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  1. Trip Dr

    Bad soil mix?

    Thanks for the reply Zelly. It just goes to show I've been lucky so far. I'll try get in touch with Dr Greenthumbs.
  2. Trip Dr

    Bad soil mix?

    Greetings all, hoping someone can give me some input on this one. I've only really grown t. pachanoi and t. peruvians before and never had any issues with these. I've pretty much just plonked bits into whatever soil and they grew. Recently i decided to get a t. pachanoi cristate and a t. bridgesii monstrose to add some variety. I did a little research online for a 'cactus mix' soil recipe. What I came up with: 1 part premium potting mix 1 part perlite 1 part coir 1 part gravel I also lined the bottom of the pot (~40mm) with pebbles in a bid to improve drainage. I've since read this may not be a good idea. Now this was a little bit modified from what i had read, but i figured it was close enough. The issue I'm having is that my cristate and t. bridgesii are not looking as healthy as when i received them a few weeks back. They have lost their deep green colour and are going a pale green. See attached pictures. I've also notices some 'scabs' forming on the side of my bridgesii. Now, I have a few ideas which might be causing the issue: 1. Too much sun - these guys were getting probably 2 hours in the middle of the day. I'm in NW NSW, so bloody hot 2. The gravel was contaminated - I found this gravel on the side of the road. I washed it till clean. Maybe it had some oil on it, but i doubt it - i used a similar mix on a bougainvillea and it is thriving 3. Pebbles in the bottom - not holding enough water? 4. Coir is in big chunks - I'm not 100% its coco coir as it didn't say coconut on the brick, but couldn't think of what else it might be. The big chunks are about 25mm square. I thought this could be holding too much moisture or perhaps is breaking down and releasing some compounds the cacti don't like. 5. I live in a town where all the tap water is bore water - it is generally hard, with an EC ~700us. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Apologies if this is something that has been covered many times.
  3. Trip Dr

    Going from a print

    Hey fellas, just want to clarify something. Im thinking of growing some gourmet edibles from a print. My biggest concern is that the print is not sterile. My thoughts were that the best way to go would be to make up a heap of sterile petris with agar and simply wipe some spores off the print and onto the agar using a sterile needle or something. If i did this with say 10-20 petris i was assuming that many would get contaminated, but hopefully i would get lucky and have one that did not, and could then use that one to start a new series of sterile cultures. Does this sound feasible, or is there an easier method when working from a non sterile print?
  4. Trip Dr

    Where's funky fungus?

    Hey all, i haven't been on here in ages so please excuse my ignorance, but whats going on with Funky Fungus? I went to the site and its only kinda half there, and i emailed rev but got no reply? Is it still going, or has rev taken a holiday or something?
  5. Trip Dr

    Got seed to trade for spores

    Wow the response has been overwhelming Come on guys, someone out there has to be able to help me out, hey if you dont want to trade i'll accept donations !
  6. Hey all, im after some cube spores. I dont have a great deal to trade, but hopefully some caring individual out there would be able to help me out. I have: -poppy seed, not many, apparently some kind of hybrid called miners ghost, supposedly has great pods - khat seed, another hybrid, from planthelper. Is a bit old so dont know how viable it is - morning glory, collected from around wollongong, confirmed active - sub prints PM me if you can help out, i may have some other stuff i cant remember at the moment. Cheers!
  7. Trip Dr

    Sydney Meet

    Dont know about when they are on up Sydney way, but they are playing at uni of wollongong soon. Cheap if your a student
  8. Trip Dr

    i can't believe it's not moroccan hashish / opium

    Well of course they arent going to be as good as the 'real' thing. Real hash and opium are illegal, these i think are supposed to be as close as a legal alternative as you can get. The hash does give effects. I found the opium a little hard to smoke as it turned into oil very easily, but you could get around this by spotting i suspect. Both smell wonderful!
  9. Trip Dr

    Questions about subs

    Hot damn 3-5g! Well i guess im lucky in a way, i find about 1.5g can be good for me. Means my supply lasts longer! When fresh have found that only 2 med sized shrooms can give effects, not bending time and space or anything, but still fun
  10. Trip Dr

    Questions about subs

    I took a print of that big sub if anyone is interested.
  11. Trip Dr


    Yeah was about one middy left. Was pretty nice actually, the mj really added a distinct flavour and smell. Like drinking weed i guess As far as effects though, got squat as there wasnt enought to drink. Worth experimenting with, just be careful when you open!
  12. Trip Dr


    Well i dont reckon it was excess sugar i added, i got one of those measuring spoon dealies and none of the other bottles popped like that. I reckon natural fermentable sugars sounds plausable. Im sure i could convince people it was Dunno, i reckon if it was on tape it'd be a winner on funniest home videos
  13. Well i just thought i had better share a little experience i just had so others can avoid the same fate as me. Occasionally i make a batch of home brew ginger beer(alcoholic of course). Now im a bit of an experimenter so i like to add a little bit of this and that to a couple of bottles when i do a batch. For example if i do a 30 bottle batch, i might make 3 or 4 with extras. I might throw in a piece of cinnamon, lotus flowers, whatever etc. Well about 3 months ago when i did the last batch i decieded i would see what a bit of ganja would go like. I Crushed up one small(~300mg?) bud and chucked it in a bottle while filling. Anyhow, feeling thursty i put a warm bottle in the freezer for about 30min(i find this is about how long it takes to be perfictly cold for a normal brew). After the elapsed time i removed the bottle and proceeded to take the cap off(crown seal). This is where things went pear shaped. The moment i cracked the seal the lid shot off and a stream of liquid shot up to the roof! Sticky liquid rained down covering the entire kitchen and part of the dining room. I tried to plug the hole with my thumb but this caused spray in every direction! All this excitement only lasted a second but that was long enough to empty 3/4 of the bottle and leave my place with a sticky floor reminiscent of a nightclub. Moral of the story: experiments can be dangerous, and extreemly messy
  14. Trip Dr

    Sydney Meet

    Bloody track work on the illawarra line. No trains tomorrow to sydney. Guess i could ride, but i'd be lost in 2 seconds. Not to mention i cant have a beer or five if i want. Have fun fellas, i'll meet ya all one day. Trip
  15. Trip Dr

    Questions about subs

    cant say that i really enjoy the flavour that much. Its definatly not the worst thing ive eaten, but i prefer to mask the taste if possible. Plus, i love pizza!