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  1. Average Joe

    Looking for Sage clones

  2. Average Joe

    Hello world

    Welcome FerdieJ!!!
  3. Average Joe

    Australia is headed down a dark path

    This is scary stuff indeed for anyone that can remember a world without the World wide web of internets. But perhaps the youngins that have been born into a world under these controls would not have the same fears, even if those fears should be felt. They have been brought up in a different world, conditioned by the advertising companies that keep them wanting the next upgrade without reading the fine print. It's going to get worse before it gets better, and it's not getting better till it all falls down
  4. Average Joe

    Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources

    Thank you andros88, I have battled away for the last 20 years, know the signs, and can usually reign it in to a manageable level (though never relieved). I'm getting tired of the fight, but know that if i cross the dark line it's game over for me. I hate living on this edge but it feels like this is were i'm supposed to be. Every time i gain a bit of ground, career, relationship, family balance stc, it all just blows up in my face. I will try your method, see if i can get a moment of peace between my ears. i have tried meds in the past but i dont find them effective which led me on the path to this community; I find tempoary relief in plant medicines but have got to the point were i think maybe this world just isnt for me.
  5. Average Joe

    Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources

    WOW, i'm having a bit of a rough trot (apologies for my absence). The black dog demons are really getting the best of me lately. The more i try to keep them at bay the more i self sabotage and let them run riot. The more i research and try and take positive steps, the more the negative traits i posses take over my chosen course. I;m not one to give in but FUCK i can see why some do. Give me some inspiration guys.
  6. Average Joe

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Not only do dairy farmers daughters have access to the pastures... Their milking technique is also very handy
  7. Average Joe


  8. Average Joe

    Does someone legally have to have an identity?

    All i meant was if you wanna bail from society it's your choice. There is obviously a life to be lived without a name, id, bank account and all the rest of it, if you choose that path. The law, whether you take that into account or not is geared to bring you back from any of your fantasies. You have to have a name, Yes, but if your living isolated in the bush somewere what does it matter. I live in a fantasy world everyday in my own mind and breifly check in to society for just long enough that i'm not reported a missing person
  9. Average Joe

    Does someone legally have to have an identity?

    It's all relevant to your own perspective i guess.
  10. Average Joe

    Rita - Bridgesii for sale.

    An Impressive find!
  11. Average Joe

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    I'll swipe that lot mate.... My offer T.Pach cut Pysco0 cut Bogan cut P.som seed M. Hostilis seed A. Melanoxyn seed Cheerio AJ
  12. Average Joe


    A Monadenium i think. I picked it up a while ago and this is the 1st time it's flowered. Really unusual... If anyone knows anything about these guys i'd love to hear more
  13. Average Joe

    Looking for rooted cuttings!

    i may be able to help with the Passiflora Incanata
  14. Monsanto is back in the news today. New enquiry about to kick off apparently with U.S citizens claiming it has caused their cancer. If there is definitive proof that RoundUp is a carcinogen the implications for our global food economy would be huge. Another reason to appreciate growing your own fruit and veg and being as self sufficient as possible