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  1. Laphroaig is up there, liquid peat smoke in a bottle.

    Shame I can't afford to drink that stuff anymore.

    Glendronach is pretty tasty too.

    For a good blended scotch, j&b is ok, as is ballantines.

  2. I know it's a quagmire when we start the name game, I've read so much discussion of "is it a short spine peruvianus or a pachanoi, is is a macrogonus or a peruvianus, is it a peruvianus or a cuzcoensis..."

    Maybe I'm completely off track and bridgesii is actually more consistent in form, so much so that we only append cultivar names instead of new species?

  3. Sorry if this has been discussed already, but there seems to be a very large number of bridges that are singular enough in appearance and form to be named. In contrast, there seems to be very few pachanoi and peruvianus named clones.

    Is bridgesii naturally more variable in form than the others? And if so, why? Do you think there has been a larger number of specimens distributed that were grown from seed whereas pachanoi has been spread more through vegetative propagation?

    Or maybe pachanoi and the like have more of a history of human selection and breeding therefore are more stable in form?

    Or maybe we just have a habit of whacking on a name for any bridge that looks slightly different?

    It puzzles me that the terscheckii complex also seems quite variable in form yet we don't give them pet names like bridgesii.

    What are your thoughts?