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  1. Soo, I scored a really nice metre long cut of a bridge and it arrived today. It shows a bit of rib shifting towards the base, I'm hoping it does a bit more of that. Got a super good deal too, cost me $20 plus postage.

    Anyway, it's putting out roots all the way along one side from the base right up to the tip.

    My question to you all is what would you do with it? I was planning on putting it directly in my garden whole, then start taking a cut or two as it got established and put on more growth, but what happens to all those roots if they aren't in contact with the soil? Do they keep growing down looking for contact? Would you cut it into 2 or more pieces or leave it whole? Or lay it down like a log?

    Interested to hear your opinions.


  2. Guys, I have a bunch of different seeds to pass on, all from superhot varieties.

    I'll give away 3 mixed packs to any chilliheads who are interested.

    Varieties include:

    Bhut jolokia

    Chocolate habanero

    Peach habanero

    Nagabon jolokia

    Trinidad scorpion butch T

    I'll also be drying a bunch of bhuts for later, so I'll have some up for trade soon too.

    First 3 PM's get one each, don't think I can send to WA or Tas though sorry.

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  3. Hi,

    I've been waiting for a cut of Eileen to take root and decided to check it today. It was pretty well calloused and I have tried to keep it dry in it's new pot, but during the last few weeks, we have had a lot of rain and inevitably it managed to get more water than I would have liked.

    I have taken it out of the soil to air for a while, does this dark spot look nasty to anyone else though?