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  1. Nitrous does not lend itself to moderation! People will refuse to let go of the mask until they literally become unconscious. And even then I've seen someone wrap themselves around a cylinder and hug it whilst unconscious! 

    Seriously though, I do worry about my bone density, there is a medical condition that used to be mostly confined to dentists, where the bones become porous and brittle, turns out too much nitrous turns them into chalky aero bars.

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  2. Ok, here's my nang tales...

    When I was a teenager back in the late 80s/ early 90s, we started on the bulbs. 

    Then in the early 90s at uni, I graduated to the next level. My buddy and I planned our first mission like a military operation. We cut our way into the medical gas bunker and made off with the prize, an 8000 litre blue tank. We struggled to carry it, but we made it back to safe base.

    Then the madness began.

    We went to a rave up near peats ridge, dropped acid, and found the cops had shut it down as we arrived. Shit. Plan B. We knew we had no chance of making it back to Sydney in one piece by then, so we settled on a waterfront carpark in woy woy.

    An entire night of nitrous acid fueled mayhem ensued. At one point I found myself standing waist deep in the water, just came to like that.

    Anyway, this pattern continued over many months, we hit the bunker several times until they really beefed up security. So we stepped up to hospitals. Raided a few hospitals of their sweet creamy gas, and partied very very hard.

    My buddy was living in a residential college, and one day had a cylinder on his bed, lying flat. He couldn't be bothered with any balloons or such and decided to suck straight from the valve. Bad idea. Basic physics really, the level of gas was high, so the liquid level was above the level of the valve. Liquid straight to gaseous phase equals extreme cold. He froze his mouth to the valve. Had to rip his lips free from the metal. Then, the pain started. He was too scared to leave his room, being lipless and all, and he needed pain relief. So he sucked about 6000 litres of nitrous down over the course of a few days. I shudder to think of his bone density now.

    And I continued. I arranged a raid on a veterinary surgery, and made off with the grand prize. A 17500 litre tank.

    We had a party the next night, and there was a nitrous room. At first we had a scuba regulator with 4 masks, but after a few hours, we just shut the door, turned on the tank and let the acid and nitrous really take hold.

    Needless to say, this is not recommended behaviour.

    By the morning, the tank was dry, and there was a mound of snow round the base that had condensed from the heat exchange. 

    I think that was probably the last time I really went on a nitrous bender, I knew I had to stop by this stage or I'd end up dead.

    There is nothing. And I mean nothing that compares with excellent acid and medical grade nitrous. I used to travel to past lives, future lives, other people's lives...

    Ahhh, so many more tales in the vault

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  3. Kratom is amazing. I love it, but it is definitely habit forming too. I actually prefer it to opiates. 

    Growing it is possible if you have a winter that doesn't get too cold but it takes quite a few years before it produces the goods. And you'd need a fair few trees to amount to anything.

    It really sucks it's not legal in Australia.

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  4. On 27/10/2019 at 9:58 PM, Mackindabox said:


    Thank you, Gimli. I’ll plant a few of them in the ground as you suggested. Dunno if I’ll be able to plant all of them as I’m fairly limited for space. My partner and I are both vying for space in the backyard. She wants to put garden beds in for vegetables and I need more room for cactus. I can already see this is gonna be an ongoing battle. Haha.

    I plant cactus in my vegetable gardens! 

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