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The Corroboree
skin monkeys
© 10% change from original (original public domain)
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skin monkeys



© 10% change from original (original public domain)
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You know, i remember buying sea monkeys (skin monkeys :wink: ) from a coupon in the back of a comic. I was so excited to get them, but was disappointed they didn't grow up as the add depicted them. Many years later when i get into fish keeping, i find out the they are actually brine shrimp...HmmF. :P

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Phaemon'sDog here - Mr Pat Uri loves your honesty and has been amused by your previous correspondence to him - you are top listed by him as someone to really regard, assist and trust in everyway. Blessings!

To him you are shining on the Astral Plain, a noble and enlightened person, and he sees much! He teaches me I am to respect you highly. Nice to meet your e-cquaintance Aunt Amazonian.

(What did you do??? He doesn't say that about just anyone! - OK not for me to know...Shaman dreaming business, I take it )

Thanks for comment - you are beautiful - have as many SCABIES as you want!

Sincerely Phaemon'sDog.

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:) :) :)

I was going to upload a photo of a bouquet of scabies for you, but boring google images has none. Lol. :wink:

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