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  1. erma god. Put me down for some of those please.
  2. I was taking some pics of some plants and noticed the variation of the little ridge lines above the spines. It reminds me of bird wings and I remember reading something about the reference of eagles somewhere. Does anyone have any links to some reading in regards to this? Heres some pics.
  3. Stillman

    Messing around with grafts a few photos

    Stapelia leendertziae
  4. For the last 4 or 5 months I have played around with grafting absolutely love it, I have had some failures and some success, thought I would post some of the better ones. T terscheschkii on T spachianus TBM on T spachianus and Cerues sp The spach graft is starting to pump both are 2 months old. T pachanoi on T spachianus 2 month old graft. The pach had serous spider mite damage when I got it and was a shitty yellow colour so I grafted it to see if it would kick and as you can see by the colour its getting better all the time. Cereus monstrose graft on Echinopsis barrel (Hamiltons hybrid) 4 months old graft. I bought this monstrose on Ebay and it didn't seem to want to grow so I took a 2 cm cutting and grafted it to the little Echinopsis not expecting much but it has gone nuts. I was lucky enough to get some T bridgesii J3 seeds from PD, they germinated 15th of February. I grafted one to Pereskiopsis soon after its doing well.
  5. Stillman

    Messing around with grafts a few photos

    Been messing around with those online photo editors Nothinks pachanoi immortalised as a gif
  6. Stillman

    Messing around with grafts a few photos

    I have a heap of smaller ones coming on but those are the ones that are starting to grow well.
  7. Stillman

    Messing around with grafts a few photos

    Thast a ss02 x serra canyon peruvianus I believe Notrogen form their seed.
  8. Stillman

    Post awesome gifs here

    Some gifs I made.
  9. Stillman

    Messing around with grafts a few photos

    Some updates of the garden, most plants are 2.5 year old seedlings. I put the fastest and most interesting looking plants in the ground. You never know I might get some flowers one day. Just going through repotting and cleaning up a bit, some nice and unique off types amongst these. SSo2 x sierra canyon unusual phenotype Nothinks pachanoi J3 open pollinated SS BK peruvianus Psycho0 x spachianus unusual phenotype. Albino Psycho0 x spach unusual pheno. (SS02 x SS01)x(SS02 x SS01)
  10. Stillman

    I can't paste links or photos

    It worked. Thanks so much I was almost going to fuck out hahahha.
  11. Stillman

    Looking for bulk Tricho seed

    Any or, preferably in OZ though.
  12. Stillman

    Looking for bulk Tricho seed

    Looking to buy bulk tricho seed. Pm me if you have a lot of seed.
  13. Stillman

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    Sorry for the delay getting back to everyone I've been stupidly busy with a few projects, WB the Ekka grow rotted out before the comp unfortunately it tapped 140kg so not as big as my first baby. I have a few of tall maize and sunflower seeds as the moment looking forward to next summer to kick in.
  14. Stillman

    Any ideas?

    fungal I reckon something with the humidity I get it on a couple tricks particularly bridgesii/ bridge hybrids. It doesn't kill them. Is it in the ground? I only get it in the plants in the ground.
  15. Stillman

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    Kids love jumping on them so do adults...My Ekka pumpkin is still ticking along hopefully it will creep over 150 kg that would be a good size I reckon with a fair chance in the field for a ribbon. What I have been growing lately is this Morado maize, tall and you can eat it. Maybe another Summer competition?
  16. Stillman

    Good vs shit store potting mixes?

    I use Searls premium potting mix for trichos and everything else.
  17. Stillman

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    Awesome work I reckon that the winner did it just kept putting weight on all the way how many days do you think?
  18. Stillman

    last night i smoked some weeds

  19. Stillman

    last night i smoked some weeds

    banana peels soaked in water with some lsd tabs really get you smashed... You guys ever see that Country Joe and the Fish interview? Hilarious.
  20. Stillman

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    ^5 litre bottle for comparison.
  21. Stillman

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    this one about 45 days putting on weight but the rain has come and brought shitloads of powdery mildew
  22. Stillman

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    I made soup and donated it.. was flavour and texture was thin like a squash (the little yellow ones we call in OZ or a zucchini). It took a lot of spice to encourage any real flavour. They are good for blowing up and turning into boats more so.
  23. Stillman

    Bridgesii x Peru/Macro?

    awesome black spines. could be a bridgexperu too hard to say really.
  24. Stillman

    Terscheckii hybrids?

    There are some hybrids around PD had some and the offspring must be pretty big by now?