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    Sunshine Coast meet (QLD)....

    Those cebil seeds are not viable are they? Got some recently & they were no good for growing, only good for ornaments. Tomatillo plants are trying to take over my gardens so have lots of seed/plants if anyones keen. Also Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum) seeds coming out my wahzoo, powerful herb & she likes the shade so good to fill in those areas of the garden. Use a misting sprayer if you need to keep cool, its not that hot though, I never use the aircon to save fuel, but I would use aircon to keep a plant cool.. Yes please, I am keen & its the first I have heard of this plant.
  2. Leaves

    why do tree's rule?

    Trees rule because they collect & store information from the universe in the form of photons/other non-atomic particles & present them to us.
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  4. Leaves

    spiral bridg

    would turning the pot 45 degrees a week or something make a cactus twist?
  5. So the peloton theory won, makes that 120 meter drop tower that Zarm built was massive waste of cash then. They should take some hints from Einstein & try visualising, much quicker & cheaper
  6. Leaves

    Potent sedative plants...

    Fiji Market 591 King St, Newtown NSW 2042 (02) 9517 2054 Give them a buzz & ask. Crataegus rhipidophylla (Hawthorn, haws, hawberry) might be something to try if you want to calm your heart, I find it effective. The chinese supermarkets/herb shops usually have sweet products made from Haws more potent forms are available. Whatever was in those Spaced tablets knocked me out cold, it scared me it was that strong & it is only one tablet.
  7. Leaves

    Youtube vids

  8. Leaves

    Calea zacatechichi being seized in New Zealand

    How's the coffee gunna make it in? oh the license thing. Strange laws, weird days.
  9. Who says it made it intact, how come no one (even the local blokes with scopes) didn't see it come out the other side? Also the other planet/sun/whatever thing, is there anymore evidence this exists except the congealing of some of the objects in the oort cloud? First I heard of that Nemisis theory was 2008 & youtube just seems to be getting more full of dodgy videos about it.
  10. Leaves

    Potent sedative plants...

    If you want Kava for good price - Fiji Market - newtown - sydney - on the same road as HHH (King st?) but down the hill a bit. 20 buck per 100g i think.
  11. Leaves

    Potent sedative plants...

    Yeah, why are the kava tablets green still? Are they still putting leaves in them? They make me feel sick often (the tablets) & the powder has a ginger effect on my guts.
  12. I noticed lots of internet chatter about this orchid but I am skeptical about the claimed ephedra (anti-asthma/stimulant) effects. Anyone that has tried this can you please post your experiences.
  13. Leaves

    Vermiculite contains asbestos warning

    A bag of perlite I have has nothing about being asbestos free, it just has a warning on the front to wear a particulate mask & keep moist, but that may be due to silica content.
  14. I didn't know where to post this but since cacti lovers tend to use vermiculite I thought this section would be appropriate. www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kn5JRgz3W0o If you don't have time to watch, asbestos like substance comes from vermiculite.
  15. Bunnings sells different types of San Pedro so if they are selling it in NSW how could anyone else get in trouble? Unless Bunnings in NSW have removed that stock.
  16. Leaves

    Money saving idea's

    ^^Home brew & grow 52 tobacco plants or double if your a chain smoker or dipper.
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    Doesn't beer cause man boobs, that & pie & sausage rolls at 4am.
  18. Leaves

    Money saving idea's

    Use lemon/cedar/orange essential oil to clean house/hands mixed with water or metho or both. Watch out for those anti-bacterial handwashes as the biocide in them is not safe. Essential oil is best bought by the liter to save cash. edit - Ceres, you don't have to worry too much about estimated power bills because next time they do a actual read the amount you were overcharged will be subtracted from your bill. The problem gets bad if someone has a dog or fence that the meter reader cannot get past & you get estimated bills for a year or more. By the way estimated bills should be worked out as the previous bill + 10%, this is why multiple estimates get out of proportion.
  19. Leaves

    Hodgkinsonia frutescens

    Hodgkinsonia ovatiflora - map Hodgkinsonia frutescens - map
  20. I think the iron stomach comes from training, I used to be able to drink a bottle of rum in around 2 hours & still be coherent when I was in the puss & could get up and work a hard day the next day, but now I only drink once a month or less I get sick in the gut if I drink 4 standard drinks in under 1 hour. Maybe your 5HT3 receptor is stubborn Mutant.
  21. Leaves

    Vermiculite contains asbestos warning

    So the vermiculite in Australia is safe then, thanks for that makes me feel better, first I had heard about it & I thought it was recent info since the TED videos have been made recently.
  22. Leaves

    Dendrobium nobile alkaloid extract

    I have tried Shi Hu from a chinese herb supply & noticed a reduction in blood pressure, calming not stimulating. Flowers must have something else in them, would be very interested to hear from someone local experiencing anything positive, as it is hard to work out what is truth & what is someone working for a supplement company posting postive experiences that never happened to boost sales (a tactic used by supplement companies in the past).
  23. Leaves

    poppies legal or not?

    The Government back during WWII encouraged people to grow Papaver somniferum to supply morphine to the diggers, also during the gold rush the chinese bought over seeds with them & that is why many of the old gold grounds have poppies growing like weeds (wild variety). They also follow the train lines, seen them growing all around Sydney, if you wanted to get some hires photos or something.
  24. Leaves

    Junkie or no?

    Even if one has what is seen as a good upbringing, our culture is not showing much hope for providing a happy future for our children, so it might be hard for some to have any positive feelings exist inside without assistance. My opinion is that people use substances because of the absence of any good feeling.