch (or crabs) and need to scratch but try to be inconspicuous, like when you have an itchy bum or a wedgey?!  I think it’s sometimes better to just have a good scratch and get it over with. Being  obvious might be better than trying to be inconspicuous (and not really relieving the itch) rather than having someone think you are sending sex signal. Lol. 

    your reply, reminds me a female friend of mine, i asked and she said it was an itch.

    some people who did this, i knew for many years, so i don't think its an itch.

    soldiers and ex soldiers seem to do it more and southern european...

  4. hi!

    i noticed since quite a while, that some men, when they talk to me, touch there genitals very briefly. they do that repeatedly, and i sometimes thought, they want me to look where, they touched them selfe, but i never do. maybe thats why they repeat the process? i never asked any of them why they do it, or if they even aware of it. it could be something close to a tick.

    some of them lived in my area, and when i met them, they always do the touching thing, which is slightly anoying. i sometimes thought is this a secret gay thing (i'm a bit a feminine male),

    but i know some of them are certainly hetro.


    has any of you noticed the same thing?

    is any of you a groin toucher? can any body shed light to this phenonoma.

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  5. On 17/03/2024 at 7:32 AM, Ishmael Fleishman said:


    Are you saying the cristata will turn into a single columnar cactus again?

    ok, but i'm out of my depth a bit....

    i know that colums lying around for years, on the inside of a window, will reduce there circumfrence and start to look like a seedling pedro.

    i never left a cristate lying around for years without soil, so i don't know what will happen.

    rejuvination is an important, propagation tool. many plants are an easy cutting, when they still young, but hard to strike, when a few years old.

    so by repeatedly pruning, the plant may show, more juvenil growth, which than can be used for east probagation.


    cacti, are easy to strike a cutting, even if they are mature, but turning a fat old cactus into a tiny cylinder, has advantages, if you want to start tissue culture, or send only a very small parcel.


    i think to remember that monstrous growth, is a feature which is visable already, in the seedling stage....

    so i think, it will not turn into a single columnar specimen.

    the cristates show different patterns (turning from cristate to wax column to multi branched, back to cristate) some stay cristate all the life, i assume rejuvinating will not alter this pattern.

    i will start the experiment, with one of my monstrous cacti, and tell you in a years time what happend!

  6. On 29/02/2024 at 10:56 AM, Siggor said:

    and be able to rejuvenate them. 


    siggor that was very generous of you! 

    i would say though, being able to make them, flourish again.

    rejuvenating, means the cacti reverts back to  earlier growth patterns. something that happens always, when one leaves a bare section of a cacti, laying around for many months or years.

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  7. kratom use will certainly not ruin your life, there is a saying in malaysa, saying woman, marry a kratom chewer and not a pot smoker, the chewers are working, the pot smokers are lazy.

    i predict a future when most psychotropic plants, will be legal again, because the sience will proof us sab'ers right.

    people like john howard and his advisors, are uneducated, and made there decisions, not understanding the ethno community's knowledge.


    a lot of doctors and psychiatrist are already on our side!

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  8. ok, so more info...

    in yemen people chew qat everyday, but there is a big difference in quality, and the strength (the amounts of alkaloids in the fresh leaves).

    in yemen the best parts never reach the market, they get chewed eaten by the qat farmers themselves. it's called gizo bomu, or similar, and compromises of short small new shoots.

    the strongest material is produced after a drought has ended, always watering, will not produce such strong qat.

    of large leaves, further down the branches, you might need more than 100g, but young leaves close to the tips and the tips, are very potent, be carefull, i cant use it as it can give me hypertension. the leaves actually taste very nice, and are easy to chew, one quid might last you for halve an hour or hour.

    the most active part, detoriates very fast, so fresh leaves are highly prized. extracting this compounds including the heat sensitive one and fast degrading one is easier than often reported, but close to a useless exercise, as this material degrades very fast as well, after a week or so. this material could be said to be better than ice.

    it was legal in oz and got even imported legal, now it's illegal, but maybe still gets imported.

  9. your replies, make me aware of many different, mechanism, which i did not know about, thank you.

    although the process is very, very simple my outcomes vary to a large degree...

    some brews, were so nice, i prefered them over my own, favorite beverage beer.

    some turned into a bubbly jelly which, not as tasty as hoped.


    one time i used dragon fruit as flavor, and the brew was tasty, but the seeds, took i while to remove from the granules.

    as well, if you use a strainer, save the straining water, and decant carefully, and save all the baby granules, so you get more granules.

    i am not certain, but the granules seem to have a certain life span, even with good care, so always look out for tiny granules.


    i tried to put the, added fruts or ginger, tied into muslin cloth, to avoid contaminating the brew with seeds and flaky fiber, but that didn't work well for the brew.

    the additatives, need to be loosly held in the water and agitated once in a while.

    an other idea i had is to use the brew, as a dispenser for micro dosing.

    next will be to use minced ginger, out of the jar, and see if the preservative are not harmfull to the brewing process.

  10. some of my sceletium preparations, turned out to have a "cheesy" flavor, after just following the traditional preparation.

    scelly would be on top of my list to add to water kefir.

    it's a very easy straight forward operation, but the details i still have to work out.

    as it's said to have been found, naturaly with opuntia fruits, i used dragon fruit for a brew, but the seeds were hard to remove from the granules.

    so i will not do this again. putting the additavies (thinnly sliced ginger (or galangel) and lemon with skin, in a bag of muslin cloth produce a weak brew.


    there are many things i still have to learn like how to dry the granules and than store them in the fridge, when one got tiered of having to brew every few days...

    my instructions said, rinse granules, with a strainer with cold water (previously boiled water). but i noticed that this way, one throws a way young granules.


    alchemica's input explains the mild head sensation, it's the bacteria it'selve and not the galangel mild properties.

    drinking the beverage, seemed to have eased a bit my diverticuly disease pain.

    i did throw out the ginger, but maybe it could be re used.

    do make a brew with say withania, it could work to add, the already heat and water extracted roots.

    i have wishfull thinking that, the kefir aids to facilitate the solubilety of actives, into water.


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  11. hi!


    one time a member here stated something like, "if this herb get's processed with water kefir, it might help to jump the blood brain barrier"....

    water kefir mixed with herbs is a not very researched subject.

    maybe it doe's though work and it might even do the trick with herbs which are not easy to extract.


    the advantage right away is that, the brewing process is very simple, and very cheap, as such this ought to give a lot of room to experiment.

    my hope would be that one could use a very wide variety of plants as part of a kefir brew.

    kefir has a very nice taste, and said to have gut related health benefits.


    i bought my kefir granules at my local health food shop, and they needed to, wake up, but now they are ready for a "medicinal brew"

    :PB)kefir excited:wub::drool2:

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  12. the big advantage learning from sab, is that a lot of people have first hand experience, regarding the subjects.

    a lot of old style academic books contain, so many mistakes, which just get copied, from the new guy who, decides to write a book.

    most of this scholars as well make no adjustments for where you live.


    i point out for example two issues, first for example, poppies grown outside traditional poppy growing countries hardly produce opium...

    or "it's hard to understand, like the natives found out about the psychoactive properties of this plant".  they say this because they never walked through a field of salvia, or smelled the plants on a hot day, when a little drizzle moistens the leaves.


    a lot of things you learn here a SAB :wub: one can as well, use as inspiration for similar things, like for example my heimia x-talls using only water, has been inspired partly by orbs salvia extraction.  although he uses aceton and methilated spirits, and i use only water. but the main inspiration was to, add a layer of solvent (water is a solvent) without stirring the layer underneath it. 


    the older posts of sab, are far more naughty, as the laws were not as strict yet. to search for older posts, it's good to use your search engine, plus the term shaman australis.


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  13. ok, so here's a story....


    when i traded those lophs, i got several pm's claiming that 6 and 8cm lophs ar not big, and they are only interessted in "big" lophs.

    they whole thing reeked of, attempts to maybe say, you don't know what you are doing and i will not buy lophs of you, because they are small and not big, as you say.

    this naturaly, happend because, i once complained that somebody here, did not return all my lophs and never, gave me any money either as was agreed....


    now, if i learned one thing of plants, than it could be, not to take attacks personely, and not to hold on to some upset.

    but rather learn or take something positive from it....


    those people were driven by negative emotions, and by lack of knowledge!

    so i say as followes.


    lophs which grow bigger than 8cm and are fast growing in volume are called giants.

    so there privat message should have read, i only want to buy giant lophs, not i only want to buy big loph, larger than8cm or more.

    most lophs don't grow into giant sizes, but reach there maximum size, and than don't get any bigger, not even after 40years!!


    but it's said that at this time, i did not sell many giants, maybe some small giants.

    giants sell for 400 to 800aud and i only asked very little money for my cacti, so no giants.


    i have a few giants, and they are kept indoors, far away from the few other lophs i still got.

    the hope is to produce a lot of "giant" seeds.


    i sowed out some of those, seeds pollinated only by giants, a few weeks ago, wath this space for more info.

    i hope to be able to sell some giant seeds, and giants (but still small) grafted onto peres.

    financial interessts, i don't have.

    :Pgiant lophs:wub::rolleyes::drool2:


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  14. i'll bump you too, but with information.


    it was discussed here at sab, if we should reply with info, at the seed&plant trades sub forum, and the consent was yes! :)


    i would like to share, that acacia courtii, has an enormous climatic range. most "good" acacias don't grow in my climatic zone (check my info at the avatar), but courtii can flourish.

    it's such a good candidate, one can smell the goodness, like a fine wine.....


    acacia courtii, go for it, the experts endorse it!:wub::P:drool2:


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  15. i agree with you, to call it a green variety, and as such it's likely to be a cross between a vienna white and a syd rbg narrow leaved.

    the leaves look wider than an nl, and narrower than a vw.

    because we created so many x-crosses, and appearance can be misleading, i decide if it's more an nl or broad, by the fact if, how they sucker.

    as well nl and broad have a different appereance, which only becomes obvious, in mature plants.

  16. could be phalaris.


    the varigated form, is good to use, the small toxic portions are not an issue, but i forgot why (either don't come across or don't pyrolise well, but remeber to have posted in detail, long ago).

    people use inmature growth, without flower stalks. wild form proly contains less compounds...


    it's amazing how many psychotropic plants grow as weeds in our back yard.


  17. thats very good work...

    i'm always interressted in maoi's as potentiater.

    i suggest to experiment with caapi or even better passiflora incarnata.

    i think ther could be a version of this idea, which could taste nice as well (adding passion fruit juice to the preparation.


    i agree that food warnings, when taking maoi's are over cautious, however over the years we had many stories where, people forgot they took, take an maoi, and than ended up with serotonin symptom.

    i further like to expand, that a plant based, combo with nsri's could be very interessting.

    i remember a bio essay, mixing melatonin, with harmala, and it got scary, never to be repeated.

  18. it's important to note that, in this case it's not the probagating technic, which makes this look very cool, but the variety of lemon.

    many lemon trees are very easy to grow by cuttings, but they all share one problem, root rot, or Phytophthora.

    if kept in a pot out of the weather, they might grow, but if planted out they die sooner or later.

    thats why all comercial trees are grafted, onto phytophthora resistant root stock.


    i might add another incredible fact, if you grow grapefruits from seed, they very often already flower as a seedling, which looks very cool, and from time to time get hailed a "miracle of nature", but it ain't.

    australia native citrus, as well could be probagated by those technics, and they are expensive to buy, and 100% phytophthora immune.

    the ozzy native finger lime, squeezed onto an oyster, is a marriage made in heaven!

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