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  1. I've thought of doing exactly that. I love the friendliness of it :) Maybe now spring is here I can get some ideas flowing.
  2. I am housebound most of the time. I can see how wonderful this would have been to do for your own sense of connection to community and of looking after yourself. Really cool.
  3. Hi all, I got directed here by the fine EGA folks. Looking forward to learning more about fungi and their cultivation from all the posts already here - as far as is possible in this stupid fucking police state of a country, Australia, anyway. Like I think I commented somewhere else, it was Mr Stamets who blew my mind open with his discussion on Joe Rogan a year or so ago. Learning about that, along with all the new stuff we know about forests and how trees interact and cooperate with each other, has made me fall in love with the earth all over again. I feel like we are at the end of one story with its shitty exploitative bullshit and st the beginning of a better story, as Charles Eisenstein says, a new/old story of connection and sensible but luscious, non-moron-capitalism living. I don't know what else to say, it being 3.53am here and all and me being brainfogged at the best of times, so I guess this limp excuse for an intro shall have to suffice
  4. Hi all, noob here, This fungus learning is a steep and fascinating learning curve. Ever since I came across Stamets on Joe Rogan I've had my mind well and truly blown by all of these different species and strains of this whole new world. i knew not paying attention in science in high school was going to come back and bite me on the bum some day. But a bloody BUNSEN BURNER? Really? Is that necessary? I'm wanting to jump in the magic end of the growing pool before I try out the enoki and lions manes of the world so am looking for prints of the usual easy beginner strains if anyone could help me out.
  5. Weirdest was hearing an audible voice one random day as I was in bed about five years ago, saying, "I am the sixth entity" in this odd, metallic sounding voice. I was straight, it has never happened again, and I've never gone on to develop schizophrenia or anything haha. I do feel totally insane at times, but that was a different one-off for sure. Weird! I like to daydream it was an extraterrestrial seeking contact who withdrew when I nearly pooed my pants. Luckily not one of the anal probe variety :D
  6. HillLily

    Just out of curiosity, would you rather?

    Hi @Humbolt Neil Young has just appeared on my TV as I write this, quoting Aldous Huxley saying that if the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it ís, ínfinite. i like it when those types of things happen It feels like Life is talking back to me when that happens. I haven't given up on that notion either, that the world can be better than this. Some days when the depression is like a fog it is impossible to believe, but it seems to always come back to being the default position. I quite like the Hindu idea that time runs in giant cycles, and that we are in the giant motherfuckery one before the circle turns and we see renewal. Sheesh, wouldn't that be something.
  7. HillLily

    Just out of curiosity, would you rather?

    What a rather delightful forum this is I would deffo go with the 'series of sad truths' because that implies that there is the possibility of space in-between for bouts of joy and happy truths. which is splitting hairs, but I'd go with it Plus, knowing what the truth is allows you to intuit a pattern of what reality is made up of, and I have this stupid, imposssibly romantic, idea that reality is ultimately beautiful.