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The Corroboree
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Eternal Frisson

Looking for Trich Clones

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Hello, I'll keep this short and sweet. Over the next few weeks I am looking to purchase what ever named clones I don't have in my collection.

At this point and time I have obtained: Kai, Psyco0, Bruce, TBM, Gnosis and one or two monstrose Bridgesii and a Pachanoi crest.. So I am asking if anyone has some of the other named clones that they're happy to sell a cut of.

Yowie is first on the list, for no aparent reason. But I would like to get alot of what is out there :)

Thankyou everyone.

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I currently have two Bridgesii 'Eileen' clones sitting in the ground. If your Psycho0 or Bruce have thrown out arms, I'd gladly trade a cutting for a cutting.

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