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  1. dertwerver

    "torres strait weed" bioassay

    thought it might have been a Commersonia or a Croton but my eggs r on the Macaranga, stamens < 10, non stellate hairs. cutting ovary transversly should seal the Mallotus option. 2 locules mallotus, 4 locules macaranga. Isn`t CSIRO working on a cross between an Alocasia & a Dendrocide ? ha ha
  2. dertwerver

    "torres strait weed" bioassay

    Can u describe the flower, seeds & pods if u have seen them?
  3. dertwerver

    Dragon fruit plants

    trade Manilkara kauki for some red flesh dragons. pm for more
  4. dertwerver

    peas please

    JA, this may help photo 3 is a Cranesbill, Geranium sp-native photo 4 is a banana passionfruit, P mollisima-exotic glad it was u doing 40k in 35 c
  5. Limited quantity of this rare climber. pm for details
  6. dertwerver

    Galbulimima bioassays

    germination is very slow and erratic, minimum of 6 months. seedlings r susceptible to fungus & damage 2 the radicle & hypocotyle equals slow death. fruit looks gr8,strawberry pink/red colour with raised white dots tastes very bitter & stains fingers bright orange for days...
  7. dertwerver

    Wierd acacia ID????

    looks like a Malus or Pyrus, especially with the leaf damage. but cracking the seed pod now that is one tough apple...did the seed pod look like the other A.obtusifolia pods, do u have a pic of the pod?
  8. dertwerver

    Mitragyna for sale

    One only 45 litre Mitragyna for sale. Stands over 2 meters. pm 4 details
  9. Nymphae carulea - blue form is what we use. pick fresh whole flowers mid-morning with a small section of petiole attached cut bud/ovary in half & soak 24 hours in your fav red wine, strain & consume. it seems to synergize & produce a very noticieable effect which calms & quietens the mind. i was very suprised at the level of effect from 2 glasses of red which lasted well into the following afternoon. four others at various times all reported consistient effects.
  10. dertwerver

    betel palm

    Palms of Australia has scant botanical identification. research and more research... the only way
  11. dertwerver

    Euphorbia resinifera

    Wondering if anyone has this one & would b willing to trade, sell or share a cutting or two ?
  12. dertwerver

    Acacia seed without radical (yet)?

    Have noticed it on a few times germinating Citrus trifoliata and some Malavceae. all succumbed
  13. dertwerver

    banisteria/heteropterys chrysophylla ?

    from eastern Brazil, member of the Malpighiaceae family, over 30 recorded species from Brazil
  14. dertwerver

    Sida cordifolia

    Sure we have Sida cordifolia and a few other species growing here. some r declared weed species. seems to be lots of the Malvaceae family occcurring in the drier areas of Qld, unable to id many of them.probably source some seeds and plant material for u if interested.
  15. dertwerver

    Trichodesma zeylanicum

    qld dpi" plants of the outback" lists only use as native tobacco. do they have same species in India. any bioassays ?