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  1. I can see similarities in the camera work too. Either way I'm a fan. Disinformation is a powerful tool and mockumentaries give us a great example of what is possible. I personally like The Fourth Kind.
  2. Marcel, Thanks I have never seen these. How do you know they are all fake? I'm trying to verify this for myself but are finding hard? Got a link?
  3. EntheoAssassin

    Divine Intervention about to occur.

    Given my self-styled mode of paranoid conspiracy theorist I can assure you David Wilcock is a disinformation agent working FOR the US Government. There may be truths but they will be so twisted that they would be unrecognisable.
  4. EntheoAssassin

    Lycium australis

    I'll upload some later but it is definitely not Lycium australe now I have seen those pics. It isn't Lycium ferocissimum has fruit that is very very seedy but my bush has fruit that contains few seeds and nice size berries, but not that of barbarum. They would definitely have a very similar chemical content in the berry though and could definitely be used in the same way that wolfberries are.
  5. EntheoAssassin

    Lycium australis

    I have a large Lycium australis plant with plenty of berries/seeds. I'm pretty sure cuttings are easy to propagate. Berries are the famous Wolfberry/Goji berry and can be tasty or a little bit sour. Berries are a super fruit and also contain atropine....so eating MANY may cause hallucinations. Let me know what you're after, if any.
  6. EntheoAssassin

    Top 20 Etho's

    I've not yet tried it myself but I hear using orgonite in your garden produces miraculous results. Could be lies but I'm going to try it and see if it has any real effect.
  7. EntheoAssassin

    Top 20 Etho's

    native american was tabacum south american was rustica generally speaking.
  8. EntheoAssassin

    Top 20 Etho's

    My comment was subjective. I like rustica because it is stronger and contains other 'goodies'. I wholly agree with you, and I think Tobacco can actually be healthy for you if you grow it and keep it 'el naturale'. Word on the grape vine is Nicotine by itself actually has benefits for the brain.
  9. EntheoAssassin

    Top 20 Etho's

    Nicotiana rustica...over tabacum, surely.
  10. EntheoAssassin

    Top 20 Etho's

    Calea zacatechichi
  11. EntheoAssassin

    Top 20 Etho's

    I would....but then again I got suspended from one or two schools in my life.
  12. EntheoAssassin


    The Wave
  13. EntheoAssassin

    Top 20 Etho's

    Ipomoea purpurea/tricolor Anadenanthera colubrina/peregrina Papaver somniferum Not sure if Lycium australis is classed as Ethno. I have one growing in my front yard and the red berries are nice (contain atropine but I've never eaten enough to feel effects).
  14. EntheoAssassin

    Perfect Datura Administration

    Thanks for the info. I've heard about 15 stories about Datura. 13 bad. 2 good. Those stats already put me right off it BUT if there is something that can be added to 'balance' the chemicals then it may be worthwhile finding it so people can atleast learn a better way to do it without doing major damage. Is that sarcasm Psylo? I'm sure everyone can find this on their own but I will post this anyway from Wikipedia:
  15. EntheoAssassin

    Perfect Datura Administration

    Ok, so I've been doing some reading (shock horror, I know), and I've discovered that Witches used Opium Poppy and Datura to fly to witches gatherings (probably metaphorically speaking....they probably went to a consciousness gathering). Further to this it seems some of the components in Datura/Belladonna are antagonists of that of Opium poppy....or vica versa. No idea about dosages....no idea if it was leaves/flowers of Opium poppy or just the juice/sap. Either way it seems a very interesting prospect. Still investigating but I will detail more upon receipt of the knowledge. I'm also going to try Ouija board some more info about herbal mixtures to obtain heightened states of consciousness but Datura seems to only work if combined with other plants. By itself it, obviously, can wreak havoc.