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My Garden and what should I do with my Brain

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Sorry for bad photos and for not being on the forum for a little while now. Here are a few of my babies. 


These are my long lived Peruvian torch hybrids. They had a hard beginning because I was a novice. Grown from seed. Will attempt to graft one to peresk at some point. 



Speaking of Peresk, here are my bunch. They were also poorly cared for, for a time. 


Received this girl and think she is just beautiful. Has such a blue hue in the winter. 


Don't know what this is, got it last week. Looks alien. 


Getting to big for the pot, I need to either repot or cut back. Mammillaria cristata is just amazing. 


Bought this little dude a few years ago. Seen some nice growth. Pretty happy plant. 


Thanks for seeing my babies. Any advice on the Brain would be much appreciated. 






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The Mammillaria cristata looks awesome. I've never seen anything like it.


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I agree with acasshia, that is super wicked awesome!!! I've got a little one no where near that size, Dekeius has obviously done an excellent job picking out just the right pot for it to grow in.  As to what you should do with it, that is a good question. How long has it been in there? If it gets, or already is, too big for that skull pot, you could buy a bigger skull pot or similar head shaped pot ornament thingy, or, you could get creative with the scenario and try to make your own freaky pot using concrete, clay or wood or something along the lines. It would take a bit longer but then you have your own unique pot which is super irie. You would also likely save a fair bit of coin, as I imagine those nice freaky pots aren't too cheap. If you make your own you could go full out and even paint it or carve it with your own design if you want, you could do a bit of sacred geometry, symbolism, or you know, just whatever you like the most/has meaning to you. One could even create it in such a way so it looks like the skull has been cracked open and the beautiful M. elongata f. cristata is just sticking out at the top. I'm probably well and truly over analyzing this situation now, I have a habit of wandering into imaginationland and thinking out the many possibilities that exist in this strange world. I hope you guys all have a super wicked day and do something beneficial for the planet I know you all will! Peace and love nature freaks <3



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freespirit420 I love it mate. 


There is quite the origin to my Brain. I was having an issue with migraines. I ended up in emergency twice. It was really starting to impact on my life and so I said that's it enough this stops and found a solution. In celebration of overcoming this issue I bought the crested bad boy, having always thought they looked like brains, I then found the pot online and bob's you uncle. 


I have given it more attention than a lot of my other plants and I reckon it has the best spot on my little balcony. 


I was thinking I have 2 options. Either I repot it into something (cool and unique of course) or I do some surgery and essentially regrow the brain but also pot a segment elsewhere. 


I have had limited success with cuttings but have never tried with something exhibiting mutation. 


Peace to you too and thanks for the ups acasshia 

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The alien is a euphorbia.


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