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Bog's garden 2012 /13 /14 &onwards

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Thanks for the kind words GOT :) These older chaps are exceptionally better conversationalists than most of my younger friends. Its very humbling to get to learn from people who have gathered their expertise over many many years of experimentation and trial and error. Offering wisdom so freely, which they fought long and hard to discover.

Of course you can have some mutant sulco seeds! And not just for being nice! :P

I have grown a batch of seedlings already, they are super healthy, not showing any weirdness yet other than lots of pupping on the one which is grafted to pere.

Theres two pods, seen on the right of the photo. one will go to mutant, and the other to you GOT. Will pm you when they are ready


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Thanks Ceres

You know as you said some of the most enjoyable conversations that I have had with people about cacti have been with a couple of old boys here that had been growing for years. The best thing is they love there plants and if you show an interest they will happily talk to you for hours and there is so much to be gained from there knowledge.

The other thing is even with there massive collections there is still an underlying excitement when showing their special plants. You can always be guaranteed to leave with something that you don't have in your collection because the standard question is have you got one of these and if you say no they will hand you a pot and not take no for an answer.

Sadly one of the old boys passed away a couple of years ago and I believe most of his collection was broken up but he will be remembered by a Bridgesii clone from his collection "Mike".

Thanks for letting me have some mutant seeds :worship: much appreciated.



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Thought its about time for a wee update. I haven't been such a planthead this year, so excuse my mangling of botanical names if this becomes the case. After I lost my greenhouse and got super busy with uni I haven't been particularly greenfingered and so am slowly loosing some of my names as a result. The collection has been slimmed down by atleast a third in preparation for moving islands. Most of my plants will stay with my family when I go, so will only get the odd opportunity now and then to pamper them and post pics. Luckily most plants have adapted to my haphazard care strategies and become rather resilient.

Lets hope this continues..


Haworthia atrofusca, Mammilaria thereseae, scopulicola x spachianus on pere


Mammilaria elongata cristate


Lechtungbergia principlis, ss01 x Peruvianus (or whichever way that went... Nitrogens seed), ummm some kind of Nitrogen trichocereus mutant cross, more recent generation than the other one, for some reason I thought a name label was unnecessary and that I would always be able to remember... Not the case...

post-8023-0-94871400-1416264721_thumb.jp post-8023-0-65656500-1416264745_thumb.jp

Some kind of echeveria.. Lost the tag...


Ariocarpus fissuratus x2, crassula 'fawlty towers' - coromandel cacti cultivar


Front left: I thiiiink that this is an ariocarpus agavoides x some other ariocarpus, most likely kotschoubeyanus, but I'll have to ask my mate to be sure, front right: ariocarpus fissuratus,

Back left: ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus, back right: ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus elephantidens


Cut the primo piece off my variegated pachanoi crest and sold the rest to my mate so he can propagate it like mad


Astrophytum asterias, haworthia bayerii and haworthia bayerii hybrid, some slow growers, mostly ariocarpus retusus


Close up of the haworthia bayerii's..such cool patterning


Stapelia which is beginning to crest, TPQC x TPM, strombocactus disciformis


Haworthia pygmaea Crystalline form


Ariocarpus retusus

+ I have a couple other intriguing pieces of plant material...

Got given this yam recently, it's begun to sprout so I'll try grow it on and see if I can make a cultivar of crested yams..


And I been making some collaborative art with Gaia..

post-8023-0-22332500-1416265814_thumb.jp post-8023-0-75233600-1416265841_thumb.jp

That's all for now, will take pics of outside plants and garden soon, cheers

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