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  1. johnw7000

    Huachuma - San Pedro Issue

    Thanks for the reply Mr Evil Love the name. I haven't used any chemicals on my property at all as I have a quite large wild food and vegetable/fruit garden etc all grown naturally. Just wondering though after your comment, I do use bore water for my sprinkler system and my san pedro may get a bit of over spray from that (its high in Iron from the look of the stains it leaves on my hothouse plastic) and it could be that for some reason it has only affected this one plant. Would if be ok for me to cut the affected area out as it dosen't seem that deep or would that expose the inner tissue to infection?
  2. johnw7000

    Huachuma - San Pedro Issue

    Hi all, I took 6 cuttings and one has developed an issue that I need help with to see if I should cut it out or get rid of the cutting. The cutting has taken root and been in the pot about 3 months. The other 5 look fine and show no issues. This is my 1st experience with this plant so I am in a new area here. If anybody knows what this might be I would appreciate it greatly
  3. My ever changing and expanding food forest on Tamborine Mountain that I share with oodles of birds and Pythons and a few Banded snakes and copious amounts of mircobes and mycelium galore
  4. Hi Infinitey, I know this is an old post but just wonderng if you have anymore seeds? I'll gladly pay for them and post. John