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ALL SOLD! Nine beautiful T Bridgesii "Jeans" tip cuttings for sale!

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Thanks everyone for your interest :) 




Hi All!


I've got another 9 beautiful Trichocereus Bridgesii "Jeans" tip cuttings for sale! These are all nice thick healthy tip cuttings.


I only do this once per year, so this is your chance if you'd like to grab yourself a cutting or two! :) 


In the top photo below, you can see that each cutting has a number written on the bottom (from left to right, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.). Use these numbers to identify which cutting/s you would like when you PM me:






This variety grows prolifically with many branches / shoots, a beautiful blueish color and nice long golden spines that become more brown as they mature. Here's an example of one of my older plants (incidentally, I have a couple of older plants like this that I want to sell whole - if you're in Adelaide, Australia, and if you're interested in coming to dig one up and collect one, send me a PM!):




See here for an Erowid report about this variety:




The cuttings range from 35cm to 60cm. All cuttings are $1.00 per cm + postage cost.


I take great pride in the way I package my cuttings, and you can be assured that these will arive in good condition to you and with the spines intact. I use Australia Post mailing tubes to make sure they arrive in excellent condition.


If you're interested, send me a PM and let me know which cutting/s you want (you can see the numbers in the pictures), and also let me know your post code. That allows me to calculate the total cost + postage for you. Preferred payment method is PayPal, but I can also do bank transfer.


I'll update this thread as the cuttings are sold:


#1 - 35cm: SOLD!

#2 - 39cm: SOLD!

#3 - 40cm: SOLD!

#4 - 42cm: SOLD!

#5 - 42cm: SOLD!

#6 - 42cm: SOLD!

#7 - 42cm: SOLD!

#8 - 60cm: SOLD!

#9 - 58cm: SOLD!




Jeans :)

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with a report like that, how can I say no!

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Yep, it's a an interesting variety that's for sure!


Only one cutting remaining now!

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