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Propagating psychotria from leaves: a side by side comparison of two methods

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After several attempts with different methods I found sitting the leaves in a glass of water is best for me.... Simply put leaves in a glass of water half filled in a warm spot out of direct light, misting every couple daya... after a few weeks roots are developed Enough to pot up and have no issues acclimatising etc... Just need to make sure the water doesn't evaporate....


Different strains seem.to root more readily than others

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today I went on to take the psychotria leaves from their baggies (had only took one out) and do the Glaukus method, cutting them in the vein and them placing in wet layers of paper towlel. 


To my surprise, what I thought were mutilpe leaves of ps. alba, were 4 cuttings !?!??!  what an mazing trader  this guys is.. 


So I'd like to ask what are the best temperatures for those , both leaves and cuttings to root? Are alba more dry-tolerant and more cold hardy than viridis? 


leaves are viridis shipibo & amicana and cuttings are alba...  Is home/room temperaure good to root? My bathroom is warmer than the rest of the house. should I put there?? Did anyone measure optimal temps during rooting? 



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