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Germinating Eucs and other natives

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Hi heres a pic of Euc. viminalis and ovata catching there 1st ever rays.  I hope  one day they will be a home for all manner of things.  

However Im an absolute novice and my germ rate ( apart from the Melaleucas ) isnt spectacular.  Maybe 4 out of 20 - 30 pips of the Eucs even less for wildflowers and grasses.  Ive tried 3 methods for seeds i believe are fire sensitive but would love some feedback to improve: soaking seeds in near boiling water (at 1st using a sealed thermos which probably over cooked them) overnight. 2nd Soaking in smokewater from 2hrs - overnight depending on the size and hardness for the seed.  Then running through a coffee filter to separate out the seeds.

3rd Using these germ granuals things that sit on the soil then watered in.  ( have only tried these for wildflowers) 

All kept at 21c.


Any advice on how to improve my methods would be awesome

Ps Cant seem to use the search engine apologies as Im sure this is old ground.

Peace H






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Nothing special for eucs, in around months the ambient Temps will be better. Use gritty mineral soil, rather than barky potting mix by preference. 


Acacias need stratification as rule of thumb, with hot water the best bet. Make a cuppa, them pour some over seeds let cool, then let them soak up a bit of water. 


Theres only a couple of species I've used to used smoke for, Brunonia was one I can think of, and grass trees. 


Natives do better with natural cycles rather than heat mats IMO as you can let them do as the seasons dictate and what the are adapted to perform under. Timing can  make your life pretty easy with natural Temps for germination. 


Understory Network gives best times and conditions for a lot of things in there database. They defo have the tricks for a lot of native species. Your local NRM (NRM South) would also have some regional info, Google them up. 


Some wildflowers need scarification, do a sandpaper rub or clip with nail clippers can do the deed.  


Tubestock is better suited to raising many natives. 

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Hey mate and thanks for the reply. Looks like im a bit premature with my seed.  Cant say im not keen.  The seedlings are in styro's under plastic and kept in my shed.  Will see if they take off when things warm up.  Went through my lists, cross checking with understory to get myself a bit of a native germ calendar going.  

How about a 'cold- moist stratification' treatment of seed for the conifers? King billy, Celery top, Huon.  Was planning to head into the Hartz in march- april to take cuttings but i have some seed to try out too.

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