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  1. The Jamanoid

    Your current employment status

    Well, I'm pretty certain I'm about to get a job...got called in for some training. Its essentially a crap job. contact centre. I'm doing it to more easily get a job when my security license comes through, always easier to get a job when you already have one eh? so it's a means to an end and also financing a bit of an...indoor garden setup... Then early next year i'll be continuing my companion animal studies - want to work in the rspca in the end. So right at this moment. Unemployed. As off later in the week, p/t while studying in personal time.
  2. The Jamanoid

    When to harvest my habaneros

    They look pretty nice to me, though I'd probably wait 1-2 days more to see if you get any further colour change. Looking pretty good there.
  3. The Jamanoid

    Blade 4 SALE

    If I could get some wolverine claws, would you know anybody that could install them?
  4. The Jamanoid

    Blade 4 SALE

    I would totally pay for a Freddy glove...
  5. The Jamanoid

    Naga chillis please

    Hey folks, I'm just after any Naga type chilli seeds. Even habaneros (just not the standard orange kind, I have those) would be great. If anyone I spoke to before, or anyone reading this has any available for sale or trade that would be great. Please PM me. Thanks. - B
  6. The Jamanoid


    I wholeheartedly agree with legalisation for medical users - if it will do for you what medication will not, or will not without undesirable side effects then it should be a persons right to choose this as a potential solution - Though actually smoking it somewhat defeats the purpose, because even for terminal patients, it would only make ones lifespan potentially shorter and more fraught with potential (other) health issues. Though vapourisation, preparation or tinctures and extractions for edibles are easy options and comparatively far healthier than combustion/inhalation of carcinogens. Of course, having said that I believe if it was legalised for medical users the people to suffer further laws/prohibition would predominately be the recreational users...but of course, what can you expect in this regard? I would hope in this case though for the sake of the legitimate medical users, that this wouldn't make a difference, eg, if the perception was that every medical user was just someone looking to score weed and get high it may become a pretty arduous process for the legitimately sick/infirm to obtain it for themselves. Personally - I'm behind overall legalisation...not having to go to a dealer etc would be great, lead less people down the road of trying other chemical illicit substances and so forth (In my personal weed appreciator experience weed is not at all a gateway drug, but many a dealer has opened the gate to whatever other CRAP they're selling), make knowledge and provision more an issue of parental control/discretion than leaving it to someone that would sell stuff to a kid with little to no moral issues about doing that at all. Not to mention 9 times out of 10 these people are annoying, unreliable, lazy, and then you get to associate with them and others that you'd usually have nothing to do with. Unfortunately, in most cases obtaining the plant is a matter of a certain amount of immersion in the criminal element, I do not think this should be the case. I hate, HATE supporting the industry which is why I would encourage those who indulge to consider gardening and self supply as an *alternative/lesser evil* etc, if they were so inclined. After all, at least then you'd only be a criminal by definition of an unconstitutional law, not by your associations.
  7. The Jamanoid

    dope is nummber 1

    Yeah that looks all good to me. White/milky - cerebral head buzz, happy high etc. Amber - bodystone, painkill, sleep helper. In the middle at various stages you'll just get more "towards" one set of attributes with hints of the other. A lot of people like to look at their trichs under a pocket/microscope to determine when things are good to go.
  8. The Jamanoid

    dope is nummber 1

    So my friend of a friend of a friend...is dabbling with some indoor gardening, it's their first time to actually grow using anything other than "micro" balcony grows that never really came to any great fruition. Though if he were here and to talk of his experiences, thoughts, and ethics etc, he'd probably mention the things I hear from him all the time. *While small outdoor grows, or even large outdoor grows may seem advantageous when it comes to your legal responsibilities and potential incurred penalties, consider your location - chances are if you're in a remotely urban area you're putting yourself at much higher risk at least of discovery by police, "concerned citizens" and rippers. Of course if there's nobody within miles and not many random fly-overs an outdoor grow may perhaps be ideal. *Also consider your intended purpose and usage - outdoors you're unable to grow year round, does this mean you'd need a bigger and hence riskier outdoor grow to accommodate this and keep you in greens? *If you're going to take the step to quit smoking green and go to other methods, don't do it half assed...not smoking weed isn't going to benefit you if say you're smoking other things...the least harmful way to inhale would be vapourisation, and you only really get the full effects and benefits to your body if you vapourise and only vapourise (obviously edibles are also acceptable) vs smoke at all. You will clear your lungs of much congestion and improve your lung capacity, able to draw more oxygen (or vapour) over time - and after your body gets used to absorption by this method and the medium of vapour the effects improve significantly in terms of duration. *As a former smoker they say that most smokers don't give vapourising a proper chance. It's about perseverance, you do not get the best effect in the world ever, straight away. It's a gradual thing but given about 2 weeks of exclusive use, you adapt and start to enjoy it much more - and it's well worth the minimal effort in self control it takes. *Do not buy the "hot plate/dome" type vapourisers, they are cheaply made and smoulder the product, this defeats their claimed purpose entirely. *Post-vapourised buds etc can be used in cooking. *Try edibles - either extract into butter, or make yourself some firecrackers. *Storing in the freezer as long as sealed is fine for buds. *Curing improves flavour, smell and preservation - they second sealed silica products as a recommendation *If you are considering an indoor setup, make smell management your priority and have an appropriate receptacle that not a lot of light will get into, or out of. *Your "dark" cycles are very important. Let them sleep in a completely light free environment, even if grown outdoors allowing this would be an idea, just about finding what would work. *PH test any water/nutrient mixes you get with whichever kit works for your chosen medium - if it's not right neither are the plants. *Water a little (1/4 of usual water amount) about 5 minutes before feeding any water soluble nutrients, this way the plant won't go for the "hard stuff" straight away and draw in any nutrients at a slower rate, no system shock etc. *If you are so inclined, you are able to determine sex early with a good success rate by putting them into a flowering cycle if you have an indoor light (not sure how you'd do this if not seasonally outdoors) keep your eyes out for signs of either sex (much google information about early signs of sex), THEN remove the males/herms, whack 'em back into vegetation mode with the light cycles, let your pre-determined plants start vegging again, flower them when optimal size acheived. *Learn to low stress tie plants. Better use of space, no main cola stealing all the light, etc. Just a matter essentially of making sure all the "top bits" are about even with each other. *If you're indoors, ventillate properly, high heat = death. *SHUT UP. Whoever knows about it ought to be only the people that can't NOT, eg involved with purchase, long term significant other etc, the more that know the more problems you're potentially going to encounter. If it's a housemate situation just pay your share of the bills, keep your stink factor right down with carbon filtration and odour blocks, lock the door, always. *Put finances towards automation. *Don't expect for it to MAKE you money, expect for it to SAVE you money. You don't have to be a dealer to establish a favour system with friends. *Do not steal electricity, #1 stupid act. *Dealers...a lot of them are unreliable, a lot of them sell to practically kids or allow debt cycles to occur, nearly ALWAYS end up slingin' other shit and of course they have to let everyone know what other crap they wanna push...the greens they get are usually pushed out quick, not flushed, not dried of cured properly and more often than not a product of clones of clones of clones of clones of clones of clones...pretty generic most of the time and sometimes dangerous if not just of poor quality on account of the shortcuts taken and chemical agents present. Prices go up, just because someone "says", or non-existant "shortages" they get so much profit from their buyers ordinarily yet the buyers always take 100% of any such hit. Not cool. The "industry" isn't going to get better, they're *most* of what's wrong with the weed scene - Though if you have someone who all that doesn't apply to, my friend would say stick with them if you don't mind any incurred cost. My friend no longer supports this element, and fully endorses learning about how to self supply if your situation is appropriate and if you were so inclined etc. *Try bubblegum. Niiiiice. That's all they would probably say for now.
  9. The Jamanoid


    What I wanted to know is...how to boost an electrical device...like...make a radio have a better signal, make a torch put out more power, er, how to make an electric cattle prods output higher? All for entertainment value only.
  10. The Jamanoid

    Naga Jolokia (aka ghost chillis)

    So, I think it's been a little over a month...any of those ready to go at present?
  11. The Jamanoid

    I think ive lost my mojo

    I didn't read through the entire thread so apologies if these things have been mentioned already. First up I'm not sure if I can really be of any assistance in terms of your emotional condition, sometimes one effects the other though so here goes. Fresh ginger, however you can get it, in soups, salads, teas, sandwiches, whatever. Cranberry juice, great for flushing your system. The sugar-free kind, a shot in the morning and one at night. Bananas. Eat 'em up. Also papaya if you can stand it. Oily fish, salmon's good, non-excessively. Green tea, with jasmin flowers for taste. Also a good detox. Epsom salts. Soak in a bath of them. Try some orange/carrot/ginger/chilli juice with mint leaves. Should pick you up some. Or the hot alternative - green tea, lemon juice, chilli, cloves, ginger, garlic, honey. ...These might seem odd combinations, but they work for me. Some good indica vapourised or eaten may help, try responsibly and in moderation...if you were so inclined. Enforce a sleep routine - don't sleep past 8.5 hours after you lay down, it does more harm than good. Like those ads say "Make time to walk". I take hour long (round trip) walks at night, the air tends to be cleaner and it's quiter, more serene. Best of luck.
  12. The Jamanoid


    Hey folks, s'been a whole since I cruised in... Anyways I was just wondering if anyone here has any knowledge when it comes to simple electrical components, curcuitboards, capacitors, that kinda stuff? I could use some advice. Anyways, thanks in advance.
  13. The Jamanoid

    Alfalfa please

    I dunno what happened this year...everyone's taken 'em from all the shops and I wanna grow some sprouts dammit, ha. So, anyone got a bunch of seeds? like...a real big bunch? That'd be awesome, hit me up with your terms. - B
  14. The Jamanoid

    something good just got better

    Whip it baby, whip it right, whip it baby, whip it alllllll night
  15. The Jamanoid

    Hey G*P

    ..so yeah I can't reply you as yet, go empty it some yeah? - B.