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  1. 9 hours ago, Pedro99 said:


    Do you think the whole column is doomed? 


    Varis in my climate are a horror story lol

    Look, it might survive. I was probably being overly pessimistic. Ive killed many variegates, some through lack of care, some through no fault of my own. I have found that once they show the symptoms, the disease is usually well established in the tissue and no matter how hard I cut, it reappears.

  2. 55 minutes ago, -RC- said:

    I have the same issue on my pc. The only workaround I found was to open each page in a new tab by right clicking and doing so. :unsure:

    I don't get a page option on my phone. I'd switch it to the browser view instead of mobile view but I can't remember how to haha.


  3. Hi gurus,

    Having issues on my phone (android). I can't navigate beyond page 1 on any of the forums. Clicking next page or even last page just takes me back to the top of page 1.

    Also searches don't do anything. Not even a page refresh when I hit search. 

    I've tried logging out and back in. Tried two different mobile browsers. No change.

    Any idea what's causing this issue?

  4. I should add though, if I sell something at a price I think is too much, I feel guilty and usually add a lot of freebies as a softener.

    Loph seeds are also unpredictable. I used to pay in the vicinity of $0.20 per seed for locality williamsii. Now, slap a locality name on them and they're going for multiple dollars per seed.

    It's a seller's market.

  5. If I am cutting to order for someone, I'd usually charge $2-3 per cm for reasonably standard stuff. Anything rare or highly desirable, I let the auction market decide. Sometimes I put what I think is a ridiculous buy it now price on something to test the water and it gets snapped up in a flash. You never know. The appearance of a cut sometimes is far more of a driver than the genetics. An immaculate greenhouse grown cutting with no blemishes or fingerprints will get a better price than a bigger but rougher looking cut of the same plant.

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  6. 5 minutes ago, bonecud_56 said:

    dunno about these guys, but I'm looking for a yellow caapi plant and/or seeds or both 

    I don't have any rooted up at the moment. I can get some going (might take a month or so) or I can send green cuts and you can root them yourself.

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  7. I just read that viability is low even for seeds straight off the tree, and decreases with each passing day. Some sources say anything more than 2 weeks old are unviable. Will give it a go regardless. Thanks for the seeds.

  8. I can see courtii is a possibility to hybridise with obtusifolia in my yard, they are flowering at the same time in close proximity. Courtii trees are podding up at the early stage now, really hoping for viable seeds this year.

    I grew out around a hundred tubes of obtuse from my local seed, sourced from the largest possible range of phenotypes I could collect. Only took a few pods from each, and I can say with a lot of certainty that any left are quickly eaten by sulfur crested cockatoos. I replanted more than 50 back into the same area, although more upslope. 

    I kept 15 of varying types for my yard, and gave away the others. 

    I like to think every little bit helps. I know opinions vary and the road to hell is paved with good intentions. 

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  9. 19 hours ago, Wile E. Peyote said:

    Just to complicate things, I imagine there are environments where P. cubensis competes with vulnerable species. In these cases maybe we would aim to reduce the spread of spores? 

    Pastures and cattle are not natural environments in Australia, curious to hear how they could be competing with vulnerable species..

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  10. 25 minutes ago, mr b.caapi said:



    Yeh I can imagine we could use the super duper record breaking ones such as the Carolina Reaper for worm control. It wouldnt just get rid of the worm it would get rid of the whole intestine ! :blink:

    Wonder how schpicy the eggs would be?