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  1. Loving the growing season

  2. eccentro


    Hopefully someone in the US can help me out. Again, thanks for the outpouring of offers everyone. You are all a very generous bunch!
  3. eccentro


    Can anyone help in the US?
  4. eccentro


    Hey all... I'm a cactophile in the US and I've been reading a lot about "Eileen" on the forum. A member mentioned that a few people in the US have her. Could anyone in the US spare a cutting/pup of this wonderful cactus? Take a peek at my tradelist blog. I only have one of each (except PC pachanoi) and they are in early rooting as of now. Otherwise, I have a generous amount of money in my "hobby" stash. PM me with offers and I know she is rare & may cost a bit more than expected. Thanks for all of your help (US and AUS) with my cacti questions on the forum.
  5. eccentro

    Something eating my pups

    Lol. I use to sleep walk but I don't think I do anymore... I'il try the beer tip for slugs as I've read that before. But will that keep Incognito away?!!
  6. eccentro

    Something eating my pups

    I had a tiny new bud on one of my midcut trichos & this morning it is scooped out like some insect having a cactus ice cream cone! What insect is usually the culprit & how do I protect my other new pups?
  7. eccentro

    1 free Eileen midcut

    Awesome deal Ginganinja. Wish I could come across 'Eileen' here in the US. She's few and far between it seems.
  8. eccentro

    Cactii potting mix

    As was said earlier, the store bought cactus mix (just about all the premade mixes) seem to have a lot of wood chips in them (cheap filler I guess). If I have to use them, I strain the wood chunks out with a home-made straining screen, which helps some. For my trichos, I do 50% perlite, 20% sand, and 30% good organic soil. I fertilize with slow release 10/10/10 or so. Works for me.
  9. eccentro

    Your current employment status

    I work in the imaging aspects of healthcare about 60plus hours a week. I should have stuck with landscaping as it was much nore enjoyable.
  10. Nice. Thanks for sharing. Hard work really pays off.
  11. eccentro

    fungicide solution suggestions???

    Yeah I had a similar issue and it started to get out of hand. Increasing time intervals between watering fixed it. If I could just increase my germination rate I could have many more small cactus friends.
  12. eccentro

    Cactus pics

    Fantastic pics man! This makes me want to plant more seed. I have 'Los Gentiles' seed waiting to germinate.
  13. eccentro

    Another intro from a new guy

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. -Eccentro-
  14. eccentro

    Another intro from a new guy

    Hey all, My account recently got 'approved' so I thought that I would also give a little intro. I've already found a few friends...thanks for the adds. I live in southern USA and it's starting to get hot around here. Plants and cacti are booming and the evenings are wonderful just sitting amongst the garden with the grill going full blast. My cactus garden is very young and I can't wait to see it grow and increase in variety. My interests are gardening, cacti, photography, nature, and biology. I'm in my early 30s and I work in the imaging aspects of the healthcare field. I hope to learn a lot from you and to teach if I get the chance. I have been 'using' a few of my favorite forums over the past year as my interest in cacti grew and thought it was time to join. Thanks for having me. -Eccentro-
  15. eccentro

    Have and want list

    I'm in the US. I HAVE: (please note that this is the list of all the plants that I own. They are cuttings/pups in early rooting stage at this time except pc pach & monstrose/crestate which are already rooted.) Trichocereus (T) Lumberjack TBM A and B T Pachanoi (PC) T Pachanoi Crestate A and B T Pachanoi "Kimnack" T Peruvianus "Serra Blue" T Peruvianus "Southwestern" T SS01 T SS02 T SS03 T Juul's Giant T Bridgesii (standard) T Torres and Torres T Juuls/Peruvianus hybrid x SS02 T Peruvianus Seed T Peruvianus (Los Gentiles) seed MONEY!! I WANT: EILEEN!! Psycho0 Bruce Any other named/interesting clone PM me with any offers. Help make my garden more interesting. Thanks for looking.