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  1. Stillman


    what became of this?
  2. Stillman

    TBM Flowering

    that kind of looks legit actually.
  3. Stillman

    Danish flag

    i have some if your still looking old mate.
  4. Stillman

    Wanted Aztekium seeds or plants

    Wanted to buy or trade Aztekium sp I'm really keen on some A. valdezzi or A. hintonii seeds. looking to by lots of 100 or more. Have a few interesting Trichocereus to trade or happy pay cash. attached is an image of our clone happy to trade a good piece for the right deal
  5. Stillman

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    Thats an awesome effort.
  6. erma god. Put me down for some of those please.
  7. I was taking some pics of some plants and noticed the variation of the little ridge lines above the spines. It reminds me of bird wings and I remember reading something about the reference of eagles somewhere. Does anyone have any links to some reading in regards to this? Heres some pics.
  8. Stillman

    Messing around with grafts a few photos

    Stapelia leendertziae
  9. Stillman

    Messing around with grafts a few photos

    Been messing around with those online photo editors Nothinks pachanoi immortalised as a gif
  10. Stillman

    Messing around with grafts a few photos

    I have a heap of smaller ones coming on but those are the ones that are starting to grow well.
  11. Stillman

    Messing around with grafts a few photos

    Thast a ss02 x serra canyon peruvianus I believe Notrogen form their seed.
  12. Stillman

    Post awesome gifs here

    Some gifs I made.
  13. Stillman

    Messing around with grafts a few photos

    Some updates of the garden, most plants are 2.5 year old seedlings. I put the fastest and most interesting looking plants in the ground. You never know I might get some flowers one day. Just going through repotting and cleaning up a bit, some nice and unique off types amongst these. SSo2 x sierra canyon unusual phenotype Nothinks pachanoi J3 open pollinated SS BK peruvianus Psycho0 x spachianus unusual phenotype. Albino Psycho0 x spach unusual pheno. (SS02 x SS01)x(SS02 x SS01)
  14. Stillman

    I can't paste links or photos

    It worked. Thanks so much I was almost going to fuck out hahahha.