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  1. he's just a very young driver,

    he's penis is small as shite...

    so he tries to compensate,

    with a large and noisy tail pipe...


    i hate jobo imbecils, who drive noisy cars.

    instead of growing up they still, go for the idea, to put a playing card, wedging a spokes of there push bike, to make, additional noice..

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  2. tort, germinated the rifat clone, but intruders (darcy) call it something like 4 seasons kratom or so...

    so the rifat clone, grows into a tree displaying maybe 3 or 4 different growth stages.

     big leaves (a growth spurt) are displayed as well next to flowering branches, and branches already setting seed.


    most trees, go trough phases of seasonal development, ( big leaves after the season starts, than flowering, than seed capsule's are formed).

    rifat torts, clone display's all this normaly seasonal features at the very same time.


    in short, this kratom tree, doesn't go through seasonal phaseses of development,

    but produces them at the very same time.


    like an apple tree, displaying spring flush,

    spring flowers, and fall fruits at the very same time.

    thats rifats kratom.


    Hot Club of Hungary: Autumn Leaves - YouTube



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  3. 18 hours ago, Buttsack said:

    Ahh thanks for showing your ignorance/arrogance. I asked questions, that if you know what you're saying you know, should be easy to answer. I don't think you've actually thought this through since you can't provide any evidence to back up what you're saying, not even any court cases for any of the people who have been done for selling caapi. Do I have to pay a fee or make some sort of sacrifice to get info from you? Sorta like how Scientology and most religions work, don't question those in power...just swallow what you're told.

    i doubt you "buttsack", is/ are, in fact, smarter than most of us, who learned here.

     i think, "you" (topic wanker) are smart enticing tort!!

     tort seems to give you energy, but for years, he hasn't done that with any body else...


    tort, can come across, as arrogant, but his only mildly, he just knows a lot.


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  4. wau, a varigated caapi, congrats topic starter!!


    junior members rock!

    i can retire now.


    ok, here's my input.

    yes virus, but some shamans might say, this virus made this plant more potent.


    i'm so luck,y to be with you all, bless you.:wub:

  5. On 14/12/2020 at 2:17 PM, ZooL said:

      i am now getting some serious issues of damping off on seedling when i transfer them from germination domes to filtered light areas

    does anyone know of some good resources focusing on damping off or suggestions to prevent it?

    reduce your "dome" or lets say glasshouse action.


    the damping off, pathogenes live in the soil and get multypied by glass house conditions.


    if your soil (potting mix) is not sterile, you can only overcome this pest by areation.

    so instead of humidety dome, no dome, and infrequent waterings.

    most important, let the soil and it's surface dry out, between waterings.


    phonetic pissed speller, i am.


  6. street drugs are super,

    addiction is bad.


    cane toads are troopers,

    killing is sad.


    covid's a killer, elbow jab's, just a filler.

    the shamans of oz, are the thriller, he's name was miller....


    deticated to all the "past on" sab members.

    gomoas, wanjina, chemical shaman, endorfinder....

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  7. 2 hours ago, Glaukus said:

    Every single time there is some sort of event happening like this, my skies are ALWAYS cloudy. Bloody murphy.

    yep, murphy seems to have control, but than maybe rarely the skies open up to in an event, let's say a total solar, and this at, the right moment and we feel, special.

    special = gods are with us, just a feeling.

  8. 4 hours ago, ace1928 said:

    Its self fertile and can also hybridize. I lost my mother plants and single hybrid years ago but it's doable without much hassle. 


    I wouldn't be surprised if the native pollinator is the missing link as hand pollination seems to solve the "problem". 

    some people at this forum, promoted the idea of hand pollinating, and it's definately the way to go, as it can't harm.


    but, i realy think what i say has merit:

    you need eternal spring climat for this plant. it's native to highlands in mexico.

    the person i mentioned, which got seeds and sprouted them, grew it in the highlands of png.

    he deleted all his posts here, after he felt wrongly done by...

    sally hates the very hot, but can survive short cold and even frost spells.

    problem is australis mountains are not close to the aquator.

    even the qld table lands are too hot for sally.


    i guess she can't set seeds if further down the tropic of capricorn.

    haway's vulcanos made sally set seed as well.


    sorry for my spelling, i'm mildly dyslexic.

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  9. On 10/12/2020 at 5:41 PM, Xperiment said:

    @withdrawl clinic sadly none sprouted for me, even with a heat mat to help along. I still have the container going just in case there is still hope

    Thanks to your generous spirit!!

    pls let me know, if the seeds were dark, and fully mature when you disected the fruit.

    as mentioned my fruit (the smallest of all) had only inmature seeds inside.


    anyway, two of my iboga's died, even before winter, and my surviver looks not flashy..

    btw, my ibogas often survived winter frosts, and last winter had no frosts, but i had losses!

  10. On 10/12/2020 at 3:25 PM, Wile E. Peyote said:

    I hope some heroic person breeds a glochidless and spineless cv. Would invest



    but than imagen a world in the future, were peres got no glochids...


    a person might say:


    imagen we could breed some tiny spikes onto those peres,

    that could save them from being looted...

  11. damiana, grown in oz was very potent and better than the imports, but keeping the plants alive was impossible.

    i've seen will dagga even as weed in the uk, so it will grow at most oz locations.

    i prefer dagga over damiana, the latter is a bit harsher on the throat.

  12. it takes a great man to admit a mistake, good on you, respect!


    deleosperma, is said to be a lil bit "active" as well.


    sceletium is available in oz in two species sceletium tortuosum and sceletium emarcidium, the latter produces seed easely, the previous not often even in good culture.


    zoloft the anti depressant was, invented by sceletium.

    kogoued, means chew well in south african lingo!!

    one of my favs.:P

  13. just to pump you.


    peres is a plant, you either hate or love, and this mostly at the same time.

    in the old days, one could make good money, selling rooted peres, or even unrooted.


    once, i chucked 500 good cuttings, and when i came back home, i started nurturing the only peres which, 

    survived my cull, and those were shoots, of peres coming from grafts....


    3 cheers for peres, i could have never done without you!!~!:wub::drool2:

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  14. wild dagga!


    leonotis and leonoris species, many of them grow as an abundant weed in oz!

     look for flower stalks featuring spheres with orange tounges emerging.

    very mild smoke, after curing, very good if you need to lace.

    very mildly active on it's own, like very mild mj, mixed with lettuce opium.

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  15. hi!


    the geminids shooting star shower could, put up a very good display this weekend!!:wub:


    the best time to watch, might be sun 13 dec, 00h to mon 14 dec 04h.

    no moon, hourly rate of 150 is expected, don't miss this.

    radiant is located at the "twins" (castor & pollux) a zodiac sign, within the ecliptic. basicly look where the sun would be, if it would be day time.

     enjoy, and hook up with your friends.

    Geminids - Wikipedia

    later edit: Meteor Activity Outlook for 5-11 December 2020 | IMO



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  16. On 19/11/2020 at 9:25 PM, Buttsack said:

     These forums seem to be dying.

    sab is now, one of the oldest, most continuing psychotropic plant forums on this planet!


    topic starter, i don't think highly of you.


    this forum is a tree of knowledge, go some where else (if you find), you nest shitter!

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  17. On 18/11/2020 at 6:33 AM, Glaukus said:

    Does colubrina bark contain alkaloids? I thought seeds were the vessel for them, and then, mostly bufotenine.

    Bufo changa is certainly an intense and powerful experience, I'm not sure if want the head pressure sensation to go for much longer than it does and I'd say a brew would extend it. It's a really oppressive feeling at first. I think they call it an ordeal medicine for this reason. The visuals are truly astounding though.

    i ditto above, it's possible i know of somebody, who tried the bark, but nothing was in it.

    but than the above , says differently, lets say not appreciatable ammounts in the bark...


    traditionaly, peregrina seeds get powdered and insuflated.



  18. update:


    seeds might be available, in june again, but at times i get no seeds at all.

    as well i might add, that i would be great full if somebody managed to sprout last seasons seeds, they might let us know by replying to this thread.


    i kept only one small fruit for myselfe, and it contained inmature seeds, so no luck. hope the other were ok, let me know if not.

    i might disect the fruits next june, to make sure they are fully ripe.