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My [email protected]%dy gnome gives me the shits.

I was sound alseep since I have to get up early in the morning, but he had to come squeezing from between the wall panels and wake me up.

I was pretty grumpy but felt sorry for the old fool.

He said he was having nightmares.

He's had too much gnome food for dinner (don't know what they eat, roots'n stuff)and he's also had some tasmanian gnome ale, 4 bottles of it, and he wasn't feeling well and having nightmares.

I told him to stop the bludy booze. He said he wanted to and has already ordered some DXM, but from someone he doesn't know very well. He's praying he will get it since he spent his last money on it.

He said this has only happened because he's stopped smoking weed. When he smoked weed, he never had any dreams, good or bad. he stopped mainly because he wanted to give his lungs a break, but now he smokes too much tobacco. His lungs feel even worse now. I don't have a solution for him and told him to get [email protected], I've got my own problems. (which are intriguingly similar.)

Anyway, here's his dream:

"Something told me that there was something wrong in my house.

There were people here who weren't supposed to be here.

They seemed to be one large family consisting of about 20 members.

I knew the mother, I had met her before in real life. She really had a lot of children and her husband would quite often be very cranky, even violent. One of her boys had even committed suicide because he couldn't get along with his father.

Perhaps now they were here, hiding from their father.

Anyway, most of these people were now grown-ups. Some young men looked very stout and strong. They all just hung about in chairs and sofas in my house and did nothing, didn't even make an attempt to talk to me and explain why they were here.

One of them just said:

"The rain is coming in..."

I looked up and it was true, the ceiling/roof was retractable and has been opened. A light, drizzling rain was falling on the furniture.

I got upset and told them all to leave.

They slowly got up and started leaving without comment.

The mother looked at me sideways but also said nothing.

I then began "winding" with some sort of lever and the roof came back into place.

What I remember also were flying cockroaches sitting on the furniture. I killed them and made a horrible mess doing it. I absolutely hate cockroaches.

When I woke up I felt like shit and could really feel the beer and food in my body.

I really want to stop drinking alcohol again.

It really [email protected] me up."

[This message has been edited by gomaos (edited 08 September 2001).]

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Food in the tummy causes muscle work. Any such work will stimulate the nervous system and will stop you from deep sleep. It is the extended shallow sleep and any trigger of discomfort that will start the nightmares. While beer is usually quite good for sleep (especially when stressed), the food should be avoided that close to bedtime.

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