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For Sale: Black kava plants

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I’ve got 4 Hawaiian black kava plants for sale. The 2 on the left are $30 each and the right 2 are $40 each. Postage on top of that. They are a very sensitive plant, a tricky one to grow but very rewarding... They currently have some leaf damage due to a shit load of rain in the past fortnight and they were under the canopy of the forest. But they are very healthy. Organically propagated and grown. In the right conditions you could grow these to a harvestable size in 2 years...


If you are south of say Coffs Harbour you’ll need to have at least a green house, if not a hot house to keep them going through winter.


Any questions, hit me up...


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thanks to climate change the temperate zone is moving south at 10km/year so pretty soon I'll be right...

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