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  1. Zonad

    Coordinated flushes

    Hey @TheMooseZeus, No expert by any means and maybe I am misinterpreting... I have heard if your monotub is dialled in (search shroomery if not familiar with dialling in), and you have good clean genetics you should be seeing at least 2 or 3 flushes. As you say regularly your fruits may be ready for picking at different times - just grab them as they’re ready and at some point probably within 3-4 days of your first fruit being ready you can just pick them all. In my mind that signals the end of the first flush. Depending on conditions you may need to soak or mist your substrate at this point but if you have maintained optimal conditions you should be right just waiting for the second flush. Can be from 3-10 days I think roughly before you will see your next set of pins and the start of your second flush. From there repeat... 3rd and 4th flush I have found normally less pins but quite often big fruits. By 3rd or 4th I’m normally starting to see trich and then it goes to the compost. hope this helps! z edit: re-read - if you mean how do you get a full canopy, like all fruits similar size and fruiting at the same time? Then I’m pretty sure it comes down to genetics and often cloning plus perfect conditions. Still dream of the full canopy!
  2. Zonad

    Ipswich Meet

    Count me in if it’s after the 15th!
  3. Zonad

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Saw on Facebook first finds for the season. Does anyone have much luck pre January in SEQ? Getting excited and definitely ready for some foraging! Photos from previous seasons
  4. Zonad

    cactus seed giveaway

    This relationship is cactus, she says my plants are taking up to mush room, Need to see a Sharman, all I’m seeing is doom and gloom, Put it off, I’ll see him soon Self medicate, all I need is a spoon. Over it, building bridges,ii (I) was like at it boy, Living PC like a pachanoi, Clear head and ecstatic joy, But there’s something about near death and erratic noise, She said is this the life you choose? What are you going to do? So I grabbed a bag of cubes and some Syrian rue, What was there to lose? I had nothing left to prove, So I told the girl to move and replaced her with Rosei 2. But now I’ve lost all my buds, I’ve had to move out to the bush, Found out living in the subs is actually pretty kush, And I never saw that Sharman, all I needed was a push, Now I only ever see the Bar man and he’s giving me a look. x
  5. Zonad

    Day 5 cobweb mould :(

    @TheMooseZeus - so hard to tell from the photos. I notice that the mono doesn’t have the standard fae holes I’m accustomed to. It’s also pretty cold for growing cubes at the moment which seems to slow everything down and increase problems in my limited experience. Mycology will do your head in... just when you think you have everything down pat, trich will appear. Hopefully you get a decent flush for your hard work! Keep trying and learning. A great teacher of patience and perseverance!Day 18 and first few pins showing. photos for motivation!
  6. Zonad


  7. Zonad

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Been waiting to post to this thread for a while! Planning, potting, purchasing and today I finally did some planting. The first plant for my sacred garden is a fittingly fat scop - sold as hulk but not sure. Particularly like how the stump? is basically roundish/squareish (rib less). Big fat pup on top! Lots of space to fill come spring just got a bit itchy... haha
  8. Zonad

    Jam Sream...

    Great idea! SAB radio! If it’s easy to host - I’d be super keen to try doing an hour. If it’s fun (which it sounds!), could have different members streaming tunes at different times of the day. Your an ideas man DJ!
  9. Zonad

    Mixed Loph seed giveaway - Finished

    Nice one @G Dawg! I am trying to build a small loph army and once they are big and strong, will boof?
  10. Zonad

    lions mane

    Are you buying colonised blocks or doing the whole process? The look amazing and I can taste them with garlic and butter already! Mouth watering
  11. Zonad

    Seeds of any kind

    Hey all, I have recently sowed my first cactus seeds and I am now looking to grow and expand the number and types of cactus and other plant seeds I have(so I can grow them). If anyone has a variety of seeds or some “must haves” that they want to sell I thought I would reach out hear before going to a vendor. Thanks Z
  12. Zonad

    Lophophora any variety

    Wow!!! Lovely lophs! I’ve got some silent films to watch.
  13. Zonad

    Climbing gear for sale?

    Hey mate, I have been indoor climbing In Brisbane on and off for years. Have done bits and pieces of outdoor but have just been getting back into it after a long hiatus. Mostly prefer indoor bouldering - getting to old to drag a harness and draws around. Lol... not that old! A few good Facebook groups for climbing gear but not something I would be taking the cheap route on. Send me a message if you want to chat climbing more. Always keen. Good luck and chat soon
  14. Zonad

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Tomorrow peeps! Is everyone still going? See you there. Z
  15. Zonad

    Ethno seed bundle Giveaway

    Hi Enjay, what a great stash and a generous giveaway. Would love to add these to the garden! Cheers and Good luck to all