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    Pseudolithos grafting stock

    A friend has successfully grafted to Stapelia gigantea before.
  2. Freakosystem

    six years later and i'm back

    Hi fydesvindico, Noob here! Been hanging about for maybe a couple of years and trying to help out where I can, mostly with plant IDs and sending people seeds/plants. Mostly for selfish reasons though since I suffer from OCP (obsessive compulsive propagation) and need more bench space! Come to think about it, anybody want some Mentha australis - Native River Mint? There's been a bunch of posts from longer members that are in a similar vein to yours. I'd be keen to see the forum return to it's hay days but don't really know what that looked like. Any chance you or any other members can describe it? It's difficult as a noob to regularly read about the decline of the forum but whilst lacking a vision of what to strive for. I must say though, in my limited time I've had very positive experiences here. People use my return address to send me mystery plants all the time despite my offerings being gifts, not trades. Everybody has been very kind and forthcoming with information. I'm not sure how it used to be but I'm quite impressed by the conservation concerns expressed here too, particularly regarding natives including Acacia spp. Unfortunately, I think a lot of information is being shared via PM rather than the forum, perhaps due to privacy concerns. Lovely photos. Hope your Trichocereus recover. Please let me know if you'd like some 3 year old named Trich seedlings to help get you back in the game. Cheers, Freako
  3. Freakosystem

    I'd please is it edible

    Self praise is no praise.
  4. Freakosystem

    I.d of this plant/tree

    Gleditsia triacanthos. The green form is usually a sucker from the golden, thornless variety.
  5. Freakosystem

    grafting / tissue culture

    This is what you want to read. Are you aware of sci-hub? https://www.nature.com/articles/nature13291
  6. Freakosystem

    Flora of Australia

    Cheers! I've got: 1 2 4 8 11A 11B 12 16 17A 18 19 22 25 28 29 35 43 44A 45 46 48 49 50 54 55 56A 57
  7. Freakosystem

    Flora of Australia

    I've been on this quest for about 10 years. Good luck! Will let you know if I get doubles at any point. Are you aware that it's online now? I like having the physical library too but thought you (or others reading this) may not know about this amazing resource. https://profiles.ala.org.au/opus/foa
  8. Freakosystem

    After wild A. floribunda seeds!

    May I ask why you'd prefer wild seed? There are loads in council reserves near me but obviously planted.
  9. Freakosystem

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    Torsten - Oh what? Just because you have the most successful and longest running ethnobotanical forum you think you know something about ethnobotanical forums? Can you even elaborate? Buttsack, you seem really confident in your understanding of how forums work but perhaps you missed some basic things: 1)You ask a question and people give their responses 2)There's no obligation that you and participating members reach an agreement 3)The owner of the forum has no obligation to engage you with dialogue at your choosing Why be hostile to those trying to help you with your question? You seem logic-driven yet this does not help you with your goal.
  10. Freakosystem

    Flower photo competition

    Pterostylis despectans, a threatened species of terrestrial orchid in NSW.
  11. Freakosystem

    Salvia D

    Birds don't in general. In north America it's common to chop up superhot chillies to mix through bird seed so squirels don't eat the mix.
  12. Freakosystem

    Salvia d. mechanism of infertility

    Hi all, Wondering if anybody knows the reason for SD's low fertility. Is it pre or post zygotic? Does it produce viable pollen? Has it played with itself so much it's gone blind? It's approaching flowering time so it could be time to rule out some of the options and home in on what might be the driver of it's reluctance to self pollinate/fertilise as well as understand whether there is outcrossing or hybridisation potential. If anybody is aware of any literature on the driver of infertility in this species, I'd love to know. Cheers, Freako
  13. 5 years ago, $200 to $250 would be right. I think on the auction group now you could expect closer to $500.
  14. Freakosystem

    cactus seed giveaway

    A struggling materialist at heart because my head is where I think. Sally offered me her hand and walked me to the brink. Intense interest bartering with my sanity. Can I let go and still land right where I plan to be? "There is no landing" she explains "there is no floor, There is no falling. Through space you only soar. No left, no right, no up, down, front or back, No matter, time or energy no you or I infact" She was right and gone and so was I or who I thought I was. And everything was gone for good just because... because. Of course I'm back. I never left. It was all inside my head. But then again so is everything I've ever thought or ever said. I'm profoundly unchanged in materialistic ways. The particles will be gone within a mere matter of days. Long after I experienced those feelings; so intense, But forever I have changed in an immeasurable sense.
  15. Freakosystem

    Acacia Obtusifolia? ID help please

    Yes, they are all Acacia obtusifolia.
  16. Freakosystem

    Dodonaea Viscosa Psycho-activity

    The new growth covered with a viscous resin is supposed to be chewed for a stimulant effect. I've never managed to figure out which subspecies is preferred. There is apparently a significant cyanide content in leaves and they are possibly carcinogenic. All I've heard is word of mouth with no scientific backing or word from our first nation people so I've never been game to try.
  17. Freakosystem

    Acacia seeds!

    Flick me a pm with your address and I'll send some out.
  18. Freakosystem

    Smoking Acacia fimbriata

    Hi all, I just watched Snu Voogelbreinders talk titled "Psychoactive Australian Acacia species and their alkaloids" on YouTube where he mentions he and others have smoked Acacia baileyana leaves for a slight effect, adding it is somewhere between smoking tobacco and cannabis. Have any of you tried this? What were your experiences like? How much did you need to smoke? Also, what precautions should somebosy take before attempting this? How risky is it? I'm also interested in trying Acacia suveolens phyllode tea which may have a mild stimulant effect similar to green tea. Here's a link to the talk: *edit: Corrected the species.
  19. Freakosystem

    Have I struck Gold!?

    Some of those appear to be Leratiomyces ceres. Divide them into two groups; red vs golden caps. Now check the gill colour. Do the red capped ones have white gills? If so they are L. ceres. It's best to wait until the caps open and spore is produced to ensure all the characters for identification are present. I would advise you do not consume any of these that do not stain blue.
  20. Freakosystem

    Have I struck Gold!?

    All of the individuals you posted are Psilocybe subaeruginosa.
  21. Freakosystem

    Acacia seeds!

    Fire frequencies could be responsible for the lack of it in spots that were recently burnt. Could be something else also. Always difficult to say. Acacia spp. Do regularly germinate by roads without fire. The physical abrasion of seed, the high amounts of light due to the cleared trees and the regular pooling and drying of water roadside contribute to faster seed coat decay allowing for germination. I'd still suggest an abundance of similarly aged Acacia spp. is likely the result of fire though. Perhaps they're particularly slow growing at that locality. Did you end up getting any Acacia obtusifolia seed? Are you still looking?
  22. Freakosystem

    Acacia seeds!

    They're mostly fire ephemerals. An abundance of young fire sensitive species generally means the area was burnt one, two or three seasons ago. Growth rates depend on a lot of factors including temps, altitude, soil nutrition, wind sun and snow exposure, rainfall etc. but they're generally very fast growing so you may see seed in summer.
  23. Freakosystem


    Skeptics Guide to the Universe Infinite Monkey Cage The Science Show No Such Thing as a Fish Making Sense Podcast with Sam Harris
  24. Freakosystem

    Trip sitting search terms

    I wonder if after doing your first pull of data you could sort words by frequency and read down the list until you find a word you feel is often associated with this context and add that to your future searches.
  25. Freakosystem

    Trip sitting search terms

    I realise I'm pointing out the problem and not contributing a useful reply but it seems people say things with terms that aren't unique to trip sitting such as "make sure you have somebody there with you". There's no specific word to search in that string. Can you search for a string of words?