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Edible Acacia/Wattle seeds + free seed pack for top aswers : )

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Hi, I am looking to try find if there are any non edible or toxic native acacia seeds out there, so far all I have found is along these lines -


"About 956 Australian Acacia species have been recorded. Nearly all of them appear to have edible seeds - on the basis of lack of evidence to the contrary - but the bushfood industry wisely prefers to use species which already have some history of safe use in traditional Aboriginal communities." info via Australia plants online.

"Many of our acacias have toxic or poisonous seeds, however research is enabling some wattle seeds to be used in cooking"  info via Australian plants society central coast group


My bush tucker books are pretty indistinct on this and I can not seem to source any solid info on native toxic acacia seeds, So my question is if any one knows of any native toxic acacia seeds ? or any that are not edible?  If so I would love to know more : ) 


Also I am trying to find a good book on Australian acacia identification, if any one knows of any good books on this subject I would love to know.

Has any body got an opinion on the book, Acacias of Australia by Marion Simmons ? 

I am thinking I am going to be buying the book, Plants of central Queensland by Eric Anderson regardless of finding a good book on acacia identification or not.

I would love to source a copy of Flora of Australia volume 11a and 11b if any one can direct me to an available copy I would be very grateful : )  It seem to be impossible to find.        


As an incentive to help me find out if there are any toxic/inedible native acacia seeds and what they might be, and a good native acacia identification book (not electronic) I will send a native acacia seed pack consisting of, longifolia, maidenii, acuminata 'narrow', concurrens, colei, burkittii, Victoriae and floribunda approx. 20-30 seeds of each to the best answer, and approx. 30-60 random acacia seeds to any helpful answers, I will send after 1 month of posting this to allow some time for answers, so approx. 16/6/17 after this date the offer will no longer be available.


Thanks in advance for any and all help  : )





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