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  1. powerinformation

    WA Gyms, tis the season

  2. powerinformation

    Interesting/Custom Fruiting Chambers

  3. powerinformation

    Interesting/Custom Fruiting Chambers

    any terrariums or in vitro setups particularly keen to see! If no one posts i'll use this as a personal flikr? or tumblr? and post some images soon
  4. powerinformation

    Interesting/Custom Fruiting Chambers

    Hey - just finished my first attempt at mycology. Interested in trying again with a "cooler" more environmental/scientific fruiting chamber. If you know any photos of awesome fruiting chambers I'm keen to see for inspiration!
  5. powerinformation

    Noob question: Contam?

    I've being doing some reading since and read that a little air flow will help I had the innoculation holes covered still, have removed the foil and letting them breathe which seems to have encouraged the mycelium to grow a bit more. I don't think they are contam - but they are still going a bit slow.
  6. powerinformation

    Noob question: Contam?

    I guess photos of this nature are not allowed... Will a contaminated 'cake' still produce shrooms that look okay but are actually toxic? Is this the risk?
  7. powerinformation

    Noob question: Contam?

    Hey guys I innoculated my first batch of jars. Six jars - 5 different strains. One is colonized beautifully white ready to fruit. One was definately contaminated - I have thrown out. The other 4 seem to be weakly colonized. My friend said if I innoculated at the same time and one is good the others should be as good and that there is contam. The other 4 are definately not as white as one. Is there logic to his argument. Is greyish colonization acceptable as weak colonization after 2 weeks or does this sound like me justifying contam? Any advice would be great - can try and post photos Cheers!
  8. powerinformation

    Which side of the house should my cacti be on?

    East I believe?
  9. powerinformation

    loph degrafting? - need advice

    yeah next couple of days...or months... Taking some photos for eBay this arvo thought I would get these aswell. Nothing has changed much still thinking of degrafting. Seems I have 3 different sub-species of loph? Please jump in and let me know if anyone can help ID for this newbie. Any comments in general welcome (overall health?) The last seems to be ready to pop off the trich itself but I think may have been a dodge graft i picked lots of dry glue off around it! Cheers!
  10. powerinformation

    loph degrafting? - need advice

    i'll get some pics in next couple of days!
  11. powerinformation

    loph degrafting? - need advice

    I have a few trichos with loph grafts, enough that im interested in creating a singular loph cacti. How do I do this? Should I wait until the button is a certain size? Is it just cut at the graft, let dry sit on the soil? Any advice, words of wisdom for me? Thanks dudes
  12. powerinformation

    Meet up: Perth

  13. powerinformation

    Chavin Culture (900-200 bce) Ceramic

    awesome! Im into making clay statues and pots currently waiting to get some back from firing
  14. powerinformation

    psychedelic links thread

    Harry Partch virtual instruments http://musicmavericks.publicradio.org/features/feature_partch.html# Killian Eng visual artist http://www.inprnt.com/gallery/dwdsgn/?page=2 Heaps of other artists of mention if anyone is interestd
  15. powerinformation

    WA Gyms, tis the season

    Awesome, time for me to go exploring!