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    I found Pineapple Sage at Bunnings a while back, might be worth checking out.
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    Hi everyone :) new here.

    Welcome to the forum Messiah!
  3. Hope things are turning around Torsten, great to see you on the forum again!
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    Meet up: Brisbane

    Sounds good
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    WANTED - Purple Oxalis Triangularis

    Hi Infinity, There is an indoor plant sale coming up in in Brisbane that may have what your looking for, pretty sure i saw a Purple Oxalis in one of the pics on their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/events/246295069634390/?ti=cl
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    Pressure cooker

    You can get 12L one on Ebay for just over $60. Pretty solid too. Doesn't come with a rack for the bottom, but you can just get a cheap cake rack for next to nothing. https://www.ebay.com.au/p/Sunny-12-L-Outer-Lid-Aluminium-Pressure-Cooker-Silver/19024121922
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    Error 500 with the forums

    Yeah, i got the error the last two days as well. Thought we got another DDoS attack
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    Meet up: Brisbane

    I'd been keen to come out of the woodwork and meet up.
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    New member

    Hi all, new to the forum. Seems like an amazing resource with great people. Looking forward to getting to know some of you
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    New member

    Lol, sounds good.
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    New member

    I'm a little freaky, yeah Interested in all sorts of stuff, lately I've had my gardening hat on though.
  12. Yeah, all cultures can have negative aspects i guess and it can be hard to dissociate from undesirable behavior patterns, beliefs, institutions etc. that are socially transmitted within those cultures. Without going into too much detail, years ago i crashed and burned and found myself at the bottom. In a way, i was forced to face my emotional baggage and reprogram the way i thought about people, places and things. I found though, that i had a lot of cultural conditioning that was holding me back. In the end what helped me, was some knowledgeable individuals from different groups i had become part of. From hearing their different stories and learning how they overcame similar obstacles, i not only broke negative conditioning, but slowly began to piece together a different way of living. This in turn allowed me to see and be part of the more positive aspects of culture and community. Today, i still have days where its a challenge to evade assimilation into negative and closed minded cultural aspects within our society. It can be hard when i'm surrounded by it. The difference is that now i have the tools to distance myself from those mindsets if need be. All in all, it was open minded people that helped me on my journey and help me to continue when i cannot sustain on my own - the many are stronger than the one.
  13. Great thread, great wisdom. I was pretty wild in my younger days. I spent many years of my life resisting culture and community because i didn't want to be molded, didn't want to be a sheep. It took me years to realize that i could be who i am or who i want to be and still be part of my community and culture. For me it really helped having people that encouraged me to be myself and to pursue my goals, rather than been told 'who i should be' and 'what i should do with my life'. Its funny how like minded people from our culture/community come into our lives when we just be ourselves. Maybe its because there is an earnestness that shows when we leave behind the many masks we wear.
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    hello folks

    Welcome! Hope u find what u seek. Although i'm fairly new here, i have found there are some great people on this forum who have all been helpful and welcoming. Its a great place to call home
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  16. Sounds like sleep paralysis, pretty scary from what I've heard.
  17. I had quite a lot of lucid dreams a few years back. The first few were horrific, i was stuck in this loop of waking up only to realize i was still asleep. The room around me looked exactly as it should but when i opened the door to walk out, i would realize i was still asleep. All hell would break loose but i couldn't wake up and when i thought i finally did, the whole thing would repeat. After some time i realized i could just explore the dream world i was in, and began having a blast exploring surrealistic landscapes and having crazy adventures. After a few months i found that the dreams stopped and i would no longer be conscious during sleep time. Anyone had similar dream experiences?
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    Hello fellow friends

    Welcome Buddha, i too am new but have been lurking on the sidelines for some time. This is a great community with many helpful individuals and a wealth of resources. Enjoy
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    Post awesome gifs here