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  1. On 19/11/2020 at 9:25 PM, Buttsack said:

     These forums seem to be dying.

    sab is now, one of the oldest, most continuing psychotropic plant forums on this planet!


    topic starter, i don't think highly of you.


    this forum is a tree of knowledge, go some where else (if you find), you nest shitter!

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  2. On 18/11/2020 at 6:33 AM, Glaukus said:

    Does colubrina bark contain alkaloids? I thought seeds were the vessel for them, and then, mostly bufotenine.

    Bufo changa is certainly an intense and powerful experience, I'm not sure if want the head pressure sensation to go for much longer than it does and I'd say a brew would extend it. It's a really oppressive feeling at first. I think they call it an ordeal medicine for this reason. The visuals are truly astounding though.

    i ditto above, it's possible i know of somebody, who tried the bark, but nothing was in it.

    but than the above , says differently, lets say not appreciatable ammounts in the bark...


    traditionaly, peregrina seeds get powdered and insuflated.



  3. update:


    seeds might be available, in june again, but at times i get no seeds at all.

    as well i might add, that i would be great full if somebody managed to sprout last seasons seeds, they might let us know by replying to this thread.


    i kept only one small fruit for myselfe, and it contained inmature seeds, so no luck. hope the other were ok, let me know if not.

    i might disect the fruits next june, to make sure they are fully ripe.


  4. bump!






    i bought a seedling of this tree at the sapphire markets for 25aud and he gave me seeds for free.

    we talked for an hour and he told me a few stories about people who were cured of cancers by this plant.

    i can't find the paper work now and my previous research, but my plant and seedlings, i believe are from type 12.

    i don't remeber excactly what makes this plant contain medicinal properties, but remeber clearly, it is an organism which lives inside plant tissue.

    some word similar like epiphyte, and asperagus and yew trees contain a similar organism (propably the same organism that give the yew trees the cancer treatment properties).



    if somebody could find a link with that term of the organism residing in the gumbi gumbi, i would be greatfull, this maybe fungus like organism, lives in pretty much every plant on this planet it's said. 

  5. the younger parts of almost all plants with psychotropic properties are "stronger"!

    but  as well, with thin sections you will get statisticly far more of the active cambium layer.

    visualize a cylinder the size of a thick caapi vine, now, replace the same space with many, many thin vines, you will see you get far more cambium layer like this.

    dried caapi vine is weak, use fresh and thin vines and aya will last 12h!!


    to all the people afraid of paradime shift, i quote luther:


    it's false to state that a man's inclination are free to choose between either of the two opposites.

    indeed the inclination is not free, but captive.

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  6. i'm currently reading r m w dixon's book australias original languages, and find it an excellent read!

    i would also recomand bruce pascoe's black emu book.


    i often state, that in reality things often are 180 degree, the opposite from what the collective mind suggests.

    for example : street drugs are more dangerous than prescription drugs.

    or the best way to regulate a water way is by a straight line and reinforced banks.


    i just start to understand, that indegious languages are, very sophisticated, and extreemly precise,

    and even feature a different form of speaking, if the mother in law is in hearing distance, as a means of respect.


    it was always my dream to learn a native language, but my library search revealed no sources.

    there is "audio" for every language of this world but none of the country, most of us live in.

    this is a shame!



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  7. On 16/10/2020 at 6:35 PM, Glaukus said:

    I'd say it's distributed through the core wood mostly. 

    i think it's mostly in the cambium layer, not the woody core.  we don't know why plants contain alkaloids, but often they are seen as a defence mechanism.

    the woody core doesn't need to protect it's self but the outer cambium part is vital for survival.

    On 26/09/2020 at 5:18 PM, Glaukus said:

    Jeesus h. $50 for 30 grams!



    Harvesting vine, the thicker the better.


    the thicker the better, is used traditionaly, but it's not more potent, it's milder and kinder to the human, thats why "thick" material gets used.

    more alkaloids are contained in younger shoots.

    again a very thick vine doesn't need to worry about survival, even if it get's attacked by an insect/animal.

    but thin stems are more vanuble to attack, so the plant protects them more with alkaloids.




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  8. 22 hours ago, Glaukus said:

    So you never had success with cuttings of the NL? I just made a tubs worth as I needed to trim it anyway. I used hardwood red clonex. The cuttings still all look fresh, but I imagine rooting might take a long time if at all...we will see and report back.

    thats not what, i said. i have as well produced tons of nl cuttings.


    i answered the principle many times, so forgive me i'm brief.


    all the broad leaves, are easy cuttings, and we choose cutting material, which displays a leaf arrangement which resemles a spiral staircase.

    the nl's we try to as well use cuttings where the leaves are produced in this configeration. problem is the nl's stop doing leaves that way once they get older.

    you can give them a strong prune and it's likely, the fresh shoots will, produce spiral staircase leaf growth.


    if you got a nl seedling or young sucker there of, again it's an easy cutting.

    which hormone you use, is not a factor!


    i kingdom for who finds my old post regarding this...

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  9. On 02/09/2020 at 9:00 PM, Halcyon Daze said:

    Hey withdrawl clinic, how did you ensure against self pollination? And what was your technique/ approach to making the PH cross? I think I'll be able to do some hybridizing myself this year. Any tips greatly appreciated. cheers mate :)


    i avoided self pollination, by removing the pollen organs, and after applying the foraing pollen sealed the flower, with a plastic bag.


    i have posted about this here at sab in great detail, but sure can't find those old posts...


    i never manged to do this again, as you need a steady hand and good eyesight, both i lack now, with my age.


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  10. On 31/08/2020 at 4:07 PM, Wile E. Peyote said:

    I still wonder if plants could speak for themselves what they would say about being removed from the wild.

    Does anyone know any interesting case studies of species being reintroduced? Bonus points for psychoactive species...

    the fact that flowering plants are super young to this planet, might suggest they are super attabtable, so maybe they want to be taken "home and be modified"...


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  11. one thought, i experience more often this day's is...

    how are "we" to judge plants abieleties, currently if we don't know what the future might hold.


    we might say now, it's a plant of low value for healers,

    but in the future, this view, might change (or better is likely to change).

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  12. On 30/08/2020 at 3:20 PM, oncewhywechange said:

    why cull ph?  Its a good strain

    it grew too fast and big.

    and i wanted other people to, be the "sole lord" of this plant and not me.

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  13. if you are old and mature you are more likely to do the right thing.

    taking plants from the wild is ok if you don't eliminate the population.

    many plants are super rare in the wild, so propagate at home, and re introduce into the wild.


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  14. On 05/08/2020 at 6:54 PM, ENtiTY said:

    Preaching to the choir there mate lol.

    On 04/08/2020 at 9:30 PM, oncewhywechange said:

    no they not.  PH red narrow leaf has been around for years and peeps have been growing  seed from this cross, resulting in many new types. best to get your seed stable before selling/giiveway.  cloning is the best option

    yeah, i was lucky to produce some good catha seed, and giving them away, in quantity! :)

    many of us got lots of different qat, in the garden, so suckers (for NL) or cuttings are the way to go, seed's are to varied, since i'm around.

    although i'm ph, i got no ph, i culled this strain.

    got nl, red, nl red, semi nl red.


    broad leaved catha is an easy cutting,

    narrow leaved not, use suckers instead..

  15. On 26/07/2020 at 3:37 PM, Tøn said:

    Absolutely! Most cameras allow you to set manual shutter times, which is how you get those 'star trail' shots.

    What kind of camera do you have? I'm happy to look up how to manually set the shutter speed/ISO/aperture (f-stop) and let you know how to do it with your particular camera! It's a lot of fun and also allows you to do 'light painting,' where you run around with a torch and draw patterns which show up as these really beautiful trails on the final image.


    All you need is a tripod and a camera, but you can also get a little remote control kinda thing that allows you to hold the shutter open for as long as you like. It takes some practice but it's really fun and rewarding.

    i must admit, that i don't like this world we are living in, because it's all about click and click...

    37 clicks the person is doing, just to sell me a single burger, crazy!

    when it comes to setting up something this days, i need to have written it down, step by step, as i'm too old to learn new tricks.

    often the tech people at the shops stuff up as well, it took me 3 weeks to get a noise reducing head set going with my tv, only one young man knew how to do it.


    anyway, it's a panasonic luminex digital camera, small tripod i got, thank you ton! :)


    edit: i used to work old cameras pretty well, and have taken astro shots and night fire twurling shots..

  16. 23 hours ago, Tøn said:

    I'm going to start doing a spot of night sky photography again in about a months' time when I'll have a largely unpolluted landscape to survey. I'll post some piccy pics and perhaps some timelapses when I get the chance. Think of this what you may, but I'm considering the purchase of a cheap old DSLR (another one, hahah) to press into duty doing semi-regular timelapses in the hopes of catching some... anomalies. I'll be about 40-50km away from an RAAF base so y'know...




    this days many nature films one sees on tv, show some time laps night sky (the one were stars turn into semi circles).

    i wonder if not most digi cams can do this, nowadays...

    if any of you know how, pls post some hints.

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  17. yep, hobby astronomer since 52 years.


    my tips for today, google international meteors org, and check when shooting star showers are on.

    learn how to find omega centauri (this naked to the eye star cluster is located close to the southern cross, easy)


    best astro evens i wittnessed, leonid maximum (10 000 bright shooting stars per hour!!) comet hayutake, transit of venus....

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  18. i though similar for years now, maybe we should give some classifications, like your covid 19 predictions, your life on mars, and so on...


    covid - 19

    no effective vaccinations will be found, chances of you dying from it will increase, by the factor how often you will get it (reverse tolerance).


    life on mars

    yes will be proven in my lifetime, but some people will claim, we brought it there, via space travel.


    return to carbon low emission transport and energy

    yes, move goods on water ways/canals, instead of roads.

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  19. 19 hours ago, Flux said:


    19 hours ago, Flux said:

    ...but there seems to be an increasing element of laziness at the moment with people expecting knowledge and answers (or substances) to be handed to them on a plate by asking randoms on Facebook without even using Google as a first point of call. Just look at all the DMT pages that exist now, where only 5 years ago The Nexus was really it - and it still remains one of the most comprehensive sources of information on the subject with decades of personal research, assays, investigations, experiments, etc recorded and aggregated there. Kids these days lol :).


    yeah, the "wanting to be spoon fed", is a common thing, for a while here at sab, it was fashion to say, use the search engine first.

    which is, something one doesn't think off, when excited to post an idea.

    there are always opposing forces at hand, for example the opposite energy of, "use the search engine first", is a slow forum with not many new post's, than suddenly people are willing to go over things, which have been discussed many times.

    there is a lot of dmt stuff, even here at sab, but they are very old posts. most forums we debated dmt, have ceased to excist, sorry to say.