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    I realise this post is old but for anyone interested, there is an Iboga treatment centre in Bali, run with Australian help. Its called Mulai Lagi which translates as "Begin Again" or "Start Over". Their prices are in my opinion high, but its probably cheaper than the airfares to South america. Theres also several Iboga options in Europe. e.g. Amsterdam. For opiate addiction I'd say you're better off with Iboga than Ayahuasca.
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    I have this coleus growing wild in my garden in queensland, but it does not like the recent drought and has shrivelled a lot. I believe it has interesting chemical properties but the lack of extensive/reputable information reguarding this plant and it's uses has me still curious. Anyone know how to use it and what for?
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    Nice work mate, I might have to do the same soon.
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    Hey Steiner There is a sub forum in the cacti forum just post a pic there to get a ID. You would probably need to post a bigger photo for a positive ID. Here is a link to the sub forum http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showforum=27 Cheers Got