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Found 5 results

  1. Taking small quantities of plants and preparations thereof prior to sleep seems to be a very effective method for catalysing the dream state. Some of the most detailed visionary states that I can recall are from this method. Last night I felt compelled to chew a handful of the big juicy leaves from a coleus I have growing next to where I sleep. I have been nibbling a leaf here and there for a few weeks, and it seems that subconsciously my brain has developed I liking for it as this time I felt a definite desire for its bitter taste. So I ate the leaves and drank some weak caapi infusion, and was soon fast asleep. What followed was one of the most amazing dreams I have ever had. Incredibly detailed places like I have never visited, strange undulating hills and towers of stone. There was a Spanish train ticket conductor who turned out to be an imposter that pik pocketed the diplomat sitting next to me on our way to a conference. At the conference we were abducted by alien like creatures that took us to a plane where we were strapped into hairs. They were all awaiting 'her' to find out what should become of us. Suddenly an airlock door snapped open and there she was, a cross between jabba the hut and that singing blue lady from the fifth element. She saw right through us, init our deepest fears and desires. At that point I felt the straps starting to hurt and I woke up. In the slow return to consciousness that followed I experienced the full range of post-tryptaminesque intoxiation emotions; the interconnectedness of all beings, the realisation that we know deep inside our that our being extends beyond the corporeal plane, and wonder at the stars that shone through the window. Ok so maybe this was just an excuse to share that trippy dream but I definitely think it had something to do with the coleus and caapi, especially that I felt compelled to eat them not unlike the brain that knows cannabis desires that next hit. I have heard that aust. aboriginal spirituality relies heavily on visionary states experienced while dreaming. I wonder if they were onto something like this, colouring or catalysing dreams with weakly active plants. It also reminds me of how Amazonian shamans are said to use the ayahausca preparation to get to know the character of other plants. Perhaps endogenous betacarbolines and tryptamines are the ur visionary vine.
  2. I am no expert on Coleus however I feel as though my observations must be shared with this community. I have been reading of the use of the mysterious Coleus plant it seems, according to research and examination of 'trip reports', that eating/blending small leaves, smoking the leaves and sometimes producing a tea provides noticeable yet minimal effects in comparison to other psychedelic substances. However I came across one report on the Erowid Experience Vault where the user ate one large leaf described as a "leaf was about 6 inches long and 4-5 inches wide with lots of dark red on it", just before going to sleep. I will summarise his experience but if your are interested in this topic i recommend you to read the article https://erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=56882 . His dream was set in the future and it involved violent aliens coming to Earth. He then advised his friend to try a large leaf before going to sleep (without telling his friend about his dream) and his friend reported to have the exact same dream. Here is where it gets interesting. ∂an reported about his use of Coleus (http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?/topic/36752-using-plants-to-catalyse-dreams/#comment-441722) where he consumed some large leaves of the plant before going to bed. Very, very similar to the way the other user took Coleus. He too reported of violent aliens coming to Earth. Who knows if this was a coincidence or if this plant is hiding mystical secrets, however if the main active component of this plant is found and isolated its potential could be incredible. Look at Salvia Divinorum for example, it was thought to be 'placebo' and only have minimal effects however once the active compound Salvinorin A was found and extracts I don't think any people who have used the extract believe it only has minimal effects anymore . Just saying... it could have very high potential if studied more considering the freakishly similar dreams users who have eaten large, mature leaves before sleeping.
  3. TheMooseZeus

    Coleus confusion

    Hi, i've experimented a little bit with coleus and I have definitely experienced dream potentiation with whatever i have growing in my garden. Even in small infrequent dosages i have experienced pressure between my eyes which i can imagine would be a nice, grounding thing to focus on during meditation. Its a bit of a funky colour at the moment. Anyone with experience with coleus know whats going on with this plant?
  4. Looking for plain Green Coleus, my local garden stores only have the red/green & white/green. it's proving harder to find than I thought. I have L.W. seeds (from last spring) and a number of cuttings cash n cacti to trade, PM me if you can help Edit: (Green Coleus blumei)
  5. bogfrog

    Mutant coleus

    I just discovered this strange leaf formation on one of my coleus plants today. It seems like several leaves have fused together and created this pseudo-flower thing. I was quite impressed. Plants just keep rolling out the surprises Anyone seen this sort of thing?