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The Corroboree
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Ishmael Fleishman

2 x D bosseranum seeds - free

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Posted (edited)

I got two plants of D bosseranum from Alchemica and they produced about 50 flowers and each flower must have 20 or so seed in it  - I harvest a bunch of the tiny seeds and planted them out and they are gone grazy and I will have 600 plus seedlings.


Might be giving a bunch these away in time.


I harvest more seeds of D bosseranum I have put in two envelopes each with at least 50 seeds that I will post at no cost for interested people (No WA/Tas)


First two to get in contact - will send ASAP


From The Garden Of Eden by Snu Voogelbreinder



D. bosseranum leaf has been obscurely used by some western psychoanuts in the same manner as Sceletium tortuosum and other Sceletium spp.; the effects are reportedly similar but more pleasant. The root reputedly has mild stimulant properties (t st tantra pers. comm. 2003).


The phytochemistry of this plant is from my understanding unknown but some find it superior to the Sceletiums

While some find Sceletium to be "short acting, created anxiety and far too much stimulation", one preliminary report using D. bosseranum "two days of relief from my depression was over. It was a totally transparent experience that was all me. No depressive crash after this was over. It was like being lifted out of depression on angel wings, and just as gently dropped off back in my normal state of being two days later."


D. bosseranum is currently used in a similar way to Sceletium species (Kanna/Kougoed), the unfermented dried tuber is used, as well as the fermented whole plant (aerial and underground parts together). [herbalistics]


















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Posted (edited)

I cleaned up the seed pods and sifted the seeds out - I would hazard a guess that I have more then a 2000 seeds.


Even a dab of my finger are well over 50 seeds.


I will give away two lots of 50 seeds on SAB. The rest I will sell.







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