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Label said pac cross bridgesi. To me it looks like scop cross pach


Hi, I have 3 seed grown tricho”s sourced at EGA 2012 from seller who also sells at vic market. They were labeled as bridgesi cross Pacanoi. To me they look like a scop cross Pacanoi. 

The pics also show the difference between cutting and not cutting a young cactus. If you cut you will have more cactus and similar size plants in around 4 years. I cut a tip off 1 of the 3 to use the base to graft with and planted tip. 


The 2 uncut plants. I call the taller one EGA2012#2 and the shorter one EGA2012#3


This is the cut plant and I call this one EGA2012#1.

If these had bridgesi in them I would expect much bigger spines and darker coloured skin with a blue tinge depending on exact type used. 


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IMHO I think it is a SCOP hybrid that is either made with bridge or pach.


Many bridge x scop's are very short/spineless like this one.


Maybe the seller got SCOP x bridge mixed up with PACH x bridge.


And I strongly doubt it to be pach x bridge.


I'm actually a big fan of scop x bridge hybrids because they are so often very short spined. :)

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