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  1. I have clean prints of Psilocybe cubensis prints. Ideal for identification with microscopy to ensure a non-poisonous variety. These prints are $9 US each with $3 US shipping world wide. Prints vary in size from 2-5 cm in diameter. Choose from: PF Classic, Brazil, Ecuador, B+, Orissa, Creeper, Elephant, Treasure Coast, Ban Hua Thanon, AA+, Puerto Rico, Huautla, Burma, Mazatapec, Oasis, Amazon, Golden Teacher or Albino ☺ WWW.Mycotopia.net is a great Fungus Resource I also have some of these prints on paper. Every order will receive a FREE Mycology Guide. I am located in British Columbia, Canada. Contact: [email protected]
  2. BCdude888

    Cube Spore Print.

    Check out Reddit with sporetraders forum: Great guys & knowledge. MycTyson for edibles and sillycybin888 for cubensis.
  3. BCdude888

    Organic Soil Creation

    Here is my Special Tea recipe 20 Gallon Bin 2 cups dry alfalfa 1 cup earthworm castings 3 Tablespoons Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) 3 Tablespoons molasses handful of comfrey leaves handful of horsetail (Equisetum avarense) handful wood ash 1/4 cup willow bark tea (made from new willow shoots cut into 1 inch pieces and brewed on medium heat 1 hour) 2 caps kelp extract 1 teaspoon humic acid 1 teaspoon fulvic acid 1 teaspoon bat guano 2 teaspoons super septic enzymes human urine (1-2 pees) Add all ingredients to 20 gallon container, add the water and mix well. Place on cool side of the house (North side in Canada) and stir vigorously daily to incorporate oxygen and mix the creatures. Mix 50% water to tea for new seedlings & plants & full strength for mature plants. I drench the roots and foliar feed (after screening through T-shirt or silk screen). Tea is usually ready 3-5 days. An aquarium bubbler can also be used. NicK ☼♠☼
  4. BCdude888

    Psilocybe cubensis spore prints for sale...

    I have four Psilocybe cubensis varieties: Amazon, Creeper, Golden Teacher & B plus. $10 US for each good clean foil print and $2.50 shipping to Australia. Ideal for microscopy identification. Email [email protected] for details. All foil is wiped clean with 99% isopropyl alcohol. Spores are dropped under a sterilized glass to keep out contaminants. ***MODERATOR EDIT, CHECK YOUR LOCAL LAWS BEFORE ORDERING FROM INTERNATIONAL SELLERS***
  5. BCdude888

    Organic Soil Creation

    Its true that Nitrogen in the soil is Nitrogen...the plant sucks it up regardless if its organic or chemical. Organic has the advantage because its so much older than the chemical salt fertilizers. The Chemical salt petroleum blast is 69 years old. This human innovation has fed MILLIONS of people and been a boon for mankind. Where it falls down is the acidity left behind. The pH drops low and locks out nutrients for the plant. I try and keep my organic soils at 6.5 to 7.0 (neutral). Once the soil is pH balanced its a beautiful thing. I soak new soil with TONS of water to get the hydrogen plentiful in the mix. This year my soil mound is awesome at 6.5 pH and no lime is required. I experimented with Equisetum averense (Horsetail) and didn't have to alter the pH, it naturally balanced the soil with the tea I made. I try and make a complex tea so the plant can enjoy the subtle nutrient variations and fungus available and who knows what I am concocting in my witches' brew.
  6. BCdude888

    Organic Soil Creation

    All this roto tilling the soil can actually be damaging the mycelium networks and DEGRADING the soil productivity. The fungus/soil relationship is an awesome network of horizontal creativity. Fungus size can be 1000s of hectares large, ancient & all the same DNA. I make sure my soil mix has a mycorhizae component. I grow in containers a lot and just leave them alone, no stirring. Even in the bush growing, I leave them over the winter and plant seedlings direct in the Spring with no soil additives. Later in the growing season I will add more food and teas to make those green bitches HUGE!
  7. BCdude888

    Organic Soil Creation

    Great reading :worship:always enjoy learning more about farming and mycology! Keep it COMING, I am a sponge for soil, mycology and gardening knowledge, failures and triumphs
  8. BCdude888

    Organic Soil Creation

    Anyone want to swap an organic tea recipe?
  9. BCdude888

    Organic Soil Creation

    Come to BC for the BUD...taste for yourself ;). A lot of indoor weed is not flushed proper...organic needs no flushing because there are no salts. I am partial to outdoor organic because I've grown indoor and for me and many of my friends, it is SUPERIOR. To each is own, I am making no outlandish claims here. Check out Soma Organic Growing book, that freak knows his weed, now living in Amsterdam. The food you feed any plant plays a HUGE role. You don't grow bud like this using miracle grow! The food we feed ourselves is very important. Don't be misinformed by corporate Food Inc, pesticide free organic is the WAY. Here the prices for organic have steadily fallen as more people wake up out of their stupor. Lets stop poisoning our Mother Earth and have a future worth living.
  10. BCdude888

    Organic Soil Creation

    Hi there Yes, I am the author...by accident. I wrote down observations and kept notes over the years. Over the long cold winter I cobbled the best parts together and made a little booklet with pictures. This item is also on Ebay :bong:with the title Organic Marijuana Soils & techniques. I started out with the chemical fertilizers but gradually gravitated to the natural, less burning organic soil methods. The organic methods are superior for food and bud flavour. Bat guano really brings out the marijuana turpines at harvest . Any pothead will enjoy this book for bud cultivation, harvest and curing the sticky BUD to perfection.
  11. BCdude888

    Organic Soil Creation

    That's a super idea! I think my teas do that: Alfalfa, super septic enzymes, horsetail, comfrey, molasses, wood ash, worm castings. I like the fungi idea and have scooped up mycelium from my Birch grove and added it to the tea. Its a results-based approach, maybe I should buy a microscope ;). The tea is stirred frequently and kept on the cool side of the house to encourage the "good" bacteria and incorporate oxygen. Have also used an aquarium bubbler to increase the oxygen in the tea for plant benefit.
  12. BCdude888

    Organic Soil Creation

    The minerals I use: vermiculite, Epsom salts, lime, bone & blood meal, glacial dust, green sand, wood ash [its cold here, darling], worm castings, rock phosphate and diamataceous earth. Also a 4-4-4 organic mix with more minerals and such. These are some of the soil ingredients. The mixing is the real magic, water is the catalyst that supercharges the soil. The teas are rich with molasses to invigorate the trillions of bacteria and allow their corpses and fecal matter to feed the roots. Soil is billions of years old. Research has shown that without worms working the soil with oxygen there would be a brown, boring earth. NicK
  13. BCdude888

    Organic Soil Creation

    The text part is 46 Mb and the rest are pictures. I wrote it concisely.
  14. BCdude888

    Organic Soil Creation

    This is the tricky part...soil scientists don't really know how organic soil works. With the multitude of bacteria and creatures in the soil, there is just too much going on to understand the relationships between the living soil and the minerals and "dead" soil particles. There are amendments of 4-4-4 organic fertilizer to the soil recipe. In terms of the overall N-P-K ratio, I just don't know. I looked at hundreds of soil recipes and experimented for years until I found soil recipes that worked. Trillions of bacteria with water and minerals make for some complex relationships that I can not seriously comprehend. Just like Asprin 50 years ago, they knew it alleviated pain, they just didn't know the process. The chemical fertilizers dispense their N-P-K at a set rate at a certain temperature (usually 20°C, the temperature plant roots enjoy) with decent results. The problem with these petroleum fertilizers is the negative effect they have in the soil. Farmers in Northern Thailand initially welcomed chemical fertilizers and the bounty they created. Over time these salts ruined the soil pH (acidic) and the crops diminished and eventually failed. Many people had to trek to Bangkok to start their life anew with mixed results. The sad part is that thousands of acres of once productive farm land is now a chemical desert. Some scientists are trying to establish crops that enjoy these salty soils, we will see if their results can feed people. After dabbling with chemicals and organic soil I would have to say a properly created organic soil with adequate water will out perform a chemical fertilizer program. The soil will also last decades with the proper soil amendments. I like my organic soil because I do not need any machinery. My shovel and back are the machine. I study the soil texture, water retention and drainage properties. With the proper mycology additives allowed to permeate the soil and give it a cohesive "intelligence", the organic soil really shines for soil and plant productivity. Before WWII, most farms in the world were organic. Petroleum fertilizers in the last 69 years have skyrocketed in use. It is my hope that this trend is reversed and organic soils once again reign supreme on our landscape.
  15. I have created a ZIP file that is 97 Mb and details how to create your own organic soil. The files discuss organic soil growing marijuana, but most plants will benefit with these soils. I have been gardening for 15 years and have documented soil recipes and organic teas to maximize plant growth and keep the soil rich and healthy for years. Learn how to use a TDS pen, pH indicator, and soil moisture pen to understand your soil better and make your plants HUGE. Once your soil is created and maintained it will last for decades. The initial cost of organic soil is higher, but once it is set up properly it will provide awesome soil to feed your plants. $5 AUD and I will send the file 97 Mb using wetransfer.com Join the green revolution and stop buying soil every few months because of toxic salt build up. Enjoy a sustainable organic soil that will keep pests away, use less water and create delicious food. Feed the soil first, make it your primary resource, and the plants will enjoy spreading their roots in the organic medium. Put trillions of bacteria to work feeding your precious plants. contact me at [email protected]