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    Mycology P. cubensis

    Hey every,just wondering if any kind soul could pm for some prints for some mycology studies, Will reimburse anyone who goes out of there way to do so,thanks and have a great day
  2. Buddha Time

    Edible Cultures for Sale Australia

    Ay man, would love to have a chat about some of this stuff,I'll leave you a pm
  3. Buddha Time

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Thanks dudes,with this new knowledge it will be a bit easier to spot some of these bad boys out, hopefully.
  4. Buddha Time

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Hey hey everyone,Im new to hunting and all but is it true you will have more luck finding cubes if you are within a 100km radius to the coastal side then more inland? I plan on doing a small hunt this weekend but not sure if I should do a drive to the Brisbane fields or have a scout around my areas first.thanks.
  5. Buddha Time

    Getting into cactuses

    *Sorry of this is the wrong place to post but it seems fitting* Heyo y'all,so after some poking around and doing a little bit of research,I have come to the conclusion that I want to try my hand at some cactus growing. Eventually I will make my way to the nursery and pick up some cuttings or seeds for such,most likely a bridgesii, but here's where you lovely people come in, while looking at the site I noticed that there's a little selection of these bridgesii to choose from, I could just google what type is good for a beginner or if there is a type to avoid but I decided to make a post here and ask around since you peoples seem to know whats up about cacti and I would love to be more active in this kick ass community. So I would very much appreciate it if any of you would just have some input for a new aspiring cactus dude. Thanks for your time and have a awesome weekend~BT
  6. Buddha Time

    Getting into cactuses

    Yeah no problemo,South east side my dude.
  7. Buddha Time

    Getting into cactuses

    Thanks everyone for all your replies and advice, helped me clear up some gray areas about it all and I can't wait to get into my new hobby. Cheers everyone.
  8. Was just having a good ole thunk on the idea,I grew up on a farm and for a good 13 years we had power from and old diesel generator and a lot*not all of it* but a lot of food came from the garden, My dad and I would build everything from new garden beds to your classic Australian sheds, growing up *I hated all the work because I was a little shit that didn't know any better* but now the feeling you get from just wanting something extra on the farm and just building it or just going out to the garden to get some lettuce for tacos,is an incredible feeling. Have no idea why I posted this but just share your stories of what you were really proud of what you managed to achieve, grow,build or even just shoot the shit about eventually doing something like this for yourselves. Peace.
  9. Buddha Time

    acacia id request

    what a great site, now why is it I didn't find this in my hours of searching haha. Thanks a bunch my dude.
  10. Heyo y'all, been doing a bit a researching on the acacia species but I'm just "stumped" trying to find out which type this even is. These shots have been taken in the darling downs/south east Queensland near the Toowoomba region. thanks for your time.
  11. Buddha Time

    Hello fellow friends

    Hey everyone,I'm quite new here and I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Firstly I'm really excited to be here and read all about the different types of plants and such*if that sounds casual it's because it is haha* lately I have been really getting into mycology, but once you see all the good that different types of mushroom and fungi can do for the human health, mentally and physically, It was hard not to look into all other types of natural medicine and just a general interest in ethnobotany and also the strong roots*sorry* that they have in our medical history as a human race. So once again very happy to be among such knowledgeable people that share the same interests and I hope that all of you have a great day,thanks for reading.