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lophophora pest

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I got this spots on some of my lophophoras, and got no idea, what they are, or how to get rid of them.

any suggestions are welcomed.

I guess it could be some kind of rust fungus, and maybe treatments with mancozeb would help.

loph with spots:


close up, sorry for quality, I couldn't find the tripod:


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Looks like a bit of brown scale and some associated damage. The two spots on the left I'm nearly certain are scale. Try and scrape them off with your fingernail. You can treat the entire plant by making a up a solution of oil, detergent and water. The oil causes the scale to suffocate and they fall off after 2-3 weeks. Please note some people believe oils can damage cacti, this is done at your own risk. I personally treat mine all the time and have no issues, just go easy on the oil.

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so the brown "rusty spots" are the left over damage done by the brown scale?

I seem to remember there are two scales, the "soft" scale which wipes off easely, and the "tough" scale, which sort of can't be mechanicly removed often.

anyway, I have seen the tissue brused, by scales and this brown spots might be the result.

I treat the buttons at times with white oil, and so far haven't caused damage as far as I know,...

but, surly the blemished skin caused by removing scale, would be super sensitive.

anyway, i go now with what you said hellonasty, and will just continue, treating for scale.

i have never seen scale on my asterias though (most likely overlooked), and they show the same symptoms, beats me...

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