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  1. 9 hours ago, etherealdrifter said:

    gotta think positively mate.

    sorry to hear about your dad man.

    much love.

    im no doctor but id being try to relax my ol man with poppy/hash- than try to give him ehedra buzz or qat caffiene rush smoking peter styvesants type o feeeling.
    My ol greek man died as a alcholic and even with my ctattononic cat sense, it made no difference ether way, so in sense...you just weigh it up bro. Much love


    I'd want to make sure your dad's heart was in good shape before giving ephedra. It's quite hard on the ol ticker.

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  2. To be fair, Sallubrious came in with all guns blazing, and quite a hostile aggressive tone, calling anyone who doesn't subscribe to his point of view a lot of names. That's not usually a very good way to start a discussion, unless you're looking for similarly defensive responses.

    We are not your enemies. 


    As far as this all being one big coordinated scheme to usher in draconian measures, I would ask one question. Have you ever been involved in project management before? Have you experienced how fucking difficult it is to get anyone to agree on anything? Let alone actually make it happen? 


    I am sorry to hear your situation is so dire Sallubrious. I wish there was more support for families who are hurting right now. Let us know if there is a go fund me or something that people can contribute to to assist.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Responsible Choice said:

    ^ This.


    Like any route of administration, vapour needs to be gotten used to, just like smoke of any kind. It spins me out to hear people say that they can only smoke cannabis with tobacco :blink:


    That shit's sacrilege in some circles I hear... 


    Of course the variety of vape products out there also require a period of adjustment. Another aspect to consider when vaping is also the quality of the material vaped. :wink:

    And I also think buds need a little more moisture for vaping compared to smoking. Which is a problem sometimes for storage of bud as it requires constant checking to make sure you don't end up with a load of mould affected weed.

    Different vaporisers need fine tuning to find your sweet spot I've found. I was used to running the boundless at the lowest setting of 175°c and occasionally at 182°c as that seemed about right. But for a crafty or mighty, you get similar flavours from 202°c.

    Now I've been running the extreme Q at 220-225°c and the vapour quality is about the same as the others listed at a much lower temp. I think the temp sensor is located close to the source of heat, but the herbs are packed further away so the air probably cools a little along the way.

    Experiment, find your sweet spot. 

    I haven't used a volcano before, but it's the gold standard so maybe try a lower temp, or play around with the variables you can control to see if you can get past that harshness.

    Curing also plays a major role in taste. I'd wager most commercial crops are dried and pushed out for sale asap, I certainly see some very pale green material that doesn't look like it's cured properly. A decent cure will break down much of the nitrogen that would otherwise end up converting to ammonia, possible reason for the harshness?


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  4. 11 hours ago, Cimi said:

    Yeah anecdotally I found the vapour from the Volcano to be really dry and hurt my throat heaps. It was worse than smoking. Even at low temps.

    Interesting, what temp were you running it? Assume you were using a balloon not a whip.

    And you mean dry herb not concentrates?

    I can't smoke anymore at all, it just makes me feel terrible.

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  5. Yeah, morbidity is driven by existing poor health largely. But the other adverse effects I mentioned are not necessarily. 

    I understand this is still early days, and we don't really yet know the full picture. For once, (and RC, you know how I lean politically) I actually do think the government is trying to protect people from harm. 

    How hard is it to wear a mask? Really? Not very hard. What harm does it do? None.

    We have jumped a long way from government being in the pocket of business to this current status and I think that says a lot when many of those industries we talked about have been all but shut down now.

    We have run a gamut in this thread alone. From full on denial that Covid is even a thing (Sally), to maybe it's a thing but it's exaggerated (RC) to it's a thing that's real, maybe it's not the end of the world but it's serious enough to warrant measures to limit the damage.

    @Sallubrious, what is 

    It you would like to see happen? Because what I feel you are suggesting is that we head down the path of the US. And it doesn't strike me that you have much support there. Maybe I'm wrong, but what is it you would like to see happen instead of what's happening?

  6. 26 minutes ago, Responsible Choice said:

    You can't compare apples and oranges.


    Australia is not the US in many important ways, like the distinct difference in homelessness, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, a shit medical system, no social safety net, an opioid epidemic, and just the fucking huge size of their population and urban centres. That's apples.


    We are oranges. Lucky for sure, but the impacts are going to be decidedly different on a chronically ill populace with no medical infrastructure for them. What kind of outcome could be expected in the US, regardless of what they did? China faces similar issues, as do many of the other disaster stories out there. 

    We are only oranges because we are spared the worst of the predatory or severely lacking healthcare systems of some of those countries. We had an advantage in that we were given time to implement measures to curb the spread.

    We don't have the overall population density of some of these places, that's true. But we still have a population highly concentrated around coastlines and urban centres. So if we didn't implement measures, and if most people weren't reasonably rational in following them, do you really think we would still be oranges vs apples?

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  7. Deaths the top of the iceberg. Look into the damage done to organs, especially lungs and heart, the vascular destruction, persistent psychiatric disorders etc that the disease also causes. There's the real drain on healthcare resources, much more than a dead person.

    My brother works as a nurse in a Covid ward and it's real, it is a serious threat.

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  8. 4 hours ago, Wile E. Peyote said:

    Some synchronicity, a colleague just brought my attention to this paper:


    Harm reduction TLDR-
    Vape extracts at low temps and make sure they're purged. 

    Common sense really innit.

    Edit: now I've read the paper, it's a hypothesis only, no experiments have been performed, so not sure about some of the claims made. I doubt the temperature of a dab nail would reach the high temp required for such a conversion to happen. If the subject of the paper had been in the habit of inhaling 1g of bho at a time, that alone would be a lot of very hot oily vapour to bring into your lungs and I would  posit that might be a more likely cause of her pneumonia than methacralein degradation by products.


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  9. ..if you follow your intuition, you will more often than not err by misclassifying a random event as systematic. We are far too willing to reject the belief that much of what we see in life is random.

    Daniel Kahneman

  10. I have changed my meditation style to a slightly more active type. I used to sit and just be aware, now I practice breathing deliberately. I have worked daily at it in the mornings for the last few months and I do find it is a great start to my day. My session is around 18 minutes each day. I have struggled in the past to motivate myself to practice consistently with other meditation types, and I think consistently doing it is one of the keys. 

    I used to think that I should be getting better at it, or something, but not everything needs to be a linear progression. Now I just do it.

    Sometimes I do reach a really amazing state of calm and "isness". Everything goes aqua blue and it just "is".

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  11. 21 minutes ago, Northerner said:

    Nannup has been a well known spot for decades, I was picking there in there in the 90's and the police were hanging around trying to grab dickheads. It's not a new thing.

    I remember watching the doco "fungimentary" about Ballingup way back in about 1996 and the cops were all over it even back then. Nothing new, ABC online news arm is woeful, but that's what happens when you cut funding for proper investigative journalism (wouldn't want to uncover any white collar crime now, would we?). You end up with lazy stories like this. Next stop Vice!

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