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I'm in the US. I HAVE: (please note that this is the list of all the plants that I own. They are cuttings/pups in early rooting stage at this time except pc pach & monstrose/crestate which are already rooted.) Trichocereus (T) Lumberjack TBM A and B T Pachanoi (PC) T Pachanoi Crestate A and B T Pachanoi "Kimnack" T Peruvianus "Serra Blue" T Peruvianus "Southwestern" T SS01 T SS02 T SS03 T Juul's Giant T Bridgesii (standard) T Torres and Torres T Juuls/Peruvianus hybrid x SS02 T Peruvianus Seed T Peruvianus (Los Gentiles) seed MONEY!! I WANT: EILEEN!! Psycho0 Bruce Any other named/interesting clone PM me with any offers. Help make my garden more interesting. Thanks for looking.