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  1. Freakosystem

    Bulk cactus wanted

    I've got lots of 2 year olds if interested but perhaps not "bulky" enough.
  2. I don't have any answers for you but could you elaborate on whether the pain is muscular, skeletal or nerve? I imagine the appropriate responses may vary for each.
  3. Freakosystem

    Native privacy screen and scented garden

    Some other natives that are scented and make a good hedge are: Backhousia myrtifolia - Lemon myrtle Anetholea anisata - Aniseed myrtle Prostanthera species - Mint bushes Leptospermum liversidge - Citronella tea tree (repells mosquitos) Leptospermum petersonii - Lemon scented tea tree
  4. Freakosystem

    What to do with full variegated cutting?

    Where are you based? I've got some rooted pc at an appropriate size for grafting. Sydney north area. Is it small enough to impala graft with Pereskiopsis?
  5. Laccocephalum species. Likely L. mylittae.
  6. Freakosystem

    Native seeds for education/ youth development.

    Perfect! Doesn't matter too much if it's Sydney or Narabeen sandstone. Will send you some local sandstone species sourced ethically from private property. Trees, shrubs and forbs all good? Send me your address and I'll try and get them sent this week.
  7. Can't help you with your main question but might be able to help with an identification if you supply a photo. There may be existing literature on the species in question.
  8. Freakosystem

    Fresh Leonotus leonuris alba flowers

    Hi all, My white Leonotus leonuris is chokkas with flowers so I decided to pick about half. They're sticky from both nectar and resins and after picking a few handfuls, my hands were coated in a thin layer of sticky residue. I decided to give them a quick lick as I've heard most people find the flowers quite pleasant to smoke or drink as a tea. This was disgusting! Almost as bitter as Calea which is no joke! Anyway, it's 15 minutes later and I feel slightly different but not in a way I can really describe. Almost like after you sober up post psychedellics and everything still feels a little different until you wake the next morning. It could be placebo. Anyway, I've now got several handfuls of flowers and I don't know what I should do with them. I'm considering dehydrating them for use as tea or smoking later though I'm not used to smoking and think I should only partially dry them for that purpose before curing at the correct moisture conte t which would be pure speculation on my part. Is there anything else worth trying? Water or alcohol extracts, for example?
  9. Freakosystem

    Native seeds for education/ youth development.

    What area are you in? What sort of soils? I've got quite a few packs to send.
  10. Freakosystem

    Fresh Leonotus leonuris alba flowers

    I'm not sure where you're based (actually Kakadu?) but on the coast in NSW they're super easy to grow, neutralizing as a garden escapee in several locations. It was quick to wilt when left unwatered when young but has never had any difficulties.
  11. Freakosystem

    Fresh Leonotus leonuris alba flowers

    I'm not a smoker so don't really have much to compare it to. I'm trying to develop smoking mixes for a friend so they can ease off the tobacco consumption. They've expressed interest in a tasty alternative with lower nicotine content as a way of weaning off the crappy commercial stuff. The idea being the taste is the incentive to work past the lower nicotine content. I'll include it in a few blends and see why they think. Cheers.
  12. Freakosystem

    Fresh Leonotus leonuris alba flowers

    Hmmmmmm. I see where I went wrong here. I'll try anything twice though. No good, Glaukus? That sucks. I read a few reports stating they were really pleasant. I was hoping to make some dry herb vape blends but may end up just chucking this ingredient out if there's no effect and it's flavour is unpleasant. Thanks for the reply.
  13. Freakosystem

    Fresh Leonotus leonuris alba flowers

    Guess it's not that interesting. I'm happy to post some out if anybody wants to try and report back with whatever method they used and how much success they had.
  14. Where are you based? Are you aware of the quarantine restrictions in Australia surrounding Musa and relatives? Importing banana into Australia is extremely dangerous due to the possibility of importing Panama Disease (Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense) which could completely overthrow Australia's banana industry in a few years. If these seeds are from outside of Australia, I urge everyone to avoid buying these for national biosecurity reasons.
  15. Freakosystem

    Sydney Subs Still Standing

    Seems a little late, huh? A patch I've been monitoring had begun fruiting in in late March and still has mature fruits currently. The particular form of these fruits are incredibly large with a pronounced conical pileus and thick stipes. During seasons peak, some of the fruits reached 9cm across the pileus, stood 12cm from the soil and had a stipe approximately 1.2cm thick. The difference in morphology and extended fruiting season have caused me to consider this may be a distinct taxon. Does anybody here work in mycology or have contacts who would be interested in examining this? I'm interested in finding somebody who is in the Sydney area and is a published researcher if possible as I don't want to risk posting material or break any laws. Speaking of which, can anybody clarify the legal position of posting spores? Is it just generally considered an acceptable risk or is it in fact a legal exchange?
  16. Freakosystem

    Sydney Subs Still Standing

  17. Freakosystem

    Sydney Subs Still Standing

    While I think about it, any chance we can get a reminder of the photo file restrictions (pixel width/height and file size) in the attachment section of reply posts? I don't remember these things well and can't find them after searching the forum for "photo size upload" or similar. I'm too young to be this crap with software and yet here I am...
  18. Freakosystem

    Smoking Acacia fimbriata

    Hi all, I just watched Snu Voogelbreinders talk titled "Psychoactive Australian Acacia species and their alkaloids" on YouTube where he mentions he and others have smoked Acacia baileyana leaves for a slight effect, adding it is somewhere between smoking tobacco and cannabis. Have any of you tried this? What were your experiences like? How much did you need to smoke? Also, what precautions should somebosy take before attempting this? How risky is it? I'm also interested in trying Acacia suveolens phyllode tea which may have a mild stimulant effect similar to green tea. Here's a link to the talk: *edit: Corrected the species.
  19. Freakosystem

    Smoking Acacia fimbriata

    Thanks for the correction ph7. You know when you think about one species but have the name of another? Yeah. I hate that. Well if anybody knows why I shouldn't give it a go, let me know.
  20. Well everything is cheaper. Much cheaper. And extractions of most non-agricultural crops produce very high quality reads now (a few years ago it was mostly crops that produced high quality reads). It's still difficult to predict what species will work though. Even between different populations of some species you can get chemotypes that won't extract properly from one method or another. If one extraction method fails, try another. Always sample the very tip of clean, healthy new growth to ensure you don't sequence anything you shouldn't. Also, new growth has higher cell density and since each cell has three sets of DNA, you've got a higher DNA to other material ratio which helps with extraction. I'm assuming you want to mess with genes on the nuclear DNA? Keep in mind you've also got chloroplast and mitochondrial DNA too. They're generally more useful for long term lineage resolution.
  21. Freakosystem

    Acacia oxycedrus seeds ?

    How many are you looking for? I've got some. Happy to give them away.
  22. Freakosystem

    details when trading online?

    I sometimes write their address in the sender info. I.e. I'll send a package: "To: P. SHERMAN 42 Wallaby Way Sydney, 2000 From: P. SHERMAN 42 Wallaby Way Sydney, 2000" This way if the address becomes illegible, they'll attempt to send it back to sender and it has a second chance of making it there. The risk is that it will get destroyed if there is a mistake with the address.
  23. Freakosystem

    Pine Forest Adventures (a few typres to ID)

    Could be wrong but... 1) Hypholoma fasciculare 2) Deconia sp. 3) Stereum sp. 4) Dunno.
  24. Freakosystem


    Coprinellus disseminatus for the fungus Pittosporum revolutum for the plant
  25. Freakosystem

    Found on mulch

    This is Leratiomyces ceres.