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  1. You can make even more from a piece you'd like to propagate by doing wedges rather than flat slabs. If you slice a section longitudinally into 4 quarters rather than in half you end up with a wedge. Cut a v shaped piece from your stock with matching angles (say both pieces have a 90° angle) and fit them together with pressure.

    This actually increases the surface area for the union of the vascular bundles too so you often get fast growth sooner.

    Good technique if you have a super rare but small piece of a plant you'd like to increase quickly.

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  2. 14 hours ago, Ethnoob said:

    Just look at what happens when kangaroos breed out of control for example.  They all suffer until they start dying off but can cause so much damage between now and then the humane thing to do is to thin the herd.  We don't like to do it but we know it's ultimately morally correct to forcibly bring them back in balance with nature and lessen their suffering and all I'm saying is that we need to take a similar approach with ourselves.

    Why do kangaroos breed out of control? Because we fucked the system up. Then we try to correct it and probably fuck up more things in the process. 

    I often wonder if this is actually our purpose. Maybe we have it all wrong. Maybe we are supposed to transform base elements into complex technology as part of some macroecosystem process. Are we an abberration? It's hugely depressing to contemplate that you are apart from the natural order of things, so maybe we aren't, and we just can't see the end game. Maybe I'm clutching at straws because it's too horrible to think about...

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  3. Given that it's a population issue the logical place to start is by looking at which groups of people are having more children than others.  If your group is having say 6-8 kids per family on average like you see in a lot of African and Muslim nations that's considerably worse than what you see in a lot of western nations like Germany where they're having 1.3 children per family which is below the 2.1 children needed to maintain any given population


    Dude. That comes across as pretty I'll informed which I'm sure isn't your intention. In 3rd world countries the infant mortality rate is much higher. Of those 6-8 kids how many make it to adulthood before succumbing to the things we don't have to worry about (like, you know, those diseases that vaccination takes care of!).

    Also. What is the carbon footprint of those kids in the third world? I bet it's a shitload less per capita than most of us. 

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  4. I am not a fan of the theory that says alkaloids exist to deter animals from eating them. I've had deer and roos/wallabies eat them to ground level without pause. The bitterness might put off possums but not many other animals.

  5. Traditions of the Yuin people from the Shoalhaven region, near Nowra, to the south of Sydney, New South Wales, which describes an impacting meteor shower and airburst. According to the story the sky heaved and many stars fell to the Earth, flashing in the sky. A large reddish mass burst in the air, which made a deafening roar as debris was scattered across the region, and burnt holes were left in the ground. 


    I grew up here with lots of local indigenous kids and I've never heard this particular story, but maybe that's because it's initiated information.

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  6. Hey there. I see this type of lumpy skin (which often goes black then turns to corking like your first photos) particularly on pachanoi and a select few bridgesii in my garden. It seems to happen in very hot weather. During summer I spread dolomite lime around my in ground plants and a few words them did this a day or two later. 

    It doesn't ever spread, it's not harmful but it's a bit unsightly. I wouldn't stress over it.


  7. I'd suggest maybe the actual mix is too rich and too many ferts. Natives like this have evolved to live in very poor souls. Accaias will tolerate nitrogen, but don't like a lot of phosphorus at all. I'd swap your soul mix for a native plant mix, with some gravel mixed in as a first step. Don't use the powerfeed or maxigrow at all. Seasol is fine, it's not a fertiliser as such. Most acacias don't require even any nitrogen to do well as they are legumes I they actually draw in nitrogen from the air and fix it into the soil via root nodules.

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  8. 14 hours ago, Ethnoob said:

    I believe that at our cores we are little more than perception and will.  We perceive reality and have the will to change it.


    Now if someone were to obtain the means of perception such as education, tv, the newspapers, movies, stockmarkets, etc. they could make us believe anything we wanted effectively shaping our reality.  If a certain group of people were supremely effective in obtaining this power over the masses it would result in the majority of us being little more than sheep to them making tests like what you took make complete sense to the end user as it would be obvious what the results would be to those in power.  To them it would be little more than a numbers game where 1 +1 = 2 and you'd be floored at getting the correct answer.


    So the question then is how do you set yourself free of this programming? Truth be told many a person has gone down that path and hated not only what they found but themselves as a result.  Sometimes it's easier just being a sheep and accepting your reality at face value because a happy lie is often perceived to be better than a harsh truth especially when you follow it to it's logical conclusion.  Have fun going down the rabbit hole if you seek it but don't say I didn't warn you that like tripping you're not going to get what you want but what you need and it's entirely unpleasant.

    I disagree that at our core we are perception.

    Perception is a filter that we use to fit incoming data into our personal model of the universe.

    I think what we perceive bears very little resemblance to the true nature of reality. Our range of hearing is limited to a very narrow band. Our vision is able to detect wavelengths between violet and red. We perceive sound as being separate from vision only because of the organs in our bodies which detect a narrow range of wavelengths. In actuality, both sound and vision are all part of a spectrum of wavelengths. 

    Memory also is affected by our personality filters. We can both witness the same event and have different memories of it, as it passed through our filters and was shaped by them. Does this mean we actually changed reality by storing a memory? As far as our personal cosmos is concerned, I guess the answer is yes.

    To answer your question of how do we set ourselves free from programming? I think the first step is having awareness that we are operating within a program. Once you recognise a pattern of behaviours, you are able to exercise choice. Without the awareness that a program is running, you are under it's control.

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  9. I've been stuck in hotels for three days, enduring endless sessions of happy clapping sales and management workshops.

    Before this ordeal, I was required to complete a series of 25 questions which were then used to create a profile of my personality, and character traits. During the workshops I was given a report on my "results".

    Much as I'd like to say it's all bullshit, I was actually surprised at the level of accuracy in describing my modus operandi. Shocked even. 

    The whole point of this exercise was intended to display what type of behaviours I exhibit in defined situations, and then to explain how it's possible to use different behaviours in situations to achieve certain results. Normally I find this type of pigeonholing demeaning and reductive, however I've decided this is actually a valuable tool for self reflection and development. What was evident is that there was a "conscious" score and another score which showed the "unconscious" score. The difference between the two is supposed to demonstrate how we perceive ourselves vs how we may actually be. My score was exactly the same for both, so I guess that means I answered as honestly and openly as I could on the questions.

    I have felt like I'm a bit stuck for quite some time. I have known for some time that everything that happens to me is my responsibility, but also felt powerless to avoid some outcomes, because, you know, I yam what I yam.

    Maybe I'm not. I've revisited some valuable reading such as Dr John Lily's "Programming and metaprogramming: the human biocomputer" lately and maybe a few pieces are falling into place finally. 

    Personality traits are a routine we use that we have learned over time. They don't define us, we can choose to use them in situations consciously or choose to use other "programs" that may actually serve us better. Its funny that normally I'd be highly skeptical of "insights" like this that came from such a corporate place. If this information came to me via a psychedelic vision in the past, I'd be sold. 

    I think it goes to show that "the work" can be channelled via the most unlikely places sometimes, despite our best efforts to filter them out. Corny as it sounds.

    Keep an open mind, but not so open that the wind whistles through your ears...

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  10. 1 hour ago, waterboy 2.0 said:



    Psycho0 X Tersch....called out to me after I ran outta bigger pots today. Gotta get this bad boy up sized, certainly got some vigor. 


    Edit- grrrr running out of pots :lol:

    Getafix was selling one of these yesterday, it took everything I have to not buy it...

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