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  1. tricho_clo

    variegated Echinopsis wanted

    Hi all, Chasing some variegated Echinopsis seedlings or plants. Have some Astro seeds to trade or some $ cheers!
  2. tricho_clo

    Zelly's trich crosses, got pics? post here please

    How did everyone go with the Misplant New Years sale? I got a few nice seed crosses but looks like some sold out very quickly! This will be my first lot of Misplant seeds I'm very excited to see the results, I've only heard and seen great things. I'm looking forward to the release of the TPM x's (I hope I haven't missed out). Thanks to Zelly for the awesome crosses, happy new year!
  3. tricho_clo

    Astrophytum thread

    Fantastic thread, thanks everyone for sharing
  4. I use this website to figure out which seeds I can import I find it easier to use than the bicon search. Also this page was updated on the 10/6/16 http://www.agriculture.gov.au/biosecurity/legislation/new-biosecurity-legislation/bio-legislation/permitted-seeds
  5. tricho_clo

    Wanted: Astrophytum hybrid plants

    Keen to check out a pic if you've got one
  6. tricho_clo

    Wanted: Astrophytum hybrid plants

    Hey SAB members, If anyone is selling any fancy Astro hybrids (particularly the Japanese hybrids) please PM me. Please and thank you. Cheers
  7. tricho_clo

    Astrophytum Japanese cultivar seed wanted.

    I'm pretty keen on some Japanese hybrids if anyone has some fresh seed available? theuserformallyknownasd00d what is the germination rate on the seeds from star astrophytum?I was drooling over their seed selection!
  8. tricho_clo

    FS. Loph Texana + Ario + Astro seeds

    Hey 2Deep2Handle, what seeds come in the Astroyphtum Hybrids mix? If they are still for sale
  9. tricho_clo

    Please help! too much cacti

    Hello! I am keen on helping you out with the excess plants. I'm still fairly new to collecting so I don't have much to swap. If you could please send me a pm (I can't figure out how to) maybe we could work something out? I've got some gift vouchers kicking around that might be good for you or the kids! Cheers