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  1. boundary_breaker

    The Annual Canberra Meet thread

    Hey guys and or girls, I have just moved back to Canberra after being in Melbourne for a while. I was on here last about a year ago or so. Is anyone interested in catching up informally? I am thinking of perhaps a joint quest to explore the native terrains of unsuspecting fungi? Thanks and look forward to hearing from you, BB
  2. boundary_breaker

    Canberra Meet

    Thanks, got it See you at two, BB
  3. boundary_breaker

    Canberra Meet

  4. boundary_breaker

    Canberra Meet

    Oh yeah Only been there once? Kind of overlooked the setup they have? If you could PM the time prior to the end of Friday, that would be sweet. Multicultural food festival sounds darn good. Forgot about that too! BB
  5. boundary_breaker

    Canberra Meet

    Sure BBQ sounds good, count me in. Would you like me to pick up some top snags from Belconnen markets? If you could bring bread and sauce that would be good? BB
  6. boundary_breaker

    Sage Growing

    Hey FM, thanks for your feedback. I did a quick search on Pyrethroids and apparently they are mostly broken down in the soil and pose little risk to human health. If taken into the system they are eliminated by standard body processes? Although prefer the use of no chemicals over chemicals! Cheers, BB
  7. boundary_breaker

    Sage Growing

    Hey folks, My friend in Canada has had some problems growing Sally D. Sage. In order to help her adjust to comparatively dry and cold environments from a humid warm environment where the cutting was made, he put her in a plastic tent made from an old matress cover and kept her well-misted. The only challenge was that when the sun came out she might have got a bit cooked as it got to about 34 degrees in the hot sun in a plastic tent. Some insects look like they also got to her in those conditions. She has since been kept in the shade with no plastic cover and seems to have made some new growth and recovery in conjunction with pyretherine-based insecticide. A few questions: Is the pyretherine likely to affect the natural compounds occuring in her leaves or is it typically eliminated from the plant? I am curious? Could this stuff be used regularly on the leaves? Are the black edges on the old leaves typical of the plant overheating when she was placed in the tent? Are insects typically a problem in such conditions? I got some fish-based fertiliser to feed her? Can you recommend anything else? Please see the attached photos, Thanks guys, I appreciate your time to respond, BB
  8. boundary_breaker

    Hunting grounds around Canberra

    Hey Guys, I am doing a trip down to Bateman's this weekend. There seems to be a lot of rainforest down there as well as some pine forest on the way. Do you know of some good local fungi species that would be good to take photos of? BB
  9. boundary_breaker

    Canberra Meet

    Hey Guys, Indeed, count me in. Would hate to miss a grand tour of the Gardens. Good to see this post is up and running again.
  10. boundary_breaker

    Canberra Meet

    Sounds like an option BB
  11. boundary_breaker

    starting a garden in canberra

    No worries Anytime on a weekend should be fine, Just let me know what a good time would be? Cheers, BB
  12. boundary_breaker

    starting a garden in canberra

    Dear Mr. Farrz, Ace and fellow Canberra people, I am new to Canberra also and looking to network with similar minded people. I think a meetup would good opportunity to share some key ideas? Any suggestions on a day or time? I think sometime before the 2nd January or on a weekend would be best? Always open to suggestion? Look forward to hearing from you, BB