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I am planning on setting up a hothouse.

I don't have thousands to spend so my idea is to use star pickets and polypipe to make the frame for a tunnel hot house(maybe 2 with different conditions) but am not to sure on  a good film/cover material to use.

I need something that will be effective but also something that wont cost to much because not only am i poor but I'm also quite cheap.

Anyone have any tips on a good cover material?


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Worth a look. If going entry level polytunnel...  entry quality material 3 + year lifespan. Can get a suitable span width cut to length. This is clear... A lot of the time a white tint is preferable though. 


Go supacheap on the tunnel cover and you'll regret it, it'll fail at just the worst moment:wink:

... Tear, stretch, UV breakdown... Become a kite... 


Stars and poly (2" which ain't cheap) the go,  timber around the base to attach onto, and box up a door/s. 


Cheapest IMO is salvaging old window frames with glass and construct from there.... Old shower doors lined up another idea

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Thanks, I think atm supercheap is the best I'm able to do at least for the structure, eventually i will replace it with something better but not really an option right now.

I will measure the amount needed but I may just have enough using that, thanks again.

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Break it down into the actual components you need.

Glass, get yourself a glass cutter. Head to the salvage yard, contact local builders and demolition crews.

Frame, you only really need aluminium angle to keep your glass in place.

you can knock up the rest of the frame with pretty cheap materials that are easy to source.


stay well clear of plastic liners and cheap options, they just don’t work if you want something permanent 

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