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  1. Telestai

    Meet Up: Gold Coast

  2. Telestai

    Calea zacatechichi

  3. Telestai

    Psychotria at sunrise

  4. Telestai

    Old Apricot

  5. Telestai

    Meet Up: Gold Coast

    Thanks you for the invite mate, it was epic. I have a few questions and sent you a PM ok. Cheers
  6. Telestai

    Meet Up: Gold Coast

    It was great. My 1st time going to one. A good turn out with lots of plant and idea swaps and excellent conversations. It was a pleasure to be amongst a fine group of human animals
  7. Telestai

    Meet Up: Gold Coast

    Hi all, where abouts is the meet up and what time? I'm on Tamborine Mountiain and maybe able to come down and bring a few plants and seeds to swap. Would love to catch up with a great group like this. Cheers, John
  8. Telestai

    In light of poetry

    At a Glance Impulses left freely to ignite the quiet Gently bringing the warm awareness Expressing joyously the freedom of the moment Spontaneous bursts of brilliance, one offs Joining endlessly to create one glorious now Ever expanding Always exceeding never better never worse Only Diverse Verses interwoven to bring The conscious song into being At a Glance from a Distance An Infinite Moment in Glory
  9. Telestai

    Australia is headed down a dark path

    Must be time to Live like Legends .................................... wink wink http://www.ultrakulture.com/
  10. Haha. no its the Sth East QLD highlands. Here's a little video I did yesterday :
  11. Telestai

    Post your native plant pics

    Hi Bardo, are you still looking for Native edible books?, yeah I have a few Tim Low ones as well plus a few others. I also have a copied to PDF version of Tim Low's out of print Wild Herbs of Australia and New Zealand and can send you that if you're interested. I copied it from a library years agoand then copied it to my computer to PDF. I had to make it in 2 sections because it was 2 big to email as one. Another one by AB & JW Cribb called WIld Food in Australia os ok as well but dosent have much in the way of ikkustrations though. It is still good for general info, here's a link to one for sale: https://gbeonline.com.au/product/useful-wild-plants-in-australia-by-a-b-j-w-cribb/