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The Corroboree
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Ishmael Fleishman

Swap Ogen Pollen For Resulting Seed Of The Pollination

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Posted (edited)

I have come into possession of two Ogen pollen swabs.


I have agreed to give one swab to one member on this board, and I am offering the second swab to who ever wants it for free.


All I ask is that you use the Ogen to pollinate a suitable impressive trichocereus and IF you get a fruit that your share half the seeds back to me.


My trichocereus collection is not yet mature enough to be producing flowers and fruit.


The swabs will be express posted to you - so message me back if you are interested.

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I am surprised that no one has taken up this offer -  has no one any flowers this season - The offer would costs you nothing and you get a chance to breed something interesting.


The longer the pollen sits in the freezer the more it degrades.

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