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  1. spice

    White Powder Gold

    You're calling me a troll because I support the scientific method and reproducable results, ie tested facts? Oh come on this is getting more ridiculous by the day. There is a serious anti-science bias here for a bunch of people in 2010 sitting on computers and enjoying all the fruits of the modern world.
  2. The vice guide to north korea is also very interesting. Crazy place. Not sure why this thread is here though.
  3. spice

    White Powder Gold

    If you want to believe in this thats fine, but realise its a belief, none of this is backed in any way shape or form by science its a case of a man using big words to sell snake oil. Its just a form of religion. They are acid/base extractions, one of the simpler chemical processes performed thousands of times a day and no mystery to man =p Thats not magic. I think people who believe in souls like myself use the non-physical loophole so we don't have to face the facts haha. Any year 11 physics textbook can answer that. We know exactly how these SSRI's etc work, thats because clever people spent a lot of time researching them and publishing their research for other clever people to check. Their effectiveness is a completely different issue. They are extremely overprescribed and can be dangerous. I would probably recomend them for 1/5th of the people that use them.
  4. spice

    White Powder Gold

    No I haven't tried it, I don't make a habit out of following recipes off the internet and putting the final result in my mouth, especially when it comes to magical metals. When looking into it phrases like "ORMEs are said to have extraordinary powers of levitation, transmutation, and teleportation." pop up on google and set off my bullshit meter I don't need to eat it. I love the idea of the philosophers stone but this isn't it by a long shot.
  5. spice

    White Powder Gold

    None of this comes some peer reviewed journals by actual scientists. The internet is full of insane claims and physically impossible medical cures. Sorry but this is just one more. Have your mind open but not so open things start falling out =p use some critical thinking guys.
  6. And these guys wonder why no one takes them seriously.
  7. spice

    How can one practice A/B Extractions?

    Practicing an a/b on any kind of medication will cause problems, legal ones, and inert binder/filler ones. Stick with caffine and then maybe plant alkaloids (there are many out there).
  8. spice

    Wanted: Syrian Rue seeds

    Thanks for the replies its been sorted
  9. spice

    Wanted: Syrian Rue seeds

    Does anyone know of any in WA? I've tried asian grocers before and a turkish store but they didn't stock it. I don't know any persians unfortunately so I cant ask them
  10. Hey everyone, I'm after hopefully 100g of syrian rue seeds, but I'll take more or less depending on the price. Not really game enough to import them from india given the laws. Thanks guys
  11. Your best bet is (as gamma.goblin said) to use staticice to find the best price for a specific item. Don't be locked into using only 1 or 2 stores, find the cheapest and go with it.
  12. spice

    NO smoking paraphernalia at local shop...

    Looks like freewheelin's site isn't selling anything besides vapes . Any other Aust places I could try? Time to stock up
  13. spice

    Mushroom Extract?

    Hmmm I wonder what else is in the 500mg extract besides the 15-20mg goodies
  14. spice

    Psylocibe tea vs eating??

    Yeap, works very well. Might want a toothpick for some of the grit depending on how fine the powder is
  15. spice

    Drugging Other People

    The whole idea is pretty cruel imo. I remember seeing an episode of kenny vs spenny on fox where one slipped the other 3 hits of lsd and then spent the night messing with his head, dressing up as rabbits and demons and that kinda thing. Then he just wandered off out the front door and they panicked