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  1. fairy

    Time to bath the rats

    Nah it's just a bag like one of those coles bag thingies, with some ripped up tshirt inside. They like having somewhere cosy to hide when they're out of their cage
  2. fairy

    Time to bath the rats

    Just had to share a couple of my latest photos of the beautiful ratties
  3. fairy


    I've suffered from anxiety disorder for many years, so I really feel for you. I've never really had any luck with and natural remedies or medications. A lot of people seem to be saying 'find the source of your anxiety', but that doesn't necessarily always help. You can know the source, know exactly why you're anxious, logic and rationalise and CBT it to death, and still be just as anxious. Yeah, it is obviously important to have an idea of why, so you can work on changing it, accepting it, etc... but I've never found it to be that simple. I think the more important point is learning to manage the anxiety, cope with it, regardless of the source. We all suffer from anxiety at some point in our lives, it's how we deal with it that's important, whether we let it control us or we stay in control of it. I would definitely say that things like body scan meditations, general meditation (especially guided because it's just way easier), mindfullness techniques and yoga are really good places to start. At the moment I'm using a body scan meditation by Jon Kabat Zinn, you can just download it online. Or try youtube videos like chnt said. Diaphragmatic breathing has also been proven to be really important/helpful when it comes to managing anxiety, it's such a simple thing but it's worth trying. Body scan meditations are really good I think, they really guide you through the process of relaxing your whole body and being mindful, they're not as challenging as other types of meditation and if you find one that resonates with you it can definitely help if you keep practising. An important thing to remember though is that there isn't really any 'quick fix' with anxiety (except for benzos which I think should only be used in absolute emergencies, not long term or regularly), so whatever you do will take time and effort to actually have an impact, which does make it hard to stay motivated but it's so important with these things to actually maintain them/build a routine. You can always start small, like 10 minutes a day, just doing part of a meditation or part of a yoga routine. All the best with it, hopefully you can find something that works for you and starts to help soon.
  4. fairy

    Post awesome gifs here

  5. fairy


    norvin, the great white man eating shark
  6. fairy

    Katie & Tom split

    jesus fucking christ icognito, you're a hard guy to like.
  7. fairy

    Post awesome gifs here

  8. fairy

    Post awesome gifs here

  9. fairy

    Post awesome gifs here

  10. fairy

    u colour blind? lol

    Yeah if your screen isn't calibrated to the correct colour standards you're probably going to get a shit score. And even though the screen's colours might look good to you it's more than likely they are incorrect and your eyes have just adjusted to them. I'm generally really good with colour and right now I'm using someone else's laptop where the screen isn't calibrated, and I could hardly even do the test. Will have to try it when I have my laptop back.
  11. fairy

    Post awesome gifs here

    I'm going to bed
  12. Hahaha what an original story + strategy
  13. I think that there are too many healthier alternatives (that also taste way better) for people to use the excuse that it tastes so good, and it's okay to have it sometimes - 'everything in moderation', etc. If you can't be bothered making your own, healthier burgers are all over the place now (grill'd is awesome), same with chips and stuff. I do understand that it's convenient and cheap, but I think people have become so abusive of their bodies and health on a global scale, the excuse of "it's cheap and it tastes good" has just gone way too far. Everyone is capable of budgeting and making an allowance to actually put worthwhile shit in their bodies. Amazingly enough what we feed ourselves is vital to our overall existence as a human, and I personally wouldn't want to taint my body with shit like maccas. I haven't eaten that kind of fast food (kfc/maccas/hj's etc.) since I was a kid, and even then I rarely ever had it, it was a "special treat" my mum would buy me. I haven't missed it. The smell and thought makes me sick. Maccas isn't even close to the worst of it though, there are so many aditives in our food today that are so incredibly harmful, and most people are completely uneducated about it, don't know any better, and feed it to their kids, not just themselves. At least Mcdonalds doesn't really disguise its poison as being healthy, plenty of supermarket food does. Sorry if I sound all high and mighty or anything, I just really despise the fast food industry, and the general way in which food/nutrition has totally gone to shit in the past few decades. So much of today's common food is truly so harmful to the body and mind, and it's so difficult to find healthy alternatives that are readily available and don't cost a fortune. But an obvious change I think everyone can make to benefit their nutrition and health is to stop eating fast food like Mcdonalds.
  14. fairy

    The dumbing down and degradation of art

    Yeah, agreed. I get fucking sad sometimes when I hear a beautiful voice or a potentially beautiful melody, singing total pop shit. It's such a waste.
  15. fairy

    The dumbing down and degradation of art

    One thing that bothers me about the way the people value art is that it often seems to be based on its longevity. I don't think something has to be timeless or recognisable to be beautiful, meaningful or worthwhile. I'll use the Lady Gaga example that people have mentioned... Yes gaga will probably be remembered for a long time, she's done an incredible job marketing herself and creating an image that people will not soon forget, but I don't feel this makes her any more valuable/important/successful as an artist than some obscure guy who makes music on his laptop that I've come across on SoundCloud. I see gaga as someone who is successful as a businesswoman, entrepreneur and fashion icon, and I see a lot of today's popular art as being similar, in the sense that it is commercially brilliant, not artistically. However different forms of art serve different functions for different people, and nobody can ever argue that something is not art and win, because everything and anything can be art. Which I find sometimes makes the concept of art quite confusing. People so often forget that what is popular isn't necessarily what is best (often quite the opposite). I follow a lot of "unknown" musicians and photographers, and I ache for all the incredible artists out there that don't get the recognition and support they deserve, but at the same time, maybe that lack of fame keeps them humble and keeps their work beautiful. It's a crazy world. art/ärt/ Noun: The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture,...: "the art of the Renaissance" Works produced by such skill and imagination.