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Hello Friends!

I am back in Perth after a long journey to byron bay and back and i need to get rid of may potted cacti.

Send me an inbox to and i can give you a list of what i have.

All cacti sold will be rooted in pots unless a reasonably big order is made.

Get in Quick they all need to go in the next two weeks.

Here is a list of what i have.

Pickup welcome, but i can drop off as well.

TBM $40 in pot



Trihcocereus Cuzcoensis KK242

Largest pup is 55cm Has excellent soil organic perlite filled with charcoal and a mice glazed pot with rock mulch, Once again very well established. The cutting was sold to me as a KK242 so that is what i am labeling it as. it has had some cuttings taken from the other side, but still a beautiful specimen.

-$60 with pot



- 60cm from the base, This pup is reallllly FAT! 60cm from the base which has a lot of scarring from scale, but i have taken care of the problem and there is no more active scale. The pup is completely free of scale. Has poor soil but is has extremely well established root system, i can pit the whole cactus pot and all up by holding onto the tip.

-$40 with pot (needs a transplant asap)



Trichocereus Patch

largest of the two pups is 67cm, Has excellent soil organic compost, perlite, charcoal. Very well established, second pup is coming out FAT.

-$50 with pot

Trichocereus Patch 1

66cm from the base, Is in poor soil but fully established and really healthy, no scarring and is producing great growth.

$45 in pot


Trichocereus Patch 2

73cm from the base, same story as above, but has some superficial scarring at the top.

$50 in pot.


Little pedro with super strong root system needs a transplant

-$15 in pot



Skinny Bridge 55cm $35

PsychoO 60cm $45

eileen 54cm $40

Eileen 45cm $30

All cacti were fertilized using and organic liquid fertilizer and have not been exposed to any chemical pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers. All soil is organic.

I will be uploading more very soon


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Hey matey I'm in perth,watcha got ?

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Theres still heaps of Pedro That are looking for a good home. :)

More specimens will be posted up today as well, so keep an eye out on this thread!

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Hey man,

Id love the KK242, but can I have a look at how it looks where the pups have been taken? normally it wouldn't bother me (definitely not one for perfection) but it is going in a place where all angles can be seen.

Hit me up with a PM.


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Sure thing :) Ill take another snap today and post it up after work.

I have another kk242 that's even bigger and has more branches. It also looks a lot better but is in a cracked terracotta pot.

I also have really fat Psycho0 branches.

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oh great, I am really not to fussed about the pot as I will change it anyway. so maybe post pictures of it all? :)


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Having trouble uploading through my phone for some reason.

Your best bet is to come around and have a look around my garden for something you like If your free today.

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Doing cuttings also, I have Really chunky PsychoO cuts, Eileen cuts, Cuzco and kk242 cuts, short spined Peruvianus cuttings, long spined peruvianus cuts, Bridge and pedro cuttings, heeps of pereskiopsis, Brug clones, lions tail, ph strain catha. Aloe, Also random mixed pots of bridge, cuzco, pedro.

I Need to get rid of it all ASAP!!!!!!!

Please pm me if interested. :)

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Also PM'd, hope I'm not too late! Cheers!

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