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  1. Zonad


  2. Zonad

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Been waiting to post to this thread for a while! Planning, potting, purchasing and today I finally did some planting. The first plant for my sacred garden is a fittingly fat scop - sold as hulk but not sure. Particularly like how the stump? is basically roundish/squareish (rib less). Big fat pup on top! Lots of space to fill come spring just got a bit itchy... haha
  3. Zonad

    Jam Sream...

    Great idea! SAB radio! If it’s easy to host - I’d be super keen to try doing an hour. If it’s fun (which it sounds!), could have different members streaming tunes at different times of the day. Your an ideas man DJ!
  4. Zonad

    Mixed Loph seed giveaway

    Nice one @G Dawg! I am trying to build a small loph army and once they are big and strong, will boof?
  5. Zonad

    lions mane

    Are you buying colonised blocks or doing the whole process? The look amazing and I can taste them with garlic and butter already! Mouth watering
  6. Zonad

    Seeds of any kind

    Hey all, I have recently sowed my first cactus seeds and I am now looking to grow and expand the number and types of cactus and other plant seeds I have(so I can grow them). If anyone has a variety of seeds or some “must haves” that they want to sell I thought I would reach out hear before going to a vendor. Thanks Z
  7. Zonad

    Lophophora any variety

    Wow!!! Lovely lophs! I’ve got some silent films to watch.
  8. Zonad

    Climbing gear for sale?

    Hey mate, I have been indoor climbing In Brisbane on and off for years. Have done bits and pieces of outdoor but have just been getting back into it after a long hiatus. Mostly prefer indoor bouldering - getting to old to drag a harness and draws around. Lol... not that old! A few good Facebook groups for climbing gear but not something I would be taking the cheap route on. Send me a message if you want to chat climbing more. Always keen. Good luck and chat soon
  9. Zonad

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Tomorrow peeps! Is everyone still going? See you there. Z
  10. Zonad

    Ethno seed bundle Giveaway

    Hi Enjay, what a great stash and a generous giveaway. Would love to add these to the garden! Cheers and Good luck to all
  11. Zonad

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    I got a lion’s mane grow kit from Aussie mushroom supplies. Grow kits generally suck and this was no exception. Probably a user error so not bagging the product. I got one flush and it was amazing. Beautiful tasting mushroom. They also have shiitake and lionsmane dowels and dowel prep gear. Seem like a good little company to me. Good luck. I took spores from my lm and put to agar. Just need to research where too from here.
  12. Zonad

    ID Fungi

    Hi John, what state was it found in and what was it growing from? Eg. dung, pine bark, etc. i don’t think I can ID it but it certainly doesn’t look like any active species I’ve seen or read about. sorry! Are you looking for something in particular? Or just curious? happy hunting!
  13. Amazing post @Enjaytee! Every now and again I like to re-experience the nang buzz. So short but fun! I always feel a little dirty or guilty though. Great stories I can’t compete with! Did see a terrible face plant to table from a poor girl who thought sucking the canister while standing up was a good idea.
  14. Zonad

    Giveaway competition 2020

    Oh wow! I don’t remember winning anything in a long time. Thanks for the likes and the comp @sharxx101. So glad I found this community! It really has changed my life for the better and am meeting so many inspiring individuals. Thanks again. Oscar acceptance speech over. (At least I didn’t thank god). Have a great weekend all! Just realised I missed halcyon! What a gentleman and an inspiration.
  15. Hey all, sorry for flooding the activity feed with trader reviews BUT i have been doing a bit of trading in ISO and these absolute legends deserve the positive feedback! I swear the last couple of weeks have felt like Xmas every second day with packages arriving. Haven’t been happier! Get your COVID trading on - it’s great for mental health.