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The Shulgin digital archive

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I'm not sure this is the best place for this post but if not perhaps a moderator would move it for me? Thanks!



Some people are already aware that I am involved with creating a digital public access version of Sasha and Ann Shulgin’s archive. 

I am already more than halfway through Sasha’s filing cabinets and only one lab book remains to be completed (the finished but redacted lab nooks are already online at Erowid and at Archive.org). There is still more material which is located in another building, and Sasha's library, as well as a massive amount of photographs for which Ann is assigning names and locations. 

For the last few months we also have been operating with inadequate resources to the point that I have been buying basic office supplies out of my own pocket and are now limited to working with a sheet fed scanner due to the flatbed scanner ceasing to communicate with my computer some months ago. Like any archiving activity we need to have the means to accomplish our goal of getting this material digitized. I simply do not possess the resources to do this by myself despite having plenty of willingness and energy to put into accomplishing this goal. 

If this project is of any interest to you please visit www.shulginarchive.org and consider making a small donation. If we received $10 or $20 from even a quarter of Sasha's fans the project would be doing great and would have a secure future.  We do not need very much support in order to succeed but we cannot do so without adequate resources existing. Due to our present shortfall, I am now the only worker who still remains in this project. I plan to stay with this as long as I am able but the future reality of the Shulgin digital archive will depend on whether it actually has public interest.






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