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Can we please have a new section to the forum for just Teks please?

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Can we have a new main section forum for just growing/propagation teks ?

like for example , split into 3 categories... - one fungi , one plant and one misc'


in those categories they can split off into branches like cacti/leafys etc ...

and then the actual threads explaining, with pictorial, some ... teks



sterile cactus seed tek

bio cactus seed tek 

hot water tek 

rooting lianas tek

scarifying teks

heated pot tek

(I'm planning on designing and creating a large heated pot for a banisteriopsis/argyreia that can be over wintered if necc - or adapted to be aquatic like the lilly/lotus pots doing the rounds for a lot of cash )




that way any:-


-beginner can access the most awesome skills to kick them off on their chosen plant path and get a good feel for stuffs and have somewhere easy to find to ask questions n stuffs if they feel a need..


-or refresher can revise before getting back into the swing of things since it seems a lot of folk lose a lot of plants due to unforseen circ's


whaddya reckon me olde china's? 


I'll have a bash at a heated pot design (non aquatic for now) and just bung it all here until we have some ordered functional  approachable and easily located Teks sub forum/category section - or whatever the fk you call em 


then please can the relevent tek talk be lifted and moved to the new place when time comes if that's how the future will come to pass..


Thank you kindly and have a super evening!




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possibilities so far / idea board


large pot! with drainage holes probably and large saucer/dish/tray

- round pot is probably more sensible at the sizes I'm thinking (half barrel) 


heat cable adhered to inside of pot in spiral - more cable/turns = more heat


no need for central heat , perhaps an insulation would increase efficiency?


- if aquatic with no drainage holes, can this format be used on non aquatic setup by providing oxygen to roots in an alternative way to prevent stagnation areas? - to save needing a drip tray, or is controlling fluid intake enough?


some kind of safe adhesive for using with heat cable....



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next tek idea


shade cloth tek/plan for transferring trichos/cacticals to outdoor for sunny seasons

when to remove shade cloth (unknown yet)


I think it would be nice to have a section where members can request a tek creation if it appears not to be in easy reachable existance too..

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with the lower traffic volumes I am hesitant to split the forums any further. if a tek is well structured it will come up in searches easily. or we could put a tek index as a pinned thread.

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