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  1. I was on oxy for 2 years and still had a great time with all kindsa. diazepam seems to take anxiety away and smooths out the edges, if thats what you are after. It usually helps to face the monster more. Each unto his own.
  2. nagual78

    The ability to teach?

    Commercial cookery, electronic music
  3. nagual78


  4. nagual78

    Isopropyl extractions

    Fantastic. Do you think i could use it to make tinctures or extracts for things like cats claw or passionflower or other legal herbs? Of course my cacti only contain alkaloids that are above board. sorry for any confusion
  5. nagual78

    Datura and brugs

    Im rooting some cuttings atm. ill get back at ya.
  6. nagual78

    Khat plant / Psych viridius

    Hi Im after a khat plant and p.viridius in melbourne. cheers
  7. Would you consider sending the plants to Melbourne? at my cost. plus the cost of the Khat bush. cheers Nag
  8. Hi all , what cool extractions can i do using isopropyl? I have a heap. And some cacti. Your thoughts