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    Flat earth debate

    I was thinking surely there has to be a better way to have a look than strapping yourself to a steam powered stomp rocket, why not do it with a camera on a weather balloon and low and behold someone else has had the same idea. This guy is trying to build a weather balloon that deploys a glider that he hopes will return home with the payload from the camera. It's still early days with the development of the glider but he seems determined to get it working. Here's his project page Autonomous high altitude glider
  2. Sallubrious

    Flat earth debate

    Now that's an idea @Bigred if he wanted to really prove something he should have mounted his steam powered stomp rocket on a ship and sailed to the edge and then fired it over the edge to get pics of the edge of the disk form above and below.
  3. Sallubrious

    Reefer extractor fan? dreams from youth that need to be created volume #1

    When I lived with people who didn't smoke I used to open a window and point a fan blowing air out of the window, then you just blow your smoke into the back of the fan and it gets pumped outside. I've considered a ducted system before but I rent so it would be an eyesore not being able to conceal the duct work properly. If I owned the house I just put one big duct in the ceiling with a speed controlled exhaust fan and vent it through a ping pong ball scrubber to catch a bit of crap from the exhausted air.
  4. Sallubrious

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway

    That's about the stage where the king parrots start to take notice of mine and move in for the free raspberry jam flavoured goodness. I have a bunch of narrow phyllode acuminata seed just about ready now if anyone wants any.I couldn't be fucked mailing out seeds though, so if anyone wants to forward them on I can send nice bag of them to spread around. Edit: sorry to hijack your thread @Gimli I'd be happy send a batch to you that could throw in with your seeds when you send them out if you want.
  5. Sallubrious

    Fair work laws

    Has anyone had any experience with the fair work commission in regards to unfair dismissal and bullying/intimidation ? My Mrs has been copping the rough end of the stick for the last few months and now it's getting to the point where it looks like she'll be sacked in the not too distant future. She works her arse off for pittance & now she's just just received her final warning (by SMS) for something entirely trivial. She asked a workmate to give her a hand while they were both supposed to be on a break and her supervisor took offence to it and sent a nasty SMS message a few days later and told her it was her third & final warning. The other two warnings (she wasn't even aware they were official warnings) were just talkings to about minor slip ups she'd made at work, apparently she wasn't as thorough as she should have been even though she's under enormous pressure to do everything faster and faster. As it turns out the supervisor took offence to my Mrs pecking the supervisor's husband on the cheek when she parted ways after a social event all the work girls had attended two days before the "official" warning. The supervisor took great pleasure in reading the SMS to all the other girls working the same job after she sent it. After she read it out she pissed herself laughing and said. She's probably at home balling her guts out now. It's classic sociopathic stand over/intimidation tactics towards my Mrs and all the other girls. So the writing is on the wall, one misplaced fart, sneeze or blink and my My mrs will be out on her arse. What I want to know is Has the supervisor followed the appropriate protocols - should she have issued three written warnings or are two verbal warnings enough before the final written (SMS) warning ? That's if an SMS even legally qualifies as a written warning. Can a supervisor issue the three warnings without any input from her superiors. The boss knows nothing about any of this. If it were me this would be sorted out with bare knuckles in the carpark but my Mrs doesn't have that option.
  6. Sallubrious

    The Random Thread.

    I'm not offended @Crop, it's a good point and I deliberated over the decision to write his race in that post I put it in there for context mostly, the fact the he is aboriginal was relevant because of the ramifications that I knew would come from reporting him to the cops. Now almost every Coori in the district sees me as a dog for doing so and wants payback. I've put a target on my head and my kids are getting a hard time at school. It wasn't meant to be derogatory in any way just a descriptive term. I don't see why I should have to filter my language through PC and basically lie through omission so I don't offend anyone if I'm not slandering his race with lies or false information. At least ten other people (mostly white) stood back and watched the assault happen and they would have happily stood there and watched until he killed her. If mentioning their race makes me racist then I can wear that but I know I'm only who gave enough of a fuck to do anything to protect her basic human rights. If someone does something like that they are embarrassment to their race, if he was Chinese, African, Russian, American or belonging to any other demographic I would have included that in my description too if I thought it was relevant to what happened and would happen as a consequence.
  7. Sallubrious

    The Random Thread.

    I woke this morning to the sound of a fight, which is a fairly common occurrence around here on a Sunday morning. I went outside to see the aboriginal guy across the road laying the boot into his wife's head while she was on the ground. Then he dragged her around the front yard by the hair, stopping every 10 metres or so to smack her around the head with a closed fist. I wanted to go over and step in but my Mrs held me back, getting involved in a domestic around here is seen as a dog act. Anyway my Mrs rang the cops and they carted him off. I'm expecting ramifications............. Edit : As expected, she won't press charges because she loves him. The cops charged him and put an AVO on him but they think he'll walk because there isn't enough evidence to convict him. If that's her attitude then she deserves whatever she gets. Who am I to stand in the way of true love. Blokes like that are lower than dog shit to me, If he has the balls to call me out for calling the police which I seriously doubt he will, I'll be looking forward to a having a man to man "talk"
  8. Sallubrious

    Post a random picture thread

  9. Sallubrious

    Vaping Legal Herbs

    Is nutmeg/nutmeg oil safe to vape ? I don't know if I'd be up for it myself but there could be something to it.
  10. Sallubrious

    The Random Thread.

    No arguments here, I hate cats. A few of my neighbours collect the fucking things and let them roam free, ironically with hordes of cats everywhere we still have mouse and rat problem. I'm a dog owner and do the right thing, have my dog registered and keep it in a fenced yard but the cats around here are free range and they shit, piss and spew cat food all over my front yard and veranda. A different set of rules seem to apply to owners around here, the council just doesn't give a fuck. All that said one of the nieghbours cats is missing almost all of its fur along the top of its back and I was told a vet said someone must have set in on fire. I'm all for culling if it's done the right way and humanely but setting any animal on fire is just not on.
  11. Sallubrious

    Fair work laws

    I'm not too sure about that but she made the call in front of the manager and a few other workers, they were all stunned. It was business related and she made no effort to keep her end of the call private so it could be argued that was not a private call. I've been telling my mrs to document everything and install a recording app on her phone but she never did, so it's a bit late now. Anyway she's not going back and she's actually happy again now.. It's as though a great weight has been lifted off her back. When she got the job she just wanted any job to get her job network provider off her back and she got a crap job. Now she plans to put the intention out there to get a good job. If you create something with unfocused intent you get random results.
  12. Sallubrious

    Fair work laws

    This blew up again yesterday. It never really stopped but this time my mrs had had enough. On Sunday morning (which was a rostered day off) her supervisor rang her wanting her to work at 5am and we didn't hear the call because we were asleep & her phone was in the kitchen. Then at 8am she started abusing her by text message. My mrs called back and said she'd work if absolutely necessary and she copped a serve and was told not to bother coming in. Then Yesterday she had the day off so she could watch our kids make their speeches for next years school captains positions (they both blitzed it too, the head mistress told us they were the two best speeches she'd ever heard from primary school kids) and we were in a really good mood and then the fuckwit supervisor rang and abused her because she didn't notice something at work the day before. The call was a hate filled rant full of vitriol and it left my mrs in tears. She had the phone on speaker so I head every filthy insult the bitch hurled at her. I've never heard a male employer go to such extremes and I've worked for some real cunts, if a bloke used language like that 99% of the time it would be MMA smackdown time but a woman can hide behind the fact that most people don't hit women. I wanted to go over there and punch the bitch in the face myself. I'm sick of seeing her like this every day and the call was the last straw, so I told her to tell the bitch to shove the job up her arse. We don't have a contingency plan and it could financially ruin us but I had to have my mrs's back and support her. I just couldn't send her back into that situation. So we won't be having Christmas this year and possibly won't be able to afford food or rent either. I detest tyranny in all forms so that slut can get royally fucked. At least my mrs can claim her self respect back and not dread the thought of the phone ringing on her days off.
  13. Sallubrious

    What is causing this to happen

    Then soak the fuck out of them in copious amounts of fresh water two or three times, cross your fingers and toes and pray to the holy vine spirit for forgiveness. I'd say it' will still be too late for most of them even you do get all the prilled chemicals off them and leach out the excess salts. Acacias don't need to be fed heavily like most plants because they fix their own nitrogen from the atmosphere through bacteria that colonises their roots. A bit of fertiliser is OK but more is not better. It's a fairly common problem though, they look great in cool weather when well fed but when the weather warms up and the plants' metabolism ramps up they uptake more nutrients and fry themselves.
  14. Sallubrious

    Opinions on selling the rare Phalaris clones on ebay?

    @MeanGreen if you ever have any seeds I'm sure you'd get some interest here. I'd be keen myself.
  15. Sallubrious

    Opinions on selling the rare Phalaris clones on ebay?

    I mentioned AQIS above & not having imported live plant material before I assumed it was handled by them. I'm not sure how the process flows but it looks like the inspection is handled by through another sub dept of the dept of agriculture and goes through a post entry quarantine.(PEQ) I'm not sure if that's under the AQIS banner or not. Here's a link to the relevant webpage. http://agriculture.gov.au/import/goods/plant-products/how-to-import-plants Torsten would know more about this than most of us.
  16. Sallubrious

    Opinions on selling the rare Phalaris clones on ebay?

    Good luck getting them through AQIS. @MeanGreen They're already out there, I say go for it. Anything that has the potential to reduce the instance of people raping trees has to be a good thing in my book.
  17. Sallubrious

    Taking salvia cuttings

    I got to the stage where I was having 100% success with Salvia cuttings when I was growing them. I found the old growth will root but not as well as new season growth. I used to take cuttings about 130-150mm long shorter cuttings are fine too, trim almost all the foliage off (except for the top few leaves) if the top leaves are large then I'd trim about 1/2 of them down to reduce transpiration. Small shoots are fine but try to get rid of most of the larger leaves. Then using cheap powdered rooting hormone I'd pot them in a mix of perlite and coir and then put them in 100% humidity under fluorescent lights. They root well in straight perlite but they tend to move around and fall over, so the coir was mostly to bind the perrlite together and keep them stabilised while they root. Mist them heavily after putting them in growing medium and once or twice every day, more if you can. Hardening them off needs to be done fairly slowly or they will wilt before your eyes(almost). All that said one, time my mum took a older woody cutting, left it in a caravan for 2 days in late December and didn't plant it until she got back to Queensland the next week. Then she shoved it into pot in the open air and the fucken thing grew like mad until the roos smashed it.
  18. Sallubrious

    Is anyone into pottery or ceramics ?

    I was gifted a stir plate (thanks @Change ) and all it needed was a new power chord. When I pulled it apart a few ceramic insulators fell out because they'd cracked. They are not an off the shelf replacement part, so I have to make some more. I have some air dry clay (Reno Art) that can be fired at 1100 - 1300 deg C. which seems close to the temp range used for porcelain. Does anyone know if that type of clay will do the job? Also can I fire the parts I make in charcoal and do I need to bisque fire them first? I could rig up an air blower if I need to get it hotter, but being lazy I'd rather just bury them in the coals and dig them out when they're done
  19. Sallubrious

    German State censorship signed into law

    You don't need to use the youtube embed code any more. I just copy the URL into the editor and it embeds it automagically.
  20. Sallubrious

    German State censorship signed into law

    I have no idea what the actual legislation involves, but if it's worded like that it's going to create some legal turmoil for years to come/ It seems to contradict its own premise. On one hand they're saying incidences of libel and slander have to be removed within 24 hrs and then they say "regardless of whether the content is accurate or not" It's either slander or it's not. If it's not slander (true) then it's not a criminal offence anddoesn't fit the criteria for removal. If that gets challenged and upheld in Germany's high court system then that could be the end of free speech and all other democratic principles. Not being allowed to report on historically accurate facts seems like an attempt of mass mind control. I see mass riots in Germany if this type of state control keeps going the way it is.
  21. Sallubrious

    SAB bogging down

    Is anyone else experiencing slow loading times & sometimes failures ? I am, sometimes it's that slow that I just give up and go somewhere else. The landing page sometimes lands without the skin and is presented as plain text & the styles don't load for over a minute. Sometimes sublinks just hang and need to be reloaded just to see them & sometimes that doesn't work either, it just hangs. I have an entry level NBN connection that works well almost everywhere else but this site runs at a snails pace 8 times out of ten. This even happens when there are only 2 or three members logged in & no guests. I could serve pages many times faster from a raspberry pi plugged into the NBN I sniffed around a bit today and did a live traceroute (mtr) to see how it was being routed from me to the SAB server & I noticed a few servers along route with what can only be considered as having an unacceptable latency. One of the main offenders was a two bit, tin pot ,half arsed organisation - vocus which is notorious for crippling online games with its pathetic latency. So I started to dig a bit deeper & did some whois queries into the servers along the route & things started to get interesting. My traffic was slowing down as it entered the vocus network & then it was routed to the UK, after that it was routed through Germany and then back to the UK before being forwarded to the SAB server through another OS server. Some of that routing is not entirely unusual but traffic leaving the UK (where it also slows down) falls outside of of UK privacy laws and only being http it's dubious to say the least. It's getting that bad for me that the site is almost unusable more often than not. I wouldn't pay for server space with such high latncy.
  22. Sallubrious

    Hell in a handbag

    I may have imagined this but haven't they already passed laws along these lines ? I'm sure I saw cops at a Melbourne rally dragging protesters out of the crowd and arresting them because they had head coverings - balaclavas, bandannas and t shirts etc. All this shit will become ubiquitous and there won't be many sanctuaries from it. We already have cops driving through carparks doing automated number plate scans, add the facial recognition and it will start to become like a broad scale military control mechanism. Maybe this type of big brother tech has the potential to help create more rouges like malcom naden and the stockos who use their bush smarts to drop off the grid and lurk in the shadows.
  23. Sallubrious

    Hell in a handbag

  24. Sallubrious

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway

    Yeah they take a few months @Skellum . Maybe they'll be ready around December.